How to Get a Guy’s Attention – Under Any Circumstances

By on July 27, 2016

If there’s one thing the entire female population can agree on (and believe me, there isn’t much), it’s that getting a guy’s attention can be next to impossible. Girls are programmed so much differently than guys that we can notice if a guy starts walking a different way – let alone if they’re trying to get our attention.

This may not seem like that big of a deal until us ladies actually do try to get a guy’s attention. Since we’re so different, we have that much harder of a time just trying to get him to notice us.

If you like a guy but just can’t seem to get his attention no matter what you do, you’re not alone. We’re all right there with you. Luckily, I’ve had some luck learning what makes guy tick and how we can finally get their attention. This is how you can get a guy’s attention under any circumstances.


You See Him for the First Time


Seeing someone for the first time and getting those little butterflies in your stomach is seriously one of the BEST feelings in the world. But how can you show him that you’re interested? This is how to get a guy’s attention when you see him for the first time.

  1. Smile

Not much can make a guy’s attention turn toward you like a really big, genuine, warming smile. Guys can’t really read emotions quite as well as us ladies, but they’re automatically drawn in by a cute smile. Make sure he sees you when you do this and that you’re specifically smiling at him. Seeming friendly is a great way to get a guy’s attention no matter what else you’re doing.

  1. Make Eye Contact

Guys are never going to know that you’re trying to get their attention if you keep your eyes down and never look at him. If anything, he’ll just think that you haven’t even noticed him at all, either. In order to get a guy’s attention, you have to look him right in the eye and hold his gaze for at least 3 seconds. That’s just enough time for him to register that you’re really looking at him and not long enough to be creepy.

  1. Wave at Him

If both of those tactics still leaves you with a guy who has no idea that you’re trying to get his attention, then combine the two and send him a cute wave. Chances are he’s clueless, so he’ll look around as if you’re trying to get someone else’s attention. If he does this, just nod your head and smile. He’s bound to notice you after this and he might even approach you.

  1. Twirl Your Hair


Guys can’t read much body language, but they do know what a girl twirling her hair and sheepishly looking at him means. Look his way and simply twirl your hair. To take it up a notch, bite your lip. He’ll be sure to know exactly what you’re doing if you do this.

  1. Sway Your Hips

Men think more with their eyes than with their actual brains. I know, it makes me want to roll my eyes, too. Nevertheless, it’s the truth and we have to accept it if we want to get their attention. The male body is programmed to notice when a woman’s hips are swaying because it was linked to reproduction. If he sees you walk by with your hips rocking back and forth, you’ve got his attention.

  1. Look at Him then Look Away Coyly

This is a cute little game that we all played when we were little just to get our crush’s attention – and it worked! All you have to do is catch his eyes so you know he’s looking at you then just look away shyly – as if you didn’t want him to catch you, even though that’s the whole point. He’ll notice this and you for sure.

  1. Approach Him with Eye Contact and Walk Right Past

Men love chases. They love things that are just out of their grasp and in order to get their attention, you have to play with this instinct of theirs. When you first see him, lock eyes with him, and walk in his general direction. Once you get near him, look away and keep walking. You’ve got his attention now.


You See Him Often


Sometimes you don’t just see a random guy for the first time and try to get him attention. Maybe he’s friends with your friends and that means you see him a lot but never actually talk to him. This is how to get a guy’s attention if that’s the case.

  1. Say Hi – Every Time

No matter how much you see him, acknowledge that he’s there. Maybe he doesn’t even know you’re paying attention to him. By saying hi to him every time you see him you’re basically announcing that you’re there and he’ll have to notice you.

  1. Wave Him to Come Over

If he’s around but you’re not talking or even in the same little group, catch his eye and wave for him to come over. This is a simple way to get his attention because he’ll be really curious as to what you could possibly need and curiosity does a lot to get a guy’s attention.

  1. Dress Cutely

It’s no secret that guys think with their eyes. They’ll notice an attractively dressed lady well before someone who’s just in sweats. If you really want to get his attention next time you see him, throw on something really cute and his eyes will be attracted to you. Just don’t go overboard and look trashy.

  1. Act Flirty


Guys automatically respond to flirty behavior because it’s in their nature. If you want to get his attention you just have to flirt with him a little bit. Flip your hair, smile at him, laugh at his jokes, and he’ll know who you are in no time.

  1. Give Him a Chance to Talk to You

You can’t expect to get a guy’s attention when you’re not giving him a way to interact with you. Pull yourself away from your friends so you’re alone and then get his attention. Guys are much more likely to pay attention when you’re by yourself.

  1. Act Bored

Guys pretty much aim to entertain women no matter where they go or who is around. This means that although he may not know you, if you’re around him he’s trying to impress you. If you act bored, he will take a notice and he’ll try harder for you specifically.

  1. Ask for His Advice or Help

When you really want to get a guy’s attention but nothing else has worked so far, asking for his help just might get the job done. Guys love to help in any way they can – they’re programmed to – and asking for his advice or help will girl you their full attention.


When You Both Speak to Each Other


Sometimes you can even be talking to a guy and not have his full attention. During these frustrating times, this is how you can get his attention.

  1. Keep Calm

I know that you’re excited to be talking to him, but you have to remain calm. If a guy sees you acting all nervous and crazy around him he’ll lose interest and look the opposite way – exactly what you don’t want. Just remind calm and you’ll keep his attention.

  1. Talk About Common Interests

Let him know just how compatible the two of you are! Guys love to talk about everything that they know and life and if you just so happen to like that stuff too, he’ll be more than happy to give you his full attention. Plus, it puts you on his radar as someone he could potentially date and that is a HUGE win in your book.

  1. Be Mysterious

Mystery is something that all guys love because of their problem-solving nature. It’s intriguing to them when someone is a mystery and it makes them want to learn more. This means you shouldn’t give away too much information about who you are right away. If you make him ask questions you’ll really have his attention.

  1. Ask Him Questions

Another great way to get a guy’s attention when you’re speaking to each other is to just ask him questions. If you have good questions that make him think, he’ll have no choice but to pay extra attention to you and this is a great thing! Making him think will make him take notice of you.

  1. Connect on Social Media

If you’re speaking to each other, ask him for his social media information – and maybe even his phone number – but be cool about it. Doing this can make him start thinking about why you want this information and that will automatically make him pay more attention to you specifically. You can even add him as you’re talking so his phone buzzes and forces him to take notice.

  1. Make Sure He Knows You’re Available

Guys don’t really pay attention to girls that have boyfriends. They already know that you’re not fair game and so they tend to ignore you altogether sometimes. If the two of you are talking together, try to squeeze in – in a very subtle way – that you’re single and this will actually perk him up and he’ll listen better. You’ll probably actually be able to tell immediately that his attention is now on you fully.

  1. Play Hard to Get

Like I mentioned earlier, men LOVE the chase. They love it so much so, in fact, that if you play hard to get and just ignore him when he’s talking, you’ll get more than enough attention from him. He’ll think it’s more of a game that he has to win and he’ll actually be trying to get YOUR attention. Just be sure to slowly start paying attention and don’t go overboard when he finally starts noticing you because it will turn him off.

Getting a guy’s attention can really suck sometimes – especially when they’re clueless. Luckily we have all the tips to get his attention under any circumstances. What’s your favorite way to get a guy’s attention?


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