Sandra Bullock – Surgery Scandal!

By on January 13, 2014

da7f49b3ee015fa64da610b433c83f31She’s the beautiful star behind some of the most amazing films in the world. Sandra Bullock has certainly made a name for herself on the silve screen with brilliant films such as Murder by Numbers with Ryan Gosling, While You Were Sleeping, Miss Congeniality, Speed, Crash and Hope Floats. That’s just the tip of the iceberg too! This woman is a star in her own right. 

She’s well known in the world of Hollywood but perhaps she is well known around the celebrity plastic surgery ring as well… goes undercover to find out more.

In the early days, she was so young and fresh faced. These were her Demolition Man/Speed/While You Were Sleeping days in the early 90’s. These were the day before everything got a little crazy for the actress, as you will soon find out!

She’s had a whole host of crap to deal with throughout her life. Born July 26th, 1964 in Virginia, the 49-year old actress has also found the time to become a producer. She’s had rather public love affairs with some of the most beautiful men that have starred alongside her including Ryan Gosling (Number 10 in Top 100 Hottest Men in the World), Matthew McConaughey (who also stars on our Top 100 Hottest Men list at Number 58), Tate Donovan and even the football player Troy Aikman.

439bb4109fbb10cb76689f8333112991She got married back in 2005 to the host of Monster Garage and motorbike builder, Jesse James, but things went a tad pear-shaped then as well. He had a child with a porn star and they had a lengthy custody battle which the happy couple won. In 2010, rumours started to emerge that Jesse had been having affairs and although he never confirmed nor denied the reports, he did publicly apologise to his family for the problems that he had caused. It should also be noted that he asked them to “forgive him”… Doesn’t that spell guilt?

Clearly it did for Sandra Bullock as well – she divorced him in June 2010; just a couple of months later.

She has since adopted a son as a single parent, reaffirming girl power!

She’s had her fair share of sad and troubled times to deal with, from her tumultuous relationships to her stalker that tried to run her ex-husband over, and another stalker that traveled the entire way across several states in the US to get to her… after getting out of a mental institution. Despite this, she’s done her fair share of charity work including a great amount for the American Red Cross. On top of all of this, she’s been in a plane crash and been hit in her car by a drunk driver.

This woman is surely one of the strongest women in Hollywood?! Look at how much she has had to go through!

c1c471d05143a932206a8d71810e2783After all that has happened, you would expect Sandra Bullock to look a lot older and won-down that she does. She might one year away from 50 but she barely looks a day over 30! Her glossy hair, beautiful smile and defined nose have paved her way through the acting world, and in 2009, it was reported that her films had grossed a whopping three billion dollars worldwide. Now that is a force to be reckoned with.

It is hardly surprising that an almost fifty year old woman could be met with celebrity plastic surgery reports when she looks as good as Sandra Bullock. Friends of the star had apparently come out to a magazine reporter to say that she had been having tiny, subtle changes made with the help of celebrity plastic surgery for almost two decades without people noticing. Could this really be the case?

She’s keeping schtum about the whole thing, of course. The actress would not want to come out and admit that she has had plastic surgery – she’s Sandra Bullock; one of the most beautiful women in the world. She’s got to where she is today because she is considered to be a “natural” beauty.

Looking at photos of her from her younger years and comparing them to recent photos of the actress, some surgeons have said that there is evidence of suspected rhinoplasty. A “nose job” doesn’t appear to have changed the shape of her nose at all, but it does appear to have made it the slightest bit smaller… What do you think? Clever makeup trick or a touch of magic with the surgeons “wand”?

Sandra Bullock 1

She lost Ryan Gosling to a younger woman, if you believe the reports, so it is easy to understand why she would have felt the need to keep herself looking youthful. That can’t have been a pleasant experience. Who would want to be dumped by Ryan Gosling? I guess that means you’d have be his girlfriend at one point so make being dumped by him is not such a bad thought after all! 😉

She might have had a bit of a tough life over the years but she has made a great success out of it all. She even has her own production company now – Fortis Films. You may have noticed that this is the production name behind Million Dollar Baby and All About Steve (which was hilarious and you should definitely watch it if you haven’t already!)

She’s got quite the impressive business head on her beautiful shoulders it would seem. On top of the production company, she renovated an old building into Walton’s Fancy and Staple. This is a store that offers event planning, an upscale restaurant, a florist and a bakery in one. What’s not to love about that? She also owns Bess Bistro – a restaurant in Texas.

Going back to the Sandra Bullock plastic surgery reports and we really aren’t sure that has had any work done. If she has been doing it secretly for almost 20 years, as the “friends” had suggested, the work has been done by a great plastic surgeon and more women in the limelight should probably follow her lead – slow and steady and when it comes to plastic surgery; less is most definitely more!

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