Signals your hair send to a guy

By on December 30, 2012

Recent studies have shown that over 87 percent of men think hair is important with a woman’s outfit, especially on the first date. This means that hair is important, ladies! This means that we need to put some extra care and attention into our hairstyles when we go out and meet men!

Try a messy braid! If you want to really catch a guy’s eye and send his pulse racing, a messy braid is the way forward. It says that you are fun and still youthful (think of braids that we had as children) but at the same time, it looks like you roll with the punches, so to speak. Diane Kruger is a fan of this tousled look – check out some of her red carpet hairstyles that incorporate this easy hair style.

Half-up hair – avoid it! Have you ever noticed that very few of the red carpet locals have only half of their hair up? There is a reason for this because studies have shown that this only shows a half-hearted effect. You may want it to look elegantly tousled, but to the boys it just looks like you can’t be bothered to make a REAL effort. To them it just looks like you have tried to play the part and look cool but haven’t got managed to pull it off.

Think AnnaLynne McCord’s sexy loose curls and you have the right idea! Men love, love, love this look, especially when the curls hang to your back and leave your collar bone exposed. Apparently, this shows sexuality. The curls are almost messy looking, and show you could be up for a really good time. A general pattern of hairstyles and boys were the messier and less maintained the better. He WANTS to run his hands through your hair and mess it all up – let him have his fun from time to time and put the straighteners away.

Old-school glamour is back! You see those side-swept curls on the red market that are normally teamed with an eyeliner flick and bright red glossy lips? Well that’s a winner with men it would seem. They love the glamorous side to this hairstyle, but at the same time they love the fact that it’s not too structured and uptight – casual yet classy. Think like a vampire – you are showing off your neck and he wants to devour it.

Ponytail, schmoney-tail! Men hate this look because it conveys that you don’t care much at all. IT seems that you can’t win with the simple pony. If it’s too slicked back and perfect, you look like a power-seeker. If it’s too messy and unkempt, you look like you couldn’t care less. Skip the pony and stick with the braid – it makes perfect sense.

Structured styles say stay away! Having a super-duper high maintenance up-do makes you look like an impossible girlfriend. If it looks like you spent three hours on your hair alone, he’s not going to want to date you because you would actually take three hours in the bathroom and no man can be bothered to wait for that.

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