Top 10 Online Boutiques For Women

By on February 10, 2014

As women, we simply love shopping – fact. When it comes to clothes shopping that feeling is only intensified. No, I’m not trying to stereotype us, I’m just saying we have a passion. And isn’t it great when you’re browsing online for a cute new outfit and stumble across a fab boutique you never knew about? It’s such a rush checking out all the amazing clothes, shoes and accessories and picturing yourself in them (and proceeding to the checkout, of course!).

My biggest issue with online shopping is that it’s so easy to get carried away and buy everything. In the blink of an eye your shopping basket can be totting up and your bank account can be crying. Don’t worry though, ‘boutique’ doesn’t have to mean ‘expensive’. It means ‘stylish’ and ‘fashionable’. It means you’re in for a treat and that it’s not always going to break the bank. With that in mind, here’s what I consider to be the top 10 online boutiques for women this year.


1. GoJane.Com

Jane? She’s that plain girl, right? Plain clothes, plain shoes, right? Not anymore! is an incredibly stylish boutique just for women. It’s the perfect place to but trendy clothing at affordable price and that’s not to mention the fabulous shoes! The site even offers plenty of advice on styles and trends to keep you up to date with the latest looks.



The worst thing about online shopping for me is not being able to try clothes on. What if they arrive and they don’t fit right? It’s such a hassle sending things back! At eShakti you don’t need to worry about any of that however. They offer custom clothing that’s affordable and they have a simple system when you input your measurements before you order to make sure all your clothes are the perfect fit when they arrive at your door.



Ellie Bouthique is completely uniqe in it’s ordering system. Believe it or not, they accept orders through Facebook! All you need to do is leave a comment on the picture of the item you want and tell them your name, email, size and state. How easy is that?



If you’re after a truly vintage look for less than $50 then I can’t recommend Shop Rouche highly enough. They have some of the most gorgeous dresses – sort and maxi – for bargain prices and there’s something for every occasion. Their clothing is vintage, current and chic so there’s something for everyone. It’s definitely worth a look!



If vintage is your thing but you like to still feel current and trendy then this may be the place for you. All their clothing and accessories are chic while being vintage-inspired, a great combo! The also offer e-courses in fashion and soon enough they’ll have a page dedicated to beautiful wedding items.



First up, how fab is the name for this site? The site only gets better when you find yourself exploring the wide range of vintage dresses and, to save the hassle of you having to order different things from different sites, the also do a range on maternity and children’s clothing too.



If you’re looking for really affordable yet still trendy then this is your shop. They do clothes for to suit even the smallest of budgets and they still look equally as fantastic. I highly recommend it for teens and anyone else looking to save a few pennines. They have a wide range of chic clothes and cute accessories, perfect for sprucing up your wardrobe.



Another problem I have with a lot of clothing websites is that they tend to lack for outerwear. Lily Boutique doesn’t have this problem and boasts a wide selection of outerwear from the fitted to the heavy and even cute toggle coats. Just what we need!



I know what you’re thinking, this site isn’t too easy on your wallet but I’m including it because it boasts one of the best selections of clothing out there. They have vintage, chic, trendy, unusual and downright fabulous clothes on offer. While it’s not always affordable, keep your eye out for a sale and you may grab an absolute bargain!



Asos is a great boutique that really does have something for everyone. It’s got one of the best variety of clothes, shoes and accessories I’ve seen. Most of the time it’s very affordable but, like Mod Cloth, it’s worth keeping your eye on the sale section!


So there you have. 10 awesome online boutiques to see you through 2014 in style. Of course, I’m an avid shopped myself so if you’ve got any to add to the list please comment – my credit card is ready and waiting! Happy shopping, ladies!


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