How To Shave Your Legs

By on March 24, 2014

With summer fast approaching I bet we’re all excited for sunny days, picnics on the beach, sundresses and shorts. We may love summer clothes and getting our legs out however that leaves us dreading one thing in particular – shaving our legs. Constantly. Let’s face it, no guy is going to find our winter bear legs attractive and most of the time we don’t either. If only shaving were easy…If you’re anything like me (or me before I did all this research!) you’ll cut yourself constantly, be left with random, irritating bits of stubble and a far from perfect finished result. Thankfully, those days are over for me though and they can be for you too with the aid of these ten handy tips and tricks…


1. ALWAYS Use Warm Water


One of the biggest mistakes women make when shaving their legs is using cold or merely tepid water. Using warm to hot water softens your skin and your hairs, making them supple and easier to shave. You’ll find your razor glides over your skin much easier and with better results if you use this tip.


2. Don’t Rush Into Shaving


Following on from using warm water, you need to give your legs time to soak it up. Instead of shaving your legs as soon as you get in the bath or the shower, wash your hair and soap your body first. By the time you come to shaving your legs your hairs will be soft and ready for your razor.


3. Soap It Up


Okay, so I didn’t actually mean that, it just made for a good title. When shaving your legs you should avoid using soap at all costs as this can dry out your skin. Instead use a specialised shaving gel and rub it into a thick foam across your skin before using the razor. Here’s a handy tip – if you’re out of shaving gel you can substitute for conditioner. It makes your legs super smooth and your razor will just glide across your legs while shaving. Plus it’s cheaper too!


4. A Clean Shave


They say you should never shave against the direction of your hair growth but, from personal experience, you’re pretty safe to do this when it comes to your legs. Place your razor on your ankle and gently let it glide up your leg towards your knee. This will result in a smooth, clean shave.


5. Rinse Between Strokes


Always rinse your razor blade between strokes to keep it clean and sharp. This removes any hairs and excess soap which may otherwise get in the way while you’re shaving and cause a rash. While we’re on the subject of razor blades, make sure the one you use is always sharp. I change my blade once a week just to be sure and it results in a much smoother shave. Also, keep the blade wet while shaving too.


6. Exfoliate


Exfoliating before you shave means you’re removing dead skin from your legs and raising hairs so you get a cleaner, closer shave. It’s a simple step but one that should not be missed. I also like to gently exfoliate my legs again after I’ve shaved, just to get a super smooth finish.


7. Position Yourself


For an easier shave either sit on the edge of your bath or on the shower seat and prop your leg up. If you aren’t able to do it try resting your leg on something to elevate it slightly. Wherever you position yourself just be sure you’re stable – you don’t want to slip and cut yourself!


8. When Shaving Your Thighs


Shaving your thighs is the most difficult part of shaving but sadly needs must. Position yourself just like you would when shaving your lower leg and run your razor from your knee to the top of your leg, making sure to go all the way around you leg. Exfoliating is usually twice as important on your thighs and is essential if you want to get a smooth shave.


9. Rinse


Once you’re done shaving don’t forget to rinse your legs with warm water. This gets rid of any excess shaving foam, dead skin and hairs, leaving your legs silky smooth and supply.


10. Moisturise


Phew! We’ve finally finished shaving our legs and have reached the final tip! To really make the most of your shave and ensure you get supple, silky skin afterwards apply a small amount of moisturiser to your legs. You can use normal moisturiser but I highly recommend you buy one that either slows down the rate of hair growth (Yes, those do exist! Miracles do happen!) or, my personal favourite, buy an in-shower moisturiser. In shower moisturisers are fab, you just wash them on and wash them off. My legs have never been as soft as when I started using them!


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