Jennifer Aniston – The Pastic Surgery Reports Busted!

By on August 6, 2014

Jennifer Aniston, better known as the fabulous Rachel Greene in the hit American TV show Friends, is one of the most beautiful women in the world and always seems to rate quite highly on the sexiest women in the world polls. She’s a woman that has aged gracefully, hit the big 45 in July this year, but despite her maturity, she looks no older now than she did in her Friends days – her twenties. It’s crazy! 

Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery

Of course, when a woman like Jennifer Aniston looks as good as she does after 45 years of life, there’s going to be some criticism. People are going to ask questions. Surely this is to be expected by now? Gracefully, Jennifer Aniston did admit that she had undergone a nose job – rhinoplasty, but this is the only celebrity plastic surgery that she’s opening her mouth about. All of the other rumours have, up until this point, remained unanswered. 

As well as the thinner nose that she openly admits to, there are also a whole host of other Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery rumours doing the rounds. Her forehead is incredibly flat and wrinkle-free these days. Is this the forehead that you would normally expect on a 45-year old face? What do you think… Could Jennifer Aniston have had Botox as well as her nose job plastic surgery?

Jennifer Aniston 2000 2014 Forehead

Of course, there are other aspects of Jennifer Aniston that has come under scrutiny and one, quite famous area, is her bust. It seems to have grown in size over the years… Look at this and make up your own mind; is a boob job the next tick on the list for Jennifer Aniston and her celebrity plastic surgery:

Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery

They do look fuller, but that’s nothing that can’t be achieved with a good bra and what we like to call ‘tit-tape’! She denies the rumours of a boob job, of course. 

So we’ve covered the Botox rumours, the boob job suggestions, and the nose job that she admitted she’d had done. What about the rest of them? There’s liposuction too. Apparently, she had it around her midriff, and when you take a peek at the chiselled, wash-board stomach she was rocking on a recent vacation, it would be hard not to be surprised. This chick has a body that simply rocks – there’s no wonder she’s on the hottest, sexiest women lists. The problem with the celebrity plastic surgery reports however is that Jennifer Aniston has always admitted to having quite a healthy lifestyle and she’s always loved things like yoga and Pilates. She’s been in the public eye so much, especially with the very public marriage break down, and the Brad Pitt / Angelina Jolie love triangle. Of course she has kept herself looking good. She’s had a rough time but she’s kept herself perfectly trim throughout it all. Clearly there was no crying into a tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for her! 

Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery

Upon further investigation of the celeb plastic surgery rumours, it would seem that Jennifer’s beautiful complexion and amazing body might not be down to just good eating and a healthy lifestyle. A 2012 Grazia interview with the star revealed some pretty shocking facts about her beauty regime that even included chemical peels that can cost upwards of two thousand dollars. There’s also the $750 bar of soap with bits of the planet Mars in it (apparently), and yoga sessions that cost upwards of $700 an hour. It’s a good job her career shows no signs in slowing down. She has one hell of a maintenance regime to keep up! 

When you add to this list the fact that her specially made diet delivery system could cost upwards of $700 per week again, it’s a lifestyle that not many of us could afford. 

In conclusion, when you are looking at the Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery reports, it might not be the surgeons knife that keeps her looking so young and youthful, but that doesn’t mean beauty doesn’t come with a price. If the cost of her skincare regime are true, we would expect her to look a million bucks, right? If only we could all afford it…?

A nose job has been confirmed but everything else still hangs in the air. Maybe one day she’ll come up and confirm or deny the reports but up until then, we are sure the world will continue to watch her with scrutiny. We sure will be! 😉


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