Marlo Thomas – Another Plastic Surgery Rumor

By on December 20, 2013

Margaret Julia Thomas was born on November 21st, 1937. You won’t know her by this name, of course. You’ll know her as the 76 year old social activist, producer and actress, Marlo Thomas who has not only been in such amazing films as The Real Blonde back in 1997 and Jenny in 1970 in which she played the lead role. It was the latter film that actually saw her nominated the Golden Globe Award for the rather impressive “New Star of the Year”.


It’s perhaps TV that she is better known for. You’ll probably have heard of her as Nancy Niles in The New Normal in 2012. It might have been Lynnie Bishop in 2000 in Ally McBeal. She was Sandra Green (Rachel’s mother) in 1996 series of Friends. Then there were two more Golden Globe nominations of course – Best Actress – Miniseries or Television Film for her role of Marie Belter in Nobody’s Child. There was also the part of Tess Lynd in the 1985 hit Consenting Adult. It would be fairly safe to say that she has well and truly made her mark int he world of TV and film… When you take a closer look at how beautiful she is, you can definitely understand it.

For a 76 year old woman, she certainly looks out of this world. Some would say that she has aged gracefully. Plastic surgeons, on the other hand, would not. If you believe the rumours, the Marlo Thomas plastic surgery list grows more and more by the day…

The rumours are rather controversial for this beautiful lady. Some would ask how the feminist and activist could even validate celebrity plastic surgery, but when you look at photos of her a few years back, and then take a look at photos of her today, you can see that there are some massive differences. Oh and you can add to that the fact that she is 76 years old without a single wrinkle or millimetre of sagging skin.


It was reported that she had her first plastic surgery many, many years ago, back in the 1960’s, before she started with her first major role in That Girl and the fact that she earned herself no less than four Emmy nominations AND the Golden Globe Award. Back then it was her nose that came under the surgeons knife – she apparently had rhinoplasty to better the shape and size of her nose. This was the first of many procedures, it would seem. From that point it is believe that she could have undergone Botox fillers, a face lift, a brow lift, facial fillers… The Marlo Thomas plastic surgery list just seems to grow and grow. When you look at past and present photos of the beautiful Marlo Thomas, her face looks barely recognisable. Beautiful, yes. Recognisable, no.

The puffy, shiny and wrinkle-free forehead is an indication of both Botox fillers and a possible brow lift. Who knows, maybe Marlo Thomas has had both? The completely stretched appearance of her facial skin would suggest a theory that a possible face lift could be how she has stayed looking so young. Her cheeks are incredibly smooth which could again, be a side effect of the face lift. On the other hand, it could suggest facial fillers in that area.


The jawline is slightly difference, so perhaps celebrity plastic surgery has been performed in that area as well? Her nose has clearly been worked on; not even she can deny that one. Not even her eyes look the same – again, this seem to be symptomatic of a brow lift, a face lift and Botox injections in the area.

The wider mouth structure than she had when she was younger would point us in the direction of facial fillers in the cheeks and around the mouth. We’ve already discussed the brow lift and when you take a look at her eyebrows, and the skin around her eyes, you can understand why again, we would think this. Even plastic surgeons have come out to suggest that these Marlo Thomas plastic surgery rumours are true.

Celebrity plastic surgery may be on the up but it does make sense to understand the risks associated with lots of plastic surgery. for example, Botox can be especially unattractive after a few years of having it done, simply because it can freeze certain facial muscles almost permanently, while causing other facial muscles to become so overpowering that they can almost take over the face. Is this really something you’d want further down the line?


Sadly, celebrity plastic surgery seems to be the norm with more and more women striving for perfection. It would appear that the cases of celebrity plastic surgery reports are with girls that are just getting younger and younger. Zooey Deschanel, Amanda Bynes and Frances Bean Cobain are all very young but have still been reported to have gone under the surgeons knife. In a study performed a while ago, the statistics clearly showed that younger women are getting plastic surgery done. Up to 40% off all liposuction cases are now in women aged in the 19-34 bracket.

What are your views on plastic surgery? Would you consider having it done? At what age do you think it is appropriate? Is it even appropriate at all?


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