Melanie Griffith – Obvious Plastic Surgery?

By on January 4, 2014

Come on – you’ve all see photos of Melanie Griffith in the media and thought to yourself – What on earth has she done to her face? There’s something about her now – she looks nothing like she did when she was a youngster. She’s had hard times however, which has lead to her looking older when she was younger. She’s had a few battles along the Melanie Griffith plastic surgery list. Maybe it’s time that we took a closer look?


She’s been married four times in total – twice to Don Johnson. She has since settled down, it would seem, to the devilishly hot actor Antonio Banderas. You’ve seen Original Sin with Angelina Jolie, right? (It’s hot – watch it!)


Not just suffering at the hands of her love life, she has had ongoing issues with her weight, drugs, alcohol and more besides. Despite her troubles and the ongoing celebrity plastic surgery list, she does have something a little special about her and definitely deserves a mention when talking about the most beautiful women in the world.

She’s been a star since birth pretty much. At about nine months of age she starred in a commercial, before bagging her first role in the rather controversial film called Night Moves which contained an awful lot of nakedness. She was born in New York City on August 9th, 1957 which makes her currently stand at 56 years old.

It wasn’t until 1987 that Melanie’s appearance started to change and her recent pregnancies and later struggles with alcohol caused her to put on weight and become rather puffy looking in the face. 1995 was the first sign of any real celebrity plastic surgery and she’d had her lips done. Her new “trout pout” couldn’t be denied – she had definitely had some sort of fillers in her lips. It doesn’t take a plastic surgeon to work that out.


1996 showed her with her bigger lips again but this time, with a new addition to the plastic surgery list it would seem. Her suspiciously smooth forehead seemed to suggest that she had added more fillers to her face – this time in her forehead. Perhaps a spot of Botox for Melanie Griffith?

1998 saw her 42nd birthday and with this came more Melanie Griffith plastic surgery rumours. Bigger lips yet again, a terrifically taught forehead and higher-looking eyebrows would suggest that she had undergone a few more procedures. Adding to the celebrity plastic surgery list, we could be adding a brow lift, a face lift, more Botox or other fillers in the forehead and possibly, more lip fillers. There were even reports of an upper eyelid lift. At this point, Antonio Banderas had apparently come out to a reported and mentioned that he had forbidden Melanie from ever going to a plastic surgeon again.

2000 saw her with some new cheeks – they were more bulbous than usual which would indicate some form of cheek celebrity plastic surgery – perhaps fillers once again, or even cheek implants? It was in the year 2000 that Melanie was checked into a rehabilitation centre for her addiction to prescription painkillers. Yet again, things had been going on a downward spiral for the poor actress.


Two years later and we saw bigger lops yet again, and a face that looked as if it had been so injected with Botox, it simply couldn’t move. She played Roxie Hart in the hit Broadway show Chicago in this year but after that, the film roles just seems to shrivel up…

Recently we have seen two sides to Melanie Griffith. In 2012 she had a rather wrinkly neck at an awards ceremony but in 2013, the neck wrinkles had been completed eliminated. More plastic surgery for the rather heavily-changed Melanie Griffith? We’ll let you decide…


She’s a well known and respected actress but her love of going under the surgeons knife seems to have hindered her progress in the film industry. You can see that other celebs in our plastic surgery reports have had work done but you can hardly sense the difference. Melanie Griffith is a classic sign of things not going quite to plan; perhaps even going as far as having too much work done too quickly?

She’s coming back in fighting form in 2014 with a new film called Automata. Starring both Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas, it’s said to be a Sci-Fi-slash-thriller movie and although there is little information about it so far, it’s got some pretty big names… I guess we’ll just need to watch this space, right?

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