10 Ways To Tell If You Have Too Much Makeup On

By on January 7, 2014

If you’re preparing for a date, a big night out or even just a normal day, it can be tempting to make yourself look flawless by layering yourself in makeup. You no doubt want to make your eyes pop, your lips look luscious and your skin flawless so you’ll be noticed by everyone. And that’s okay…To a degree.

Putting too much makeup on can hide your natural beauty, make you look fake (and not to mention silly) as well as sometimes damaging your skin. Here’s 10 ways to tell if you have too much makeup on…


You Have ‘Tide Lines’

If there’s a visible line between your face and your neck (often referred to as a ‘tide line’ or a ‘tan line’), this is a sure sign that you’re wearing too much makeup. Try wearing a more natural color foundation and less of it so that everything blends in and looks natural. So long as you can’t see any form of line around your chin you’re good to go.


Your Makeup Smudges On Everything

You may think you look like a rockstar but, if your makeup starts smudging on everyone and everything, you probably won’t feel like one or look like one by the end of the night. Wear little enough makeup so that when you hug someone, touch your face or brush against someone your makeup doesn’t smudge on you or someone else. Admit it, girls, we’ve all had it happen to us and it’s embarrassing.


You’ve Got Spider Eyelashes

We all love big, bold eyelashes. Fact. But how big is too big? When your eyelashes start clumping together and sticking out at awkward angles this is a sure sign it’s time to tone down the mascara. You don’t want your eyelashes looking like jagged spider legs or sticky webs after all.


You Or Others Can’t Recognize Yourself Without It

Can you look at yourself in the mirror without makeup and recognize yourself? If you leave the house without it, do other people give you odd looks or point blank don’t recognize you? If the answer is yes then this is a sure sign that you’re wearing too much makeup, and on a constant basis too.


You’re Never Without It

If you always have some form of makeup in your bag, if not your whole selection, chances are you’ve got too much of it on your face too. Try just taking the essentials out with you like lipgloss or mascara.


You Retouch It Constantly

This one goes hand in hand with never being without makeup. If you always have makeup in your bag, it’s more than likely that you retouch it constantly, adding a little foundation here and there and recoloring your lips or eyes.


You Can Feel Your Makeup

This is gross but sometimes if you wear your foundation too thick you can literally feel it on your skin. Every time your facial expression changes you’ll be able to feel it move, if not crack and flake away.


Everything Is Accentuated

If when you look in the mirror your eyes, lips and cheeks all stand out, you’re definitely wearing too much makeup. Try only accentuating one feature at a time, it’ll make you look much more natural and, to be frank, less like a clown.


Use Natural Light

If you can’t put your makeup on in natural light, always be sure to check it by natural light. The lighting in your bathroom or bedroom may seem great but, when it comes to doing your makeup, chances are it’s no better than using candlelight. Lights like this can be dim and don’t show you what you really look like. Always be sure to double check yourself in natural light, it’ll save your image from completely changing when you step outside.


Ask Someone Honest

The best way to tell if you’re wearing too much makeup is to plain and simply ask someone honest. It can be a parent, a friend, a sibling, a boyfriend, anyone just so long as they’ll give you their honest opinion. One tip though, don’t ask someone who you think is wearing too much makeup too. Don’t be hurt if they say they think you should tone it down, you did ask for their opinion and you’re obviously only asking because you think it’s true.


These 10 steps are simple but if followed they’ll end up flattering you and make you look as beautiful as you possibly can be. Remember, ladies, less is more. The natural look is beautiful, it’s what most guys look for and it will appeal to anyone from friends and colleagues to future employers – you don’t want to scare anyone away with your peacock eyes now, do you?


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