Daryl Hannah – Another Plastic Surgery Allegation

By on January 16, 2014

Do you remember the film Splash? What about the beautiful blonde mermaid? Do you remember Madison? Well, the beautiful Madison in the film was actually played by Daryl Hannah; one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Believe it or not, this blonde bombshell is actually a staggering 53 years of age!

She was born in Chicago, Illinois on December 3rd, 1960. As you’ve probably guessed, she’s an amazing American actress and has been the beauty behind films such as Blade Runner, Roxanne, Kill Bill and Steel Magnolias alongside the infamous Splash that we have already discussed.

She’s the beautiful sultry blonde with the big plump lips and that’s why so many men (and women) around the world adored her. She’s a very strict vegan and she puts her good “growing old gracefully” genes to this and the fact that she leads a healthy and active lifestyle. She hasn’t always had it easy however – she suffered with insomnia throughout her earlier years, leading her to watch numerous films in her bed at night and encouraging her desire to become a world class actress. Clearly she learned some tips from the professionals and Hollywood royalty as she’s done a pretty good job at leaving her mark in Tinsel Town.

It was only a while back that an American magazine released some photos of the beautiful Daryl Hannah in a less-than-desirable state. Her face was “altered” to say the least and a lot of her fans were shocked and amazed at what she had done to herself.


Although she has actually denied reports that there’s a Daryl Hannah plastic surgery list, you can’t deny the changes that have occurred (not-so-naturally) to her face. It has been reported by plastic surgeons that she has probably had some Botox work done on her face, mostly because of the way that her forehead looks. With the smooth appearance but slight puffiness around the edges, the two things combined are usual side effects of this type of facial filler.

12dceaf53ceb3a2669e40a0affef4c06It has been rumoured that Daryl Hannah has had other types of celebrity plastic surgery work done too. There’s the reported eye-lift that she was meant to have had. According to the professionals, her eyes are slightly more sunken in than they were a few years back which is a common ageing sign, but the lack of wrinkles anywhere around her eyes would suggest that definite celebrity plastic surgery has taken place.

Her cheeks are another thing that seems to have changed. They appear fuller than they were a few years ago, and the apples of her cheeks are definitely more defined than they were before. Could this be a sign of filler injections in this area? We talk about fat grafting in our investigation of Goldie Hawn plastic surgery… Has Daryl Hannah opted for the same plastic surgery?


When you look at the younger pictures of Daryl Hannah and then take a closer inspection of photos of her from recently, you can see that she looks almost completely different and that’s not all down to the ageing process. She might be getting on a bit now but that doesn’t mean huge things about her face should have changed. Even the full lips seem to have been enhanced over the years… All these changes were subtle up until recently where it would appear that she had gone a little bit overboard.

Sadly, the work that this fabulous actress has undergone have left celebrity plastic surgeons wondering who on earth performed the procedures. One surgeons even went as far as to say that it was the “worst plastic surgery” he had ever seen. Clearly he hasn’t seen some of the other plastic-surgery obsessed women out there then! We’ve looked at a few that definitely look worse than Daryl Hannah, that’s for sure. Why not have a look at the celebrity plastic surgery reports we’ve looked at to see what we are talking about.


It’s weird how the women we look up to; the most beautiful and talented, successful and happy women in the world are the least happy with the way that they look. Whether it’s the money that allows them to sculpt their faces and bodies to achieve the perfect look, or just the fact that they feel they “must” because of the pressure being in the public eye, it’s strange how many of them simply refuse to grow old gracefully. What is so wrong with getting grey hair and having a few wrinkles? Aren’t you meant to embrace the ageing process rather than try to reverse it? Surely it will get to the point where 90 year old women are walking around with false boobs and flawless faces when everything else has seemingly dropped south? Who knows how far it will go… All we know is that there are more and more celebrity plastic surgery reports coming your way and we are sure that many of them will utterly surprise you.


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