Beyonce – Those Plastic Surgery Reports Investigated

By on August 6, 2014

Beyonce has been in the news a lot recently, and not for all the right reasons it would seem. There are reports of her marriage to Jay-Z apparently being on the rocks with her scouting around for a new apartment ‘on the sly’. Well, that’s if you believe all the media gossip of course…



You can’t have missed those infamous Instagram shots of the Queen however, with those apparently airbrushed legs that appeared much thinner than how they appeared when she was on stage later on that week…

We’ll let you come to your own conclusions.

One thing that Beyonce seems to get is constant criticism, despite the fact that she has a beautiful body, and a voice to match. She’s too big. She’s too small. She only had bigger dancers around so that she appears smaller than what she actually is… We’ve all heard those rumours, and when you throw the Beyonce plastic surgery rumours into the mix as well, you can’t help but feel sorry for the poor girl!

She’s apparently had a nose job, a boob job, Botox, skin lightening, lip reduction, and the list seems never-ending. For a woman that;s always making music and having a brand new tour out, as well as bringing up a young child, she sure seems to have a lot of time to head to her cosmetic surgeon.

Herinterest decided to take a closer look.

With regards to the nose job, Beyonce has reportedly had her nose made thinner, smaller and more defined along the bridge area. Later on, once the rumours of this cosmetic procedure has surfaced, a plastic surgeon by the name of Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel went on record to say that he believed she had definitely undergone the operation. According to his statement, he believed she had the bridge redefined, as well as the tip, and the nose had been narrowed too.

Beyonce Plastic Surgery

Her lips appear to have changed shape – the top lip does appear to be thinner. Could it be that she has had augmentation to change the definition of her top lip? We think that thinning lips is just part of the ageing process, and you do need to take into consideration that the beautiful Beyonce is 32 years old, she’s hardly a teen anymore, is she? Plus, you can achieve that look with smart make up tricks so personally, we believe that she hasn’t had any celebrity plastic surgery done here.

One thing that seems to have got bigger in contrast to everything else getting thinner or smaller, is her bust. It does look bigger now than it did back then but again, there are a few things to take into consideration here. For a start, she’s had a baby. Secondly, her weight has gone up and down over the years, so it’s inevitable that her bra size is going to change. Sadly, the chest seems to be the first place to lose the weight, doesn’t it?

Beyonce Plastic Surgery

With the rumours of skin lightening thrown in (although these are probably tricks of makeup rather than a surgical procedure), and suspected liposuction on her tummy and thighs (further fuelled by those apparent slimmed-down Instagram pictures), the Beyonce plastic surgery rumours are never ending. There is even talk of her having Botox around her forehead and faced to prevent any pesky wrinkles from appearing. To be honest, there are a few women we know that don’t have wrinkles at the age of 32 so we aren’t sure whether or not we believe this rumour either…

She does look fabulous, that’s for sure!

You can’t expect to be as fabulously famous as Beyonce and not get attacked from all angles. Where there is love, there will always be hate, so with as many fans as there are of the beautiful singer, you’ll still find those that wish to critique her.

Of course her body will have changed with the welcoming of a child, and of course her face is going to change as she grows older. She has kept schtum about those celebrity plastics surgery rumours and to be honest, who would blame her? When you are Queen B, you don’t need to answer yourself to anyone!

What do you think?

Has Beyonce has celebrity plastic surgery?

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