Julie Benz Plastic Surgery Reports – Busted!

By on November 5, 2013

Plastic surgery is something that many women would much rather be kept quiet. If we were to have a little celebrity plastic surgery work done, we certainly wouldn’t be shouting it from the rooftops as if our lungs depended on it. We would much rather it be kept quiet with no one seeing us until our scars had healed, and then emerge like a beautiful butterfly with just enough of a change to keep us looking younger for longer, but not too much of a change that people would automatically jump to the conclusion that we have had some form of celebrity plastic surgery done. Isn’t that right, ladies?

Alyson Hannigan Plastic Surgery

Alyson Hannigan Plastic Surgery

Many of the celebrities that have had reports emerge of plastic surgery work come out have chosen to keep their mouth shut. They neither confirm nor deny it either way. People like Alyson Hannigan, Madeleine Stowe and Geena Davis are all celebs that have been reported to have had plastic surgery, but simply ignore the rumours and refuse to confirm or deny them. It’s annoying for the “real” ladies out there – those that don’t look perfect every minute of every day who are lead to believe that they must look like the perfect women in the newspapers and magazine and then hear that they may have had some sort of celebrity plastic surgery work done. One minute they have then the next they haven’t… It’s hard work keeping up, right ladies? Are we meant to grow old gracefully like Dame Judi Dench or Helen Mirren, or do we smarten ourselves up with a little help from a nip here and a tuck there, and go under the knife and refuse to grow old?

Julie Benz is another of the beautiful yet older women out there that have faced scrutiny about the way she looks. Many surgeons have come forward to say that she has definitely had some work done by the looks of things, yet the lady herself doesn’t appear to fancy answering those rumors. She’s just going to keep us guessing!

Julie Benz - courtesy of Pinterest.com

Julie Benz – courtesy of Pinterest.com

She was originally born in 1972 so she is getting on a bit. Right now she is 41 years old, so she’s no spring chicken, that’s for sure. It was her role of Darla in Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, and this is perhaps the role that she is now most known for. She certainly played a kick ass chick in the TV series! However, when you look at photos of her now and then look back on photos of her from five, ten and even 20 years ago, it would seem that nothing has changed. There isn’t a wrinkle to be seen. No crows feet or laughter lines, no wrinkles on the forehead, no sagging skin on the neck… What has this woman done to keep herself looking so fabulous for so long? We decided to take a closer look.


Surgeons have come out to say that the Julie Benz plastic surgery list could include breast augmentation, Botox and other facial fillers, lip fillers, and maybe even some sort of laser surgery too. We talk more about laser surgery in Has Sally Field had Plastic Surgery? Check it out!

One of the things that struck us when we looked at the before and after pictures of Julie Benz in the plastic surgery truth hunt, is just how fine her surgery must have been, if at all. Surgeons have come out to discuss the clear signs to THEM what could be behind her youthful look but to most of us, she looks absolutely no difference. This is what makes for perfect celebrity plastic surgery – you look great but no one notices!

The first thing that we must point out in the hunt for the truth surrounding those Julie Benz plastic surgery rumours is that her forehead is super-smooth. This is a sure sign to surgeons around the world that she has at least one procedure in this place, the general consensus seems to be either fillers of Botox, Rejuvederm or Restylane. Her lips could have been filled with one of these fillers too – although they don’t look overly done and therefore noticeable, there is a plumpness to her lips that normally would have desisted by the age of 40….

Julie Benz - courtesy of Pinterest.com

Julie Benz – courtesy of Pinterest.com

Going back to other forms of Julie Benz plastic surgery rumours and we should probably talk about the possible breast job that she could have undergone. Again, they do look a bit bigger although not massively so, and they are certainly not sagging like most 40-year olds that we know. (And love, of course!) This is something that plastic surgeons the world over have agreed could be caused by possible breast augmentation surgery.

One thing is for sure and that is the fact that Julie Benz looks no older now than she did right at the start of Buffy and that is something that we all wish we could say about ourselves. Women will always go through plastic surgery procedures and may even choose to keep them under wraps to make themselves feel and look good in a sea of people who all believe that you must look a certain way in order to appear to be beautiful. Has she had plastic surgery? For now, we will just need to keep on guessing! What do you think?

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