Linda Evans – The Plastic Surgery Dynasty

By on January 5, 2014

Come on guys and girls – you know who Linda Evans is! She infamously played the role of Krystle Carrington in the hit 1980’s ABC show Dynasty. She was there for a long time too – 1981 to 1989! With a position as well known in TV as that, it is no wonder why she has felt the pressure to stay looking more youthful for longer… Could this be the root cause behind the Linda Evans plastic surgery reports?


She was born on November 18th, 1942 making her a fairly impressive 71 years old. She definitely doesn’t look that old – that’s for sure! We’d love to say that it was healthy living keeping her looking as good as she does but it would appear that more and more surgeons are coming forward to show off their knowledge of the celebrity plastic surgery work she has had done. There’s a pretty impressive list of it too!

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at the Linda Evans plastic surgery list, shall we?

In interviews with both Oprah Winfrey and Diane Sawyer, Linda Evans has spoken publicly about her battle (as such) with celebrity plastic surgery. It would seem that she has regretted some of the work she has opted for which is a good lesson for some of us to learn – this stuff is dangerous, has the ability to completely change the shape of your face and body, and can sometimes be irreversible. It makes sense to ensure that this is definitely something you want before you go rushing into any form of celebrity plastic surgery!

She’s definitely had her lips done and it doesn’t take a genius to work that one out. Just take a look at how her lips looked in her Dynasty days to how they look now. There’s no way that she hasn’t had fillers of some sort injected in there.


These lips may have looked great a few years ago but on a 71 year old woman, they simply look unnatural. Perhaps this was one of the celebrity plastic surgery types that she regretted over the years?

The other thing that hasn’t helped matters along is the fact that it would appear she had her cheeks filled with something too – either with fillers or with implants. The over-stuffed lips with the over-puffed cheeks just look odd on a woman of her age. The rest of her body seems to have aged as it should have done, with certain areas of her face looking much younger than they should. The whole look just doesn’t look right and although she is still a magnificent looking woman, there is something about her face that just doesn’t look right anymore.


Some surgeons have come forward to say that eye-work needs to be added to the Linda Evans plastic surgery list. According to the professionals, her eyes have a different look about them which would point them in the direction of either an upper- or lower- eyelid lift. The bags have been removed which suggests the lower lift, and the eyes have changed slant somewhat suggesting an upper-eyelid lift.

She has a very straight nose these days and although her nose didn’t look bad before, surgeons also suggest that she has some sort of segmentation work done here to perfect her look. Perhaps a permanent chin implant could be thrown into the mix as well – her chin certainly looks more refined than it did a few years ago, that’s for sure. A filler will also have been injected in here to ensure that the look stays looking fresh and young. All in all, we bet her plastic surgery bill is expensive!


Her neck looks flawless these days which could be indicative of some sort of neck lift. This is a preferable type of celebrity plastic surgery for women when they get a bit older – usually the neck is the first thing to start showing the ageing signs. Perhaps even a bit of laser rejuvenation could have been performed. This is something we look at in greater detail in Mary Louise Parker – The Plastic Surgery Reports. Why not have a peek and find out more?

To be fair, there doesn’t appear to be anything that hasn’t change on the face of Linda Evans. She really was a beautiful looking woman so it makes us sad that she has felt the need to change things so dramatically rather than grow old gracefully. At least she hasn’t hidden away her plastic surgery procedures behind the rumours. To be fair, there’s a pretty impressive Linda Evans plastic surgery list so it would be difficult for her to avoid the reports for long!


It would seem that there is now more and more pressure to look good for these ladies, and we have seen this by the extensive amount of rumours there are flying around about women of a certain age getting celebrity plastic surgery. Kris Jenner is in that list as well as Mary Louise Parker, Marlo Thomas, Joyce Meyer, Sally Field, Cameron Diaz and many more. Why not have a look at the Celebrity Plastic Surgery Reports on the Herinterest website to find out more?

I guess there’s a lesson to be learned from women like Linda Evans – there is such a thing as too much in the journey to perfection. Too much plastic surgery can look just as bad as no plastic surgery at all. You definitely must think your journey through before you rush into anything. Maybe it’s just better to leave the body as it is?


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