Susan Lucci – Youthful Essence or Plastic Surgery?

By on January 3, 2014

Not just an actress for TV and film, Susan Lucci is an icon. She’s been a TV host/presenter, author, entrepreneur, and all-round icon. For 67 years old, she certainly doesn’t look bad either! So, what’s her secret? She’s clearly been a very busy girl and worked hard – why hasn’t the almost-70 year old Susan Lucci got a single wrinkle on her face?


Susan is perhaps best known for her role as Erica Kane in the ABC hit called All My Children. If you believe the media, she is one of the highest, if not THE highest paid actress on TV. In one year it was estimated that she made over a million dollars. Now that’s impressive. Maybe it’s the money that is keeping her looking good? Has she *we whisper* had celebrity plastic surgery done? Is there a Susan Lucci plastic surgery list?

We’ve investigated a lot of celebrity plastic surgery reports over the past few weeks as you will see if you check out the Plastic Surgery section of the site. Some of the women on the list would definitely shock you! It’s amazing how many of the “beautiful” stars out there aren’t actually NATURALLY beautiful…

She’s got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame so she needs to keep herself look great, we suppose. As much as we would love to say that it’s her good genes that have kept her looking so young just three years away from 70 years old, but we suspect that she may have had a little help from the surgeons knife and when you see photos of her from when she was much younger, and then take a look at photos of her now, you can see that some definite changes appear to have taken place.


It would appear that the Susan Lucci plastic surgery list seems to have been a topic in the media for many years too. There’s a pretty impressive list of celebrity plastic surgery to look at too. Let’s have a closer look at what she has been rumoured to have, shall we?

Blepharoplasty is one of the types of celebrity plastic surgery that Susan Lucci has reportedly had. Her nose appears thinner and more defined in shape and size. Is this enough to suggest that this can be added to the plastic surgery list? We’ll let you take a look and let us know what you think:


Another thing that is said to be added to the Susan Lucci plastic surgery list is breast augmentation. This is one of the most popular types of celebrity plastic surgery with more and more women choosing to enhance their breast size every day. There are a number of celeb’s that have gone under the knife to get bigger and better boobs – Pamela Anderson, Lauren Holly, and even Lindsay Lohan has been reported to have had it done. Some of these are clearly more obvious than others… That’s all we are saying.

Liposuction… Well we can’t really tell whether or not Susan Lucci has actually had liposuction without getting really close to her legs and butt. We’re pretty sure that she won’t like that…

A face lift is another type of celebrity plastic surgery that should be added to the list too, if you believe the surgeons that have come out and spoken about the things they think Susan Lucci has had done. Her face does light taught and there certainly isn’t a wrinkle to behold for a 67 year old woman… Would this suggest a face lift? Chemical peels can also have the same effect, which just so happens to be another Susan Lucci plastic surgery rumour that has done the rounds.


It’s odd because Susan Lucci is another of the celebs that refuses to accept the rumours that plastic surgery has been performed. In cases such as this, you can clearly see that some work has been done. She’s 67 years old – all the makeup in the world can’t fill wrinkles that you should have at this age yet she doesn’t have a single line on her face? Surely even she can understand how crazy that sounds…?

She puts it down to healthy eating and having a balanced diet. She also puts it down to a few beauty products that she uses (and clearly endorses). “Youthful Essence” is just one of the things that she supposedly uses to keep herself looking so young. She can’t be selling age defying products if her age defying look is down to plastic surgery, can she?


There are a whole host of celebrity plastic surgery options that she could have had, or so surgeons say they can see when they look at her. If she’s not had a face lift, her good looks are likely to be caused by laser treatments, cheek implants or a brow lift. Also, liposuction could have been replaced with something like abdomenoplasty. According to surgeons, a recent scar was seen in her lower abdomen which would normally suggest celebrity plastic surgery of this kind.

We aren’t sure what we think of the Susan Lucci plastic surgery rumours. Maybe her youthful skin products really are as good as they say they are. One thing is for sure and that is the face this 67 year old woman is still smoking hot. Seriously smoking hot! And you can’t argue with that!

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