50 Best Friend Tag Questions

By on November 12, 2015

If you think you know your best friend so well that there is nothing new to learn about her, you might be wrong. We all have some unexpected sides to our personalities, and even our best friends not always know certain things about us. Some things about your tastes and memories might seem to you so obvious that you assume your best friend knows them too. You might be surprised to find out that there are still some unknown facts, likes, and dislikes about each of you. These tag questions along with the reasons for asking those will help you know your best friend even better and will make sure you are indeed BFF’s!


  1. Describe me in three words.
    Reason: it’s a good opportunity for you to learn something new both about yourself and your friend. You might have attributed yourself with certain characteristics and your friend might put those into a new perspective. You always considered yourself a tough girl? You might be surprised when your friend calls you romantic. Who knows…
  2. What is your favorite memory of our friendship?
    Reason: you might be surprised but you two might share different favorite memories. This question will bring out cool memories together.
  3. When and how did we meet?
    Reason: often we don’t really remember the beginning of our friendships, we are just aware of the fact that we liked hanging together and suddenly we were on the phone with each other all the time. This question will surely fill in some gaps in your memory.
  4. When and how did we become best friends?
    Reason: same as above., to revive the story of your friendship. Guess what, not only romantic relationships stories matter! Sometimes it can remind you that there is just one step between love and hate and even if you didn’t really like each other in the beginning, now you can enjoy a true friendship that can survive anything.
  5. How long have we been friends?
    Reason: this question will revive your friendship and will emphasize you are truly best friends (in case you’ve known each other for years) or that time doesn’t matter when it comes to friendship (that’s if you have just met a couple of months ago and could feel an instant connection).
  6. If you could be in any place on earth right now, where would it be? bffs5
    Reason: gives you an insight into what your friend really likes and why. Is it the same place you would choose? Remember, friendship is not about how similar you are, but how you can still be friends despite all the differences.
  7. What are three things you can’t live without and would take with to a desert island?
    Reason: can you name those things yourself? That would tell you how well you know your BFF.
  8. What are three things your best friend cannot live without?
    Reason: now that’s getting interesting. This question lets you know how well your friend knows you. Is it your iPhone? Or maybe your diary?
  9. What is your favorite inside joke?
    Reason: no reason really. Just another excuse to have a good laugh.
  10. If you could travel the world together, where would you go?
    Reason: who knows, maybe one day you do get to travel the world together, so why not start the planning?
  11. What is something weird that you like?
    Reason: are you sure you know your friend? Just wait till her horrible terrible weird secret comes out! It might turn out you are not the crazy one here!
  12. What is your favorite food? bffs1Reason: if you’ve been ordering pizza since you’ve known each other and your friend has been too nice and polite to tell you she prefers burgers, this question can finally give her an opportunity to share her tastes and preferences with you. If she really likes pizza, then even better for you!
  13. What is your favorite movie?
    Reason: let’s watch again after we are done with this game. Might be your favorite movie as well.
  14. What is your most hated color?
    Reason: and just as you are about to buy her that nice green T-shirt, would be really good to know that she hates color green.
  15. Do you have a favorite quote? What is it?
    Reason: quotes are not only inspirational and motivational, but also can tell a lot about a person’s personality. Is your favorite quote on love or career or maybe the importance of reading? You can learn a lot about a person by just knowing what inspires her.
  16. What three movies does your friend like the most?
    Reason: now we get to know how well your friend knows you! And of course, it’s time you watched those movies together again.
  17. What is your friend’s favorite color?
    Reason: now there is a chance for your bff to show you how well she knows your likes and dislikes. Also maybe it will inspire her to throw you a surprise birthday party in your favorite color.
  18. What are the three things your friend does not know about you?
    Reason: let’s dig deep and find out what your best friend has been hiding from you all this time. Mwahahaha!
  19. Can you name your bff’s crush?
    Reason: Let’s hope it’s not the same as your bff’s crush. Or is it? Then it might make your life even more interesting, since you are having same tastes in guys, which is not necessarily a bad thing after all. Maybe one you will be able to succeed with the support of the other.
  20. What is yours and your friend’s favorite TV show?
    Reason: why not stock up with chips and popcorn and have a weekend TV marathon watching all the episodes of your favorite show? It will be fun!
  21. Pants or dresses?
    Reason: no reason whatsoever. Just very curious. And it would be fun to dress up in some matching dresses/pants some day.
  22. Heels or flats?
    Reason: see the pants or dresses question above.
  23. Which animal would you like to be?
    Reason: the answer to this question gives us lots of insight on your best friend’s personality. It’s kind of cool these days to want to resemble some wild lioness or panther, but let’s see whether your friend is into that.
  24. Do you like shopping together? bffs6
    Reason: if you have spent hours shopping together but it’s not something your friend really likes, this question is a good opportunity for her to finally let you know that without making you upset. Guess what, you don’t have to like shopping together to be good friends! If she claims to like shopping together, then maybe it’s time to schedule your next shopping trip.
  25. Is there anything you don’t like to do together with your friend?
    Reason: same as with the shopping above. Always keep in mind that you don’t have to spend every minute together in order to like each other. It’s not necessarily our similarities that make us friends.
  26. If you could have a dinner with anyone in the world, who would that be?
    Reason: it is always interesting to know who inspires your friend, and whose fan she is. Is it the same person as your inspiration? Let’s find out!
  27. What do you most admire and respect about your best friend?
    Reason: sometimes you just need an extra reason to say something nice about each other. Let this game be one!
  28. How would your ideal partner look and be like?
    Reason: aw, this is a nice one! Knowing your friend’s deepest secrets and dreams is always a big sign of trusting.
  29. Name two things that annoy you the most in your best friend.
    Reason: a little honesty after getting your bff to say nice things about you would be appreciated. We don’t have to like everything about each other, in fact, there are lots of traits many of us don’t like about ourselves so do not expect others to like those traits. Also, maybe you were not aware of those annoying habits of yours, like very loud chewing or humming some annoying tune while driving. It’s better to hear about those from your bff than from some strangers.
  30. Name three things you hate about yourself.
    Reason: now it’s time for your bff to come out with what she doesn’t like about herself. Would be interesting!
  31. A blouse or a t-shirt?
    Reason: same reason as with the dress, pants, heel, and flats. Curiosity. And maybe some clothes exchange.
  32. What is your dream job?
    Reason: is it something you can start working towards so that your dream can come true? Maybe you can work on it together? Can you motivate your friend to do what it takes to get closer to her dream job?
  33. If you met a genie and were granted three wishes, what would those be?
    Reason: it is really interesting and exciting to know about your friend’s secret wishes. Also based on what her wishes are, you can tell what type of person she is (if you still don’t know that) – more selfish or more generous.
  34. Now narrow it to just one wish.
    Reason: this is the most important wish of all three and there is a reason for that. What do you think that is? Why did she choose that one wish?
  35. Who is your hero? catwoman, Anne Hathaway, cat woman
    Reason: our heroes can tell a lot about who we are. Is it a more childish cartoon character or is it Secretary-General of the United Nations? You can see there is a huge difference between the two.
  36. What is your biggest fear?
    Reason: many of our fears come from childhood and should be dealt with while it is possible, so talking about them is a big step towards getting rid of them completely. Many fears might also be irrational and your best friend might realize that when she talks about it.
  37. What gives you the biggest joy?bffs4
    Reason: now it’s time to find out what makes your friend happy. Is it a quiet family dinner, a shopping spree with her bff’s, or a weekend getaway? In any case, it is always nice to talk about one’s positive experiences.
  38. How does your ideal birthday party look like?
    Reason: maybe you have been doing it all wrong, so it’s time to find out.
  39. Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?
    Reason: just for fun!
  40. Favorite thing to do together?
    Reason: does it coincide with your favorite thing to do together? If not, maybe it’s time you reevaluated your favorite activities.
  41. What is your best friend’s middle name?
    Reason: how well does your friend know you? ‘Cause middle names are for family only!
  42. Do you have nicknames for each other? What are those?
    Reason: if yes, would be fun to talk about them again, if no- why not? Why don’t you come up with a few cute nicknames right then?
  43. Who is your favorite celebrity?
    Reason: go see his next concert together.
  44. Who is the most annoying celebrity?
    Reason: really hope it’s not the same as your favorite celebrity, would be awkward!
  45. Your ideal vacation spot.
    Reason: do you know that spot? Why not organize a nice bff’s vacation?
  46. Your ideal vacation.
    Reason: maybe it’s not just beach and tanning after all, you never know.
  47. What is your favorite season? bffs3
    Reason: summer fun or winter coziness? What does your friend like the most? Is she more lighthearted sunshine person or reflective fall spirit?
  48. What are three items you always have with, no matter where you go?
    Reason: remember, you already asked your friend about things you cannot live without. Now it’s her turn to share her addictions with you.
  49. Your favorite band of all times.
    Reason: why not get tickets to see it together? Or how about organizing a little that band-themed party and go crazy?!
  50. What is your favorite clothes?
    Reason: maybe your friend is in desperate need of getting new favorite clothes after having worn those jeans for more than a year? This question will help her realize that.

These BFF tag questions will ensure you have lots of fun while learning some new things about your friend. A human soul is full of secrets, so maybe you will manage to dig out a few more with this questionnaire. Or maybe you already know all the answers to these questions and this game will prove once again that you are indeed best friends forever. In any case, remember, it’s all about having fun and do not take these things too seriously.

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