Has Diane Keaton Had Plastic Surgery?

By on January 10, 2014


Take a look at this beautiful woman and tell me how old you think she is? Diane Keaton was born in LA, California on January 5th, 1946. This makes her a very impressive 68 years old. How is it possible that this woman that is only two years away from 70 looks THIS good? What on earth is her secret? We can hear women all over the world crying out for the magic potion she’s clearly got her hands on to look that good at that age.


Or perhaps it’s a bit of celebrity plastic surgery?

We’ve noticed that a lot of women are coming under scrutiny regarding the topic of celebrity plastic surgery. Only recently we’ve had a good look at Angelina Jolie’s rather media-frenzied preventative double mastectomy. We’ve looked at the reported plastic surgery reports surrounding Raquel Welch. Not even Susan Sarandon was safe! Could it be that Diane Keaton is just another name to add to the ever-growing list of celebs that have reputedly had plastic surgery?


She’s a pretty fabulous woman regardless of what she looks like. Not just an actress for film, she’s a screenwriter, producer and director too. Her career had originally started out on the stage but it was her debut performance in The Godfather in which she played the part of Kay Adams- Corleone in the 1972 hit. She had won her first major award by her fourth film – Annie Hall back in 1977 bagged her the Best Actress Academy Award. Impressive stuff, right?

Back in early 2012, Diane Keaton reportedly spoke to a journalist and said that she had NEVER had any plastic surgery. At the same time however, she also said “never say never”. We wonder what this could mean?

At 68 years old, you would expect to see a lot more of the ageing process on the face of Diane Keaton than what you can actually see. At her age she should definitely have neck wrinkles. She should also have some sagging of the skin around the jawline and eyes. She should definitely have more facial wrinkles than she does; specifically around the forehead.

Does Diane Keaton have any of these things? Does she show any signs of the ageing process?


She keeps a pretty active life with plenty of hobbies and activities around her filming engagements. She loves to dabble in photography, for example, and considers herself to be an author. She sings from time to time and also has been known to love developing real estate. That’s before you consider the TV shows that she has been in – Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Godfather Saga are just two examples.

She’s been nominated for a staggering amount of awards and she’s won her fair few too. Annie Hall bagged her an Academy Award, BAFTA, Golden Globe and various others. Something’s Gotta Give back in 2003 also got her a Golden Globe. In case you didn’t think she was talented enough, she’s actually starring in the up and coming film Finding Dory which is due out in 2016. She’s plays Dory’s mother! We are super excited about this. Is that sad?

There’s a couple of films also set to be released in 2014 too – Life Itself and And So It Goes. Keep your eyes peeled for these two?

She’s had an impressive career but things haven’t always been plain sailing for the actress. As a youngster she suffered at the hands of the eating disorder bulimia and she had a very public relationship with the film director Woody Allen, and they later went on to star in no less than eight films together. They are reported to be the very best of friends of these days. Doesn’t that make a change for Hollywood?

7a921cc6b473bf7f50fa765ba01dea61There are a few Hollywood guys that have been on Diane’s hit list including The Godfather co-star Al Pacino and Warren Beatty, for example. she rather publicly gave up on love back in 2001 and has since adopted two children, stating it to be the most humblest experience she’d ever had. Repeat after us – awww!

Coming back to the celebrity plastic surgery rumours and we aren’t sure what we think. She doesn’t look as stretched and smooth as other women in the public eye around her age. She certainly doesn’t have that puffy, smooth forehead associated with Botox users, or trout pout lips that you seem to see all the celebs with these days. There’s no fake books, no lump liposuction… Perhaps Diane Keaton really does look this good naturally? We’d love to know how she does it, that’s one thing we can assure you! (And we are trying to find out!)

So what do you reckon guys and girls? Has Diane Keaton had celebrity plastic surgery? We aren’t sure… There’s not enough evidence to support either side of the debate. With rumours of Botox, a nose job and even a face lift doing the rounds, we’re probably just going to stick on the fence with this one… What are your opinions?

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