Hairstyles For Plus-Size Women

By on September 17, 2013

Picking out the right hair-style and hair-cuts are hard for anyone. But, it can definitely be tougher for plus-size ladies. It’s not always easy find the right look to frame all the right places and hide all the wrong attributes. It’s also no easy to figure out which length to go for and how to make that length work. To help you find the right hairstyles for plus-size women, here are some great, slimming styles to take a look at and try out:

Plus-Size Hairstyle #1.) Get some highlights! Natural-looking highlights will help draw attention away from your face. Getting these beauties can also not only brighten your face, but make it appear thinner. That is because the vertical structure of most highlights is kind of like when you wear vertical striped clothing- it’s slimming!

Plus-Size Hairstyle #2.) Layer, layer and layer, girls! Hair that is all one  length will not flatter bigger faces at all! Instead it will make your face appear wider and larger. Adding some layers into your hair is hot! And, it will trim down your face enough to give it a softer, less-chunky look.


Plus-Size Hairstyle #3.) Fringe it up! As in, get some side-swept bangs, make them a little edgy, even! But, avoid blunt fringes that tend to  make your face rounder and wider. That’s something to be avoided at all costs. Instead shoot for some bangs that will do more complementing. If you prefer a more straight-across fringe, at least feather the bangs and  never-ever leave them blunt and dull. Keep in mind they don’t have to be short either, you can go for a longer side-part like this lovely lady below.

Plus-Size Hairstyle #4.) Getting a pixie cut is really not a recommended style for plus-size women. But, hey, no one can decide what you like best. So, if you do decide to go short-short or get a pixie, ensure you are layering it in the back to bring attention upwards. And for your bangs, let your stylist know you want face framing bangs and always leave the bangs quite a bit longer than your cut!

Plus-Size Hairstyle #5.) For those who want shorter hair, as well, try out a below the chin cut. Please, take this advice and don’t ever leave your cut right at your chin. This will frame all of the wrong parts of your face and bring attention to any problem areas (if you have any) with your chin and neck.

Plus-Size Hairstyle #6.) Bobs are the new thing in Hollywood and the new thing for us non-stars, too. But, when it truly comes down to getting one of these famous bobs, try to stray away from plain-old-blunt bobs. Instead, always go for a beautifying asymmetrical bob that will elongate your face and not shorten it (like plain-bobs.) An a-line bob is perfect not only for plus-size women, but for everyone! This cut is actually also really easy for you to take care of and it barely takes any morning effort to style.

Plus-Size Hairstyle #7.) Let’s talk waves, shall we? Wavy hair is perfect for plus-size women! Why? Well, this style will create an illusion and evidently soften a larger face. It will thin out, elongate and help add attention-grabbing volume to anyone’s look. If you weren’t blessed with naturally wavy hair, you can always get yourself down to your favorite salon and get a perm to fix up your hair right away. Or, you can use a thicker curling iron… maybe even try using a crimper!

Plus-Size Hairstyle #8.) Wispy bangs are becoming more and more popular among women in recent days. These feathered and chic bangs will hide a wide forehead and make you look smokin’ hot.

Plus-Size Hairstyle #9.) One of the more favorite styles of women with plus-size attributes, is shoulder length hair. Shoulder length hair doesn’t cause any unflattering problems to your face and even makes it look thinner by giving your face more length and framing it better.

Plus-Size Hairstyle #10.)  In case you missed the memo- Voluminous hair is totally in and flat hair is definitely out! Adding tons of volume to the top of your hair will create a stunning, slimming look for a plus-size girl. Also, by creating that look and adding more volume on top instead of on the sides, it prevents you from drawing too much of anyone’s attention horizontally and instead, it lures their eyes upwards.

Plus-Size Hairstyle #11.) I know we discussed shoulder-length hair, but you could even consider going slightly below your shoulders. Aim for a length that mediums between your shoulders and bosom. This type of cut will create a leaner look. Add in some face-framing layers as well as layers all around your hair. That way you have more than one length, but still a longer appearance.

Plus-Size Hairstyle #12.) If you have a more heart-shaped face with a smaller forehead, try out higher-up ponytail that pulls of your hair up into it. Doing this will pull your face up ever so slightly and also draw attention, once again, to the top of your head. It’s a perfect casual look for longer hair.

Plus-Size Hairstyle #13.) For a longer look, try adding some curl to those tresses. No, not tight curls, but wider more voluminous curls. If you can, keep the curls more towards the end of your locks. That way you are no drawing too much unwanted attention to your problem areas.