The Truth Behind Alyson Hannigan Plastic Surgery

By on October 29, 2013

We all know and love Alyson Hannigan for one of two reasons usually – she’s either the band camp girl from American Pie or Lily Aldrin in How I Met Your Mother. Some may even have rembered her from before that when she was Willow Rosenberg in the hit TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. One thing is for sure regardless of where you know this face from, the 39 year old actress has never, ever looked better. She literally gets more beautiful with age.

photo 2

She was born in Washington DC on March 24th, 1974 yet doesn’t appear to have a single wrinkle on her face. Some plastic surgeons have reported that Alyson may have had some form of celebrity plastic surgery in order to keep herself looking young and youthful, and when her photos are compared side by side, these professionals reckon she could have had more than a few procedures to keep her looking as fabulous as she does.

The main allegations in the case for Alyson Hannigan plastic surgery is a nose job and a possible breast job too. There have been rumors of facelifts thrown in there too, and then there were the Botox injection reports too. Although she has neither denied nor confirmed the rumors, it would seem that people are split when it comes to the question – are the Alyson Hannigan plastic surgery rumors true?

The lack of wrinkles on her forehead could be caused by Botox injections and in fact, this is one of the most popular celebrity plastic surgery out there now. Having Botox injected in your face is almost throught of in the same way as you would think about a routine teeth cleaning at the dentist – it’s something you gotta do to stay looking younger for longer. (For those that can afford it of course! It’s not a one-time treatment after all!)

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Some photos have been picked about by surgeons that believe she may have had cheek implants over the course of her career. This seems doubtful however – her cheeks have appeared slightly less defined at certain points of her life but this is more than likely down to the natural fluctuation of weight rather than celebrity plastic surgery. The same could be said about her breasts – they don’t seem consistently larger than normal; the size of them just changes as her body weight goes up and down.

Many people have gone with the face lift idea in the Alyson Hannigan plastic surgery rumors because of the lack of crow’s feet around the eyes of the actress but in certain photos, especially recently, these crow’s feet are starting to make somewhat of a minimal appearance which would suggest these rumors may not be true. If she has had a face lift, wouldn’t the crow’s feet have been dealt with?

The nose job can also be argued against – does her nose really look that different than what it did ten years ago? We can barely see any changes when we look closely so maybe these rumors aren’t quite true either? What do you think?


These days it would seem that all women in the public eye would come under the celebrity plastic surgery scrutiny at some point in their lives, especially if they are getting a bit older and manage to keep themselves looking food. When you think about it, have you ever heard of Alyson Hannigan going out and partying into the early hours of the morning like other celebrities that we see in the media? Perhaps it is a good lifestyle that will keep you looking healthy for longer?

A good diet, for example, could be behind the youthful appearance of this great actress? There are plenty of healthy foods out there that you can eat more to ensure that you stay looking younger for longer. Avoiding the sun can also make a difference – this will stop your skin from looking old before your time. Alyson Hannigan is a red head so this would cause us to assume she would burn easily and therefore avoids the sun. This is especially the case when you take a look at her pale skin. Maybe Alyson leads a healthier lifestyle than the rest of us and we should assume that before we jump to the conclusion that she has had a form of celebrity plastic surgery?

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At the end of it all, rumors will continue to fly about celebrity plastic surgery all the time that these women look good in front of the camera, especially when you consider how subtle the different types there are. If Alyson Hannigan has had plastic surgery done, it definitely has been done very subtly – we weren’t able to make out the difference!

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