Angelina Jolie – THOSE Plastic Surgery Reports!

By on January 8, 2014

eeb6c9661479e6f588f7510ddd8329aeShe’s a lady that has always got her face in the limelight for one reason or another. If it’s not her celebrity marriages or baby adoptions that’s getting her talked about, it’s her very public relationship with Brad Pitt or the fact that she has recently undergone some rather drastic and very brave celebrity plastic surgery.

Very recently, reports have come out to suggest that Angelina Jolie will play the very beautiful and very fabulous Nigella Lawson in a movie to be made about her life. With the troubled chef recently in the media also for her rather public breakdown of her relationship, a drawn-out and incredibly out-there court case with her two assistants being up for fraud which they were later found not guilty of, and the fact that she has an on-going “journey” with drugs… Although nobody seems to know whether or not this journey is a severe one.

All in all, if there was ever a woman best suited to this role, it would be Angelina Jolie, wouldn’t it? She loves to play a good old controversial position in her films and the fact that she was once the curvaceous and British Lara Croft in the fascinating Tomb Raider films certainly helps us to understand why she was picked for the part. Then there’s the fact that she’s had experiences with and already played roles involving drugs such as the very controversial Gia in which she plays the trouble supermodel and plays out her dangerous and saddening journey with drugs and the effects they can have. It just goes to show… Drugs are bad!

Going back to Angelina Jolie and it is safe to say that she is one of the most-loved, hated and known women in the world of Hollywood. With the Brad Pitt – Jennifer Aniston – Angelina Jolie love triangle going on for a while after the fabulously brilliant film Mr. & Mrs. Smith came about, you either loved the actress or you hated her. Stunningly beautiful, it might chock you to learn that the beautiful starlet is 38 years old! Born on June 4th, 1975 in California, she was born into Hollywood royalty with her father being the well established actor Jon Voight, responsible for films such as Midnight Cowboy, Tropic Thunder, The Manchurian Candidate, Pearl Harbour, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Anaconda.

Going back to the celebrity plastic surgery reports and her very public announcement of her surgery sure rocked the entire world. She had a preventative doubly mastectomy. In short, she had both of her breasts removed to prevent breast cancer from blighting her life.

0f95bd2e18c9d597a29d9dc0edbe785aFollowing tests on the star it was revealed that she had been shown to have an 87% risk of getting breast cancer because of a faulty gene in her body. Her mother had died from breasts cancer and one of the reasons Angelina Jolie gave for the plastic surgery was that she didn’t want her children to grow up without a mother. It was a very brave and very public move on her part but she did allow herself some privacy – she only shared the news with the world AFTER the surgery had actually taken place and she was on her way to recovery. It might have been hide for the family to have kept this a secret for so long but well done to them for managing it!

Of course, she is known to be one of the most beautiful women in the world and many men love her for her natural curves (although she has been looking very skinny lately!). She underwent implant surgery to give her back natural looking breasts. This is understandable – many breast cancer patients choose to have implants or augmentation surgery after their mastectomy (if advisable) to rebuild the body back once again. It’s not something that we would normally think about but we did give it some thought. We couldn’t honestly decide if we would want to have reconstructive surgery afterwards or not… It’s a tough question to ask any woman.

Of course, the support from her partner (rumoured husband; whatever you want to call him) got her through the hard times and we can imagine things were very hectic for them at some points with the huge brood of a family they have found themselves in the midst of. Despite the struggles, they seem to have pulled through and Angelina Jolie has been slightly more active in the public eye than she has been in the lead up to her plastic surgery.

We hope that she comes back with a BANG in the new Nigella Lawson, rumoured to be released next year. There’s a few more films coming out said to star the beautiful lady. There is a Salt 2 rumoured to be released at some point in the future which will see Angelina returning as Evelyn Salt. Kung Fu Panda 3 is being filmed as we speak and will come out in 2015. Maleficent will see Angelina playing the evil Disney “bad guy”  in the film coming out later on this year. Despite the fact that she has been through such a troubled time, losing her mother and going through the surgery all in the space of a year, she’s been keeping herself busy and doing what WE love – seeing her acting her little heart out!

Let’s hope 2014 is a good year for the world’s most beautiful couple!

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