How To Get Abs For Girls

By on March 19, 2014

Once upon a time the dream of a washboard stomach and rock hard abs was something only men dreamed of. Women on the other hand were content with a flat stomach and a few seductive curves to match. Times are changing however and in any gym you enter you’ll no doubt see plenty of women working hard to sculpt themselves some toned abs and trying to bring definition to their midsection. A set of defined abs on a woman, to be blunt about it, looks downright sexy, meaning it’s something more and more of us are aspiring to. That leaves simply one question hanging on our lips however – how? How do we, as women, carve ourselves a six-pack?

You asked, I answered! I’m not going to lie, getting a six-pack is going to be hard but it’s far from impossible. Here’s thirty great tips and tricks to help you sculpt the abs you’ve been dreaming of!


1. Don’t Focus On Your Abs


I know, that was an odd tip to start with, right? While it may have been odd it’s entirely sensible however. The simple fact is that if you want defined abs you need to lose the layer of fat covering them. Despite what you may have seen on TV, the miracle cure you’ve seen in a magazine or what your friends may have told you, you can’t simply spot reduce. If you want to lose fat and therefore gain and show off muscle, you have to do it all over your body. You can’t just focus on your abs and expect it to work, things just don’t work like that. That’s why you can’t just focus on your abs, you need to concentrate on losing fat all over your body to sculpt those abs.


2. Know Your Portions


You may be surprised to hear that it’s likely you’re unknowingly eating far more than your recommended daily calorie allowance. The reason? Most of us don’t know what our portion sizes should be, more often than not we overestimate, and therefore take in more calories than we should. The simple way to counteract this is to read to labels on your food packets. Stick to the amounts you should be eating and you’ll find yourself cutting down on calories and belly fat (fat all over for that matter!) in no time at all.


3. Go Old-School


For countless years people have hailed the sit up for helping them achieve toned, sculpted abs so who are we to discount it now? Sit ups are great because they work even your deepest core muscles and you don’t need any equipment to do them. Just find a bit of floor space and off you go!


4. Do The Twist!


To do this fab exercise, stand with your feet shoulder width apart and then twist to touch your left fingers to your right toes. Then bring yourself up and attempt to do the same with your opposite sides. This exercise really does work your core and helps to make you more flexible. As well as sculpting those abs, it’s also great at clinching your waist in.


5. Don’t Starve Yourself

f4b39156d9ed023be264d924c3956aca Too many people think that by skipping meals and essentially starving themselves that fat will simply melt off their body, helping them to reach their goals in no time. Let’s bust that myth her and now – it’s far from true. In fact, if you eat too little your body actually goes into starvation mode and stores more fat instead of expelling it. Plus, if you want to build lean muscle which creates those abs you need to fuel your body with plenty of carbs and protein or else you’ll get no where.


6. Plank For Abs


In recent years, the plank exercise has been hailed as the holy grail of core exercises. It may not be easy to do at first but if you keep at it you’ll build your endurance and soon find you can hold the position longer and that your abs are firming up.


7. Crunch Away


Crunches may not be any fun but there’s no denying they’re great for helping to tone your abs. While doing them, just remember to crunch with your core and not your head or else you’re likely to hurt your neck and you’re not doing your abs any good what so ever.


8. Try The Inverted Bicycle


This exercise is great for sculpting your abs and working your legs all in one. Simply lie on your back with your hands behind your head and move your legs as though you’re on a bicycle. It’s so easy but it really does get your core muscles working.


9. Twist And Crunch


Yes, it turns out crunches so get more difficult but, still, they’re amazing at helping us reach out body goals. While crunching add in a simple twist by touching your left elbow to your right knee and your right elbow to your left knee. This will tighten your abs and help to bring in your waist.


10. Banish Soda


If you’re determined to sculpt yourself a set of abs, it’s an absolute must that you need to banish soda from your diet completely. Fizzy drinks and full of calories and heaps of sugar so they don’t help you to lose fat at all. In addition, they’re one of the worst offenders for causing bloating and I’m sure you can appreciate why you don’t want that. Instead, skip the fizz and opt for a healthy option instead, you’r body and your abs will thank you for it.


11. Do The Reverse Fly


This exercise is great for stretching your muscles and gaining flexibility as well as toning your abs. To do it, use a stand up machine that has a bar at waist height. Then simply gently bend at the waist and lower yourself down over the bar, keeping your arms stretched above your head. ‘Flying’ yourself back up in the challenge and really works you, you’ll certainly feel your muscles afterward.


12. Practice Leg Raises


While leg raises may not sound like they’ll help you sculpt great abs, they certainly get the job done. Lie on your back with your arms behind your head for support and gently lift your legs and bring them in to your core. Bend your knees slightly if you have to. Then lower your legs but don’t let your feet touch the floor and repeat. Sounds easy? Lets see if you’re still saying that after twenty reps!


13. Take The Stairs


Always, always opt for the stairs instead of the elevator! Stair walking is great for helping you to tone your abs (as well as your bum and thighs!) as it forces your core to work to balance you as you walk. You can also use the stair climber at the gym for the same effect but I warn you that can be a torturous affair!


14. Crunches On An Exercise Ball


You probably all know that crunches are great for helping you to sculpt those abs but did you know that by doing them on an exercise ball you’ll see results even quicker? This is because you’re using your core muscles to balance on the ball as well as crunch. To do this exercise simply lie with your lower back on the ball, place your feet on the floor and your hands behind your head, and crunch, all the while keeping your lower back touching the ball. I’ll admit this one is hard work but you’ll love the results.


15. Walk


Not all of us are built for running but, if that’s you, then that’s okay. Walking daily can be just as effective at helping you to tone your abs. Ensure you’re walking fast enough to get your heart and lungs racing and you’ll get getting a great cardio session while toning your legs and midsection too. This exercise can be so leisurely too, especially if you have some nice scenery in your area or a friend to walk along with you. You’ll barely notice as you lose calories and tone up!


16. Get Your Five A Day

eecc86ca7b4f82a312c5fe151b573530 Most of us are all too aware that we’re meant to eat five servings of fruit and veg per day but very few of us actually follow this rule. If you’re trying to sculpt your abs, I recommend you start sticking to it. Eating more fruit and veg will give you more energy and will keep you feeling fuller for longer, plus you’ll be getting your fill of lots of good nutrients too. Eating a healthy snack of food or having a side of salad instead of chips will help you to cut down on calories and blast that fat away too.


17. Spinning Classes


Spinning is a great cardio workout as well as an amazing way to tone your entire body. Few exercises burn as many calories so fast and leave you feeling like you’ve run a marathon afterward. If you’re determined to sculpt yourself a set of abs, I highly suggest you get yourself booked into a spinning class. Once you’re done you’ll feel like ever so satisfied that you’ve had a great workout but I will warn you that after my first class I could barely climb the stairs for two days afterwards. Few things work your body as much as spinning.


18. Take Any Class!


While we’re on the subject of classes, I recommend you sign up to a few. Most gyms, leisure centres and even community centres have several different classes on every week meaning there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re into Zumba, dance, boxing or aqua fit, joining a class with help you burn calories and fat and get your body into shape. Even better, you can socialise as you workout, fitness classes are a great way to meet new people.


19. Do Plenty Of Cardio


Cardio is basically anything that gets your heart pumping, like swimming, running or the elliptical trainer for example. Not only is it good for keeping your heart and lungs in tip top condition, it’s also great for burring off any excess calories and fat. It doesn’t just help you get sleek, toned abs, it helps you shed the pounds all over your body too. Try to get at least four forty minute sessions on cardio in each week for optimum results.


20. Squeeze As You Go


No matter what you’re doing be it exercising, walking, sitting at your desk or just going about your daily business, remember to keep your abs firm and squeezed in tight. This ensures you’re keeping your proper form, straightening your back and getting the best from your abs.


21. Dress For Your Body


Okay, so those pair of size eight jeans may fit you but does that mean they’re the right size for you? If you had to struggle to get into them, they nip you when you move or they give you the illusion of a muffin top then chances are you’re wearing the wrong size clothes. Make sure all your clothes fir you right and feel good when you’re wearing them, this way you don’t give off the illusion that you’re actually bigger than you are. You may even surprise yourself and find you have less of a way to go than previously thought.


22. Be Realistic


It’s one thing knowing how you want to look and an entirely new ball game getting there. Don’t just think you’ll suddenly wake up one morning looking like a supermodel, you need to be realistic about this. Remember that there is no quick fix and that this is a lifestyle change not simply a diet an exercise program. This will take time so remember that and don’t be disheartened when you don’t see results in a week or even a month. Stick at it.


23. Stay Inspired


If you’ve been following all the tips this far then chances are you’re starting to get a little bored of your journey. If that’s true then remember to stay inspired. Keep pictures of you looking less than fabulous, pictures of your dream body or even simply inspiration quotes around the house (especially in the kitchen where you snack) to keep yourself motivated.


24. Say Goodbye To Fast Food


Fast food may well be delicious but that’s all the good you’re getting from it. It’s loaded with calories, most of them coming from fat, and lots of other horrid preservatives and things you’d likely cringe at if you knew you were eating them. Instead, why not try making the exact same meals at home. Anything you can buy from a fast food shop, such a burger and chips or chicken wings, you can prepare yourself at home with a fraction of the calories and ten times more taste.


25. Yoga


Yoga doesn’t just help you to achieve inner peace, it’s also a great way to make your body more flexible and tone and tighten your muscles, namely your abs! You can either buy an exercise DVD of practice the art of yoga in the comfort of your own home or you can enrol in a class as I mentioned in point eighteen. Yoga is loads of fun too. It may not seem it but it’s one of those things I recommend you don’t knock until you’ve tried it.


26. Be Snack Aware


For many of us, the hardest part of trying to tone up and lose weight is staying in control of our cravings. Even if we eat three well rounded meals a day, many of us still get the uncontrollable urge to snack on something. If this sounds like you, be prepared for this and always keep a stash of healthy snacks with you. These can be anything such as carrot sticks, a piece of fruit, a handful of nuts or anything else you please. Just a little something to keep your energy up, stop you from indulging in calorific treats and see you through to the next meal.


27. Go Whole Grain



Making the simple switch from white bread to whole grain will do your body loads of good. White bread is filled with chemicals to preserve it (not to mention it tastes horribly bland!) whereas whole grain bread is filled with fibre and which will help to fuel your body and keep you feeling fuller for longer. Oh, and did I mention whole grain breads have more taste too?


28. Stand Tall

f0fd6739c018a7115515dcf3f001cbf5 Through all your waking hours, ensure you keep good posture. Stand tall and sit up straight, that way you’re keeping your abs tight therefore working them out and you’ll automatically find you look a little slimmer. If you slouch quite a lot you’re also likely to find that standing tall helps you to breath better too, in some cases it’s also been known to aid digestion as well. This is a rule we should all aim to stick to whether we’re trying to lose weight, tone up or are just living everyday lives.


29. Track Your Progress


When it comes to sculpting a great set of abs you need to gain muscle, not just lose weight and muscle weighs more than fat. This means that the number you see on the scales isn’t a reliable way to track your progress as even if it’s going up you could be looking better than ever. Instead, take pictures of yourself to see how your body is changing. Take one at the very start of your journey and one every two weeks from then on so you can see the progress you’re making. This is a far more reliable method than stepping on the scales each week.


30. Consult A Pro


When all else fails, why not consult a personal trainer? This is what they do, after all. If you’re a member of a gym there will likely be a resident personal trainer there or you can hire one independently. A personal trainer will be able to help you gain focus and will show you exactly where you’re going wrong and what you need to focus on to reach your goals. Many of them will even be able to create a nutritional meal plan that’s tailored to you for you to follow to help you see results even quicker. When it comes to personal trainers, you can either hire one for a few sessions per week, seek out one time advice or ask them for something completely different. They’ll be able to tailor their skills to suit your needs so you can get the most out of their help and you’ll be seeing great results and feeling fitter in no time at all. Personally, I think everyone should have the experience of working with a personal trainer at least once.


So there you have it, thirty great tips and tricks to help you lose weight and sculpt a set of kick ass abs. I’ve not mentioned it as an official tip but I will say drink as much water as you can to help you lose weight and tone up. It’s beneficial for so many reasons I’ve lose count of them all! It keeps you hydrated, gets your metabolism going, keeps your energy levels up and metabolism too, plus it detoxes your whole body to keep you in tip top condition.


If you’d like to know more about losing weight and toning up or would just like some extra advice then why not check out some of my other articles such as 20 Best Weight Loss Exercises For Women, How To Lose Belly Fat Fast For Women or 50 Best Healthy Foods To Help You Lose Weight. You’ll find lots more helpful advice and tips and tricks to help you on your journey.


Be sure to let me know how you get on with these tips, I’d love to hear from you. If you’ve got any addition questions then ask away! I wish you the best of luck in sculpting yourself a set of killer abs!


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