How to Get Your Boyfriend’s Attention

By on January 10, 2016

I’ll let you in on a little secret that’s actually not that much of a secret: men have short attention spans. Unless they’re glued to the TV playing an epic game on the Xbox, you can’t expect them to pay attention to you for more than a few minutes – unless you’re naked.

The truth is, your boyfriend may need a little help getting his attention off his own life and focusing it on you. After that initial “honeymoon phase” is over, he’ll more than likely revert to paying attention to the things he did before you got together. If you’re looking to bring his eyes back to you for good, here’s all the best ways to get your boyfriend’s attention.

  1. Get Naked!

This is #1 for a reason. One of the surest ways you’ll get your boyfriend’s attention is if you take it from him. And the very best way to do that is to strip down to nothing and just walk right by him. Even if he’s just about to terrorize a small village and beat the game he’s playing, he will follow right after you.

That is, if the two of you are at this comfort level already. The fact is that seeing his girlfriend completely naked will not only surprise him into paying attention to you, but his male instincts will make it almost impossible for him to leave you alone for a minute longer.

  1. Put on Something Special

Now, this can relate to you getting naked, but it doesn’t necessarily have to. You can easily put on something extra special for him that’s not lingerie, too, although lingerie is a fantastic way to go if you’re looking to steal his attention.

You can just put on a super cute sun dress, a tight outfit, or even a sexy, silky, new robe and get his attention just as easily. The trick is to wear something out of the ordinary, something he’ll be surprised to see you in. So if you usually dance around the house in a pair of jeans, throw those in the wash and trade them for a sexy dress instead.


  1. Delve into Some of His Hobbies

If the reason his attention is not on you is because of the hobbies he seems to be obsessed with lately, try to get involved in those. Show him that you can just as easily jump in and be a part of his hobbies.

He’ll not only put his attention in the right direction – on you – but he’ll also be really happy and excited that you’re putting the time and effort into something he’s interested in. It will re-spark his interest and even add a little something special to your relationship as well.

  1. Be Aloof

Sometimes the best way to get your man’s attention is to take yours off of him. Ignore him! Be mysterious. Don’t tell him where you’re going when you’re planning a night out with the girls. Just say you’ll be “out” and will be home later.

He’ll be really intrigued as to where you’re going and will pay extra attention to you before you go and when you get back to find out all that you did when you were just “out”. If you want an added bonus, dress to impress.


  1. Flirt with the Hot Waiter

I find that this works expertly at dinner when my boyfriend is engulfed in his phone the entire time and has no room to pay attention to me. I just make sure to spend a lot of time chatting up the hot waiter and even give him a wink or two – while my boyfriend watches.

It might make him a little jealous, but that also means he has finally put down his phone and is willing to actually look at you instead. Just don’t take it too far as to make him really mad, because that could have adverse effects.

  1. Make a Drastic (Attractive) Physical Change

But don’t tell him about it. Chopping 6 inches off your hair and adding in some highlights would be sure to get his attention. The secret here is to only do it for yourself and not specifically to get his attention.

So if you’ve always wanted bangs, now is the time to make the cut. He’ll obviously notice something that drastic and realize that maybe he should be paying more attention to you and hey, maybe he’ll love the look so much it’ll be enough to keep his attention on you for a long time.

  1. Play Hard to Get

I know, I know. He’s already got you. I’m saying that you shouldn’t just give it up whenever he wants. You shouldn’t give away your attention to him if he’s not giving his to you. So play hard to get!

When he compliments you, say thank you and walk away – just leave the room completely. Make him chase after you to get what he wants and he’ll be handing out that attention like you wouldn’t believe.


  1. Make His Favorite Meal

Sometimes you have to guilt trip your boyfriend in order to get his attention. By hand making his favorite meal, he’ll realize how much time and effort you put in in order to make him feel special and he will definitely show you that he cares.

This doesn’t just apply to food though. You can order him some pizza when you’re not there just so he can enjoy it during the football game with his friend or you could get him two concert tickets to that band you don’t like but know he loves. Little things that show him you care will actually make him pay more attention to you.


  1. Bring out the Old Perfume

They say scent is the most powerful memory holder in the world. So if you remember what perfume you wore on your first date or the first time the two of you got hot in heavy between the sheets, take it out and douse yourself in it.

Then make sure to get really close to him. Make sure he can smell it on you and hope that he actually remembers what it’s from. He should really notice and you’ll have all his attention.

road trip


  1. Plan a Trip Away from Him

Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Maybe the two of you have been spending too much time together lately and that’s why his attention seems to be elsewhere. So plan a trip with your girlfriends and talk about it ALL the time with him.

Go somewhere really fun that will not only make him jealous, but make him miss you before you’re gone as well. When you get back it’ll be like you were gone for months, not just a few days.

Once your boyfriend’s attention is on something else, it can seem hard to get it back on you. Doing some of these tips every now and then will really open his eyes to what he’s been missing out on. Do you have any foolproof methods to get your boyfriend’s attention? Let us know how it went for you below!


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