Julie Bowen-Admits to Plastic Surgery!

By on March 26, 2014


If you are familiar with the hit show ‘Modern Family’, then there is absolutely no doubt you have heard of Julie Bowen. The adorable actress is not only hilarious in every way shape and form, but has also admitted to having a few subtle procedures on her face. The best part is she isn’t afraid to admit it and also doesn’t care what others have to think about her. (Not like she has anything to worry about- we all love her more than life!)

The star knows how incredibly important it is to look your best at all times when you’re popular in Hollywood- and she couldn’t be more right, especially considering she is the star of one of the most popular television shows ‘Modern Family’. However, she also states that she doesn’t let that get to her head. She doesn’t want to be like 99% of the Hollywood women who have had multiple procedures that change their faces completely. And that’s why she has admitted to having several laser procedures on her face.


Laser procedures are an extremely basic procedure that simply keep the firm looking firm and tight. And who could blame her for getting this done? Her face has barely changed in 10 years, which means Julie Bowen has no problem keeping a bright and youthful appearance without any major surgery. All we can say is this: way to go, Julie. You’ve kept your natural face and have had no face alternating surgeries which has left you looking beautiful and natural- something other Hollywood stars should consider.

There is still some speculation as to whether or not Julie Bowen has had breast implants. It would appear that her breasts became much larger at one point, but after having her children they seemed to have returned to a normal size. The jury is still out on this plastic surgery rumor, though, and we might not ever know the answer- and we’re OK with that.


Julie Bowen, one of the funniest women on television, is basically a gorgeous inspiration to women across the world. She’s only had a few laser procedures to keep her youthful appearance free of wrinkles, and she’s left it at that. We are excited to see her develop and grow in the upcoming years, not only in her popular show ‘Modern Family’ but possibly other hit television shows and movies as well.


Image credit: Emmely, Hannah

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