Instantly Double Your Wardrobe Options

By on January 15, 2013

Have you had enough of not having enough clothes in your closet? Maybe you are rethinking everything you ever bought and are desperately hoping for a lottery win so you can go out and buy a brand new wardrobe? Don’t worry ladies; you aren’t the only one that thinks like this, but thankfully there are more than a few ways that you can INSTANTLY double your wardrobe options without even having to hit the stores!

Repurposing old clothes, for example, is a great way to revamp your wardrobe in a few short moments. Take that old white collared shirt you have as one example – add a few studs to the collar and wear underneath a sweater or tank top and you have an instant makeover of an old garment of clothing to suit newer trends and fashions.


Using the same shirts that you have, even that old denim one you bought in an 80’s frenzy, you can add a waist belt and wear with leggings and a white vest top underneath for an instant style favorite – this is actually one of the easiest things that you can do. Worn with cowboy style boots or even flat ballet slippers and you have the perfect daytime outfit.

Any old pair of jeans can be instantly revamped with a pair of killer heels and a blazer. You can jazz it up with a nice “going out” style top for nighttime wear or a simple vest top for daytime occasions. It really is as simple as that!


Piece by piece you should go through your wardrobe and put to one side any of the clothes that you no longer wear. These are items that can even be donated to the local charity store, or revamped in some way. By doing everything in one go like this you can have everything that you will need to work on in one simple to find pile.

Don’t be too opinionated when it comes to getting rid of your old clothes either – those jeans that are now too short for you can be easily made into a pair of shorts to wear with leggings, or even a skirt if you know how to sew. You will find plenty of tutorials online. You could even dye jeans to come up with more modern styles. You will find plenty of tutorials online. You can even cut and knot t-shirts to come up with brand new clothes and again, you will find plenty of how-to’s on the internet to give you a helping hand.


There is no item of clothing that you can’t change in one way or another to make it more modern. Why not have a wardrobe cull yourself and see what new pieces you can create?

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