Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery Rumors

By on January 9, 2014

We love digging up dirt on the celeb world and there is nothing better than when a “natural” woman ends up being not quite so natural as we first may have thought. We have looked into quite a few celebrity plastic surgery rumours recently and we’ve been rather shocked at what we managed to unearth. With girls as young as the 21 year old Frances Bean Cobain going under the knife, it’s suddenly a realisation of how hard girls and women need to work in order to be considered “perfect”.


Surely we are just perfect the way we are?

The thing with the Susan Sarandon plastic surgery rumours is that she has kinda admitted them. Well, she admitted to having a “little something sucked outta her” about ten years ago, whilst pointing to her neck which would suggest surgery to make her look younger in that area. That’s all she’s had though – that’s all she’s admitting to anyway. She refuses to accept the Botox rumours saying that she needs her forehead in order to be an actress and her facial expressions need to reflect that.

It does make sense when you think about it but when you take a closer look at photos of the actress from a few years back and then take a look at a few of her latest shots, you can see that a few things seem to have changed a little…

She’s had lipo under her chin and also around her eyes – this is the stuff that she has public confirmed on the Larry King Show.


She hasn’t confirmed or denied the rumours but there are also surgeons coming out to say that she may have had a little celebrity plastic surgery done on her breasts too. Are they perkier or larger now than they were a few years ago? We’ll let you decide! 😉

She’s older than you think she might be. She’s 67 years old! It’s virtually impossible to believe that this lady is only three years away from her 70’s but that’s the truth of it. She was born on October 4th, 1946 in New York.

9c7daff9a800032dbd29a4db83ca7251So, we can clearly see her boobs have gotten a bit bigger, and her neck and eyes look younger and more youthful, but what about the rest of it? It can’t just be a good diet and plenty of exercise that’s kept her looking the way she does. There must be something else hiding under there, surely?

Although she says she has avoided filler injections in her face, mostly because they terrify her but also because she wants to keep her facial expressions for her acting career, her forehead does appear to have that puffy and smooth look to it – something that we’ve learned is synonymous for filler injections in that area. Her cheeks seem to look a little puffier and larger too – could she have had fillers here? We don’t really understand why she’d only admit to half the surgery if she’s actually had it done but I guess we shouldn’t be shocked by anything that comes out of Hollywood these days!

It’s a shame that Hollywood greats such as Susan Sarandon feel the need to undergo celebrity plastic surgery in order to be considered beautiful but if it makes them happy, who are they really hurting? One thing is for sure – Susan definitely looks great for her age!

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