How to dress well on a budget

By on January 4, 2013

Let’s be honest about this ladies – taste is something that money can’t always buy. How many celebrities have you laughed at on the red carpet because they have made a massive fashion faux-pas? Surely someone should have told them that they look like a bad drag queen?
These days you don’t need a million bucks in your back pocket to look like a thousand bucks! There are more stores replicating red carpet chic and the stores the celebs are wearing – it’s just about mixing a bit of knowledge with a few choice cheaper pieces, all thrown together with a couple of expensive things to make you feel better. If you need a hand, we are here to help.

Low-Cost, Best-Style!

There are some designers and stores out there that are hip and coo, but don’t come with a massive, heart-attack inducing price tag. Stores like H&M is a perfect example of this. These guys follow the latest trend and mix it with an affordable price tag to make it easier for you guys to look cool. Have some cheaper items from the cheaper stores, throw in a few of these slightly more costing beauties, and finish with just the right amount of designer to make you look cool. It’s a genius idea.

Check out eBay!

Believe it or not, eBay isn’t just a total rip off. You can find some of the most high-style designer clothes on this website for a fraction of the cost if you are smart enough about it. You can find everything on here from fakes to clothing that was purchased that didn’t fit, unwanted gifts and much more besides. This is the best untapped resource for affordable designer clothing and accessories.

Navigate Outlet Malls!

There are plenty of Outlet malls out there for you to peruse at your leisure and you will be surprised at the designer beauties you can pick up from these places. Also, it is worth checking out stores that offer out of date designer goods on the cheap – these are great for those little accessories that really perk up an outfit. I once picked up a designer handbag for less than $30 at these stores; almost 75% off the original price.

Look at Your Closet!

Sometimes everything you need is right there in your own closet. There are plenty of mix-matched outfits you can come up with simply by looking at the things you’ve not worn in a while. See that skater-style skirt that you bought a few years ago? Why not team that with a crisp white shirt and Chanel style pumps and tights for a look at that can carry on through from summer to winter? You can even look at customizing the clothes you already have – studs are in right now, so why not add studs to an old white collared shirt you have hanging up in your closet?

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