How to Hug a Guy

By on April 4, 2016

There are a number of different situations in which you would have to know how to properly hug a guy. You don’t hug your brother the same way you hug your boyfriend and you don’t hug your boyfriend the same way you hug someone who is just a friend. You may not have noticed this before, but now you will.

So how do you distinguish the difference? Well, that’s where I come in! First of all, if you’re trying to hug a guy for the first time, it can be nerve wracking and you may not know what to do. There are many different ways in which you can hug someone and it tells them a lot about how you feel about them.

How to Hug a Friend

How to Hug a Friend

If your friend is a guy and you want to hug him, but make sure he knows it’s nothing more, then there’s a certain way you have to go about it to make sure he sees it the same way. There’s a fine line that can easily be crossed when hugging a friend – make sure you stay away from it.

  1. Don’t Flirt Beforehand

The worst way to go into a hug with a guy who is just a friend is to be really flirty beforehand. This makes the hug take on a whole new meaning and they might see it as something more than just friends. You never want to start a hug with just a friend after you’ve been playfully flirting with them. So keep it off unless you want a hug to mean more.

  1. Keep the Hugs Infrequent

You shouldn’t be frequently hugging your guy friends. When you’re regularly giving someone a hug and then saying you’re “just friends”, you’re confusing them and everyone around you. Reserve the hugs for times when you haven’t seen them in a while or will be departing them and won’t see them for some time.

  1. Hug with Alternating Arms

The last thing to think about when hugging someone you just want to be a friend only is the style in which you hug them. Don’t wrap your arms around their shoulders and move in like you’re slow dancing. Make it a casual hug where one arm is above their shoulder and the other below. This is the most platonic way to give a hug.

How to Hug Someone You Like

How to Hug Someone You Like

Hugging someone you have a crush on but are not together with yet is a whole different ball game than just hugging a friend. You want to communicate through that hug that you like him if you want any sort of chance with him. Here’s how to hug a guy that you like.

  1. Stay Close to Them

Even before you want to go in for the hug, stay right next to them for as much of the time you have with them as possible. Proximity is a huge indicator that you like someone and it will make the hug seem more natural. Plus, it’ll be easier to transition to a hug before you leave when you’re already standing so close to them.

  1. Wrap Your Arms Around their Shoulders

Now, when you actually get to hug them make sure you do it in a manner than declares your feelings for them. If you want this guy to be yours, then wrap both arms around their neck so they get to squeeze your waist. This is a hug that says you want to be something more and it’s easy for them to slip in a kiss right after – if that’s what you both want.

  1. Squeeze Them a Little Harder

Don’t just give them a weak hug that tells them that you’re just friends. No! Squeeze them hard. Make your hug have a lasting impression even after you’ve pulled away. The key is to surprise them with it so they will be certain to remember you later. Nobody remembers a limp, lifeless hug.

  1. Linger for a Little While

When you hug them, make it last for a little while. Not too long that they think you’re strange. But don’t make it a super quick hug and then dip out the door without a second glance at them. Hug them for more than the average time you would, then when you pull away, stay within arm’s reach for a while. However, if you start hugging them and they pull away, separate. Nobody wants a hug from someone who just won’t let them go when they want to!

How to Hug a Boyfriend

How to Hug a Boyfriend

If you want to know how you should be hugging your boyfriend to let him know you are his and only his, then you’ll need these tips.

  1. Do it Unexpectedly

If you’re actually in a relationship with someone, then they are probably pretty used to getting your hugs on a regular basis. If you really want to hug your boyfriend the right way, do it during unexpected times. If he’s doing some dishes or cooking in the kitchen, just go up behind him and hug him. He’ll find it really endearing.


  1. Pull Him in Close

Take a hold of your man’s shirt and pull him into you forcefully. Demand a hug out of him. Don’t just casually go in for one. Make a point to get his attention in a drastic way before doing so. It will make the hug much more memorable and meaningful.


  1. Make Eye Contact Before

In order to set a hug to your boyfriend apart from any other hug you might give someone, make eye contact before going in for it. When you’ve been dating someone for a while it might seem unimportant to make eye contact. But that’s a great way to really connect with the person you love before giving them a hug. This is your way of telling him that yes, it’s just a hug, but it’s uniquely for him.


  1. Put Your Arms Under His

The way you position your body when hugging a boyfriend is much different than when you hug other people. This hug should be intimate. It should be comfortable. And it should be easy. When hugging your boyfriend, wrap your arms around his waist and nuzzle your head into their chest. This is the most natural way to hug someone and it provides the comfort you should find when hugging your boyfriend.

  1. Squeeze Him Tightly and For a Long Time

Hug your boyfriend in a way that lets him know you mean business. And by business I mean let him know you love him through your hug. To do this, squeeze him a little tighter than you normally would when hugging someone and stay in that position for some time. Not only does this make them feel loved, but it also is great for your own mood. Hugs that last longer than 20 seconds actually release endorphins and raise your mood.

Hugging might seem like a simple task that you do all the time. But the way in which you hug someone can tell them a lot about how you feel about them. Make sure you’re hugging them the right way!


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