Gretchen Rossi-The Fake Housewife of Orange County

By on March 26, 2014


I think we are all well aware that the majority of women on the infamous ‘The Real Housewives’ series have had some plastic surgery. But when it comes to Gretchen Rossi, she may just be the queen of the plastic surgery, which is why we’ve decided to nominate Gretchen as being the ‘fake’ housewife of Orange County.

It’s funny because Gretchen Rossi continuously stated she did NOT have any plastic surgery. She was so avid about it that you really couldn’t even bring it up without the claws coming out. She only admitted to having a few botox injections to fend off impending wrinkles, but we are thinking otherwise. And really, who could believe her about this statement when everything else she’s ever said on the show has been a lie, too?


We were skeptical from the moment we saw Gretchen Rossi that some kind of plastic surgery took place, but we definitely couldn’t tell what. That is until pictures of Gretchen from high school started to surface. That’s when we really started questioning the princess- oh, I mean the boss (from her opening on Real Housewives of Orange County, “Don’t call me the princess. Call me the boss.).

It’s really clear that Gretchen Rossi has had some work done after looking at her high school photograph- and we’re not just talking about the botox. We believe the wanna-be starlet has had her nose job, even if it was just a minimal procedure that fixed a few quirks here and there. Another possible procedure that looks almost blatant is an eyelid procedure that would fix her noticeably droopy eyelid on her left side. Last but not least, there is rumor that Gretchen has had a chin implant. Yes, you read that correctly. A chin implant. Definitely not a procedure you hear about often and definitely one that kind of makes you go, ‘What?’ But the details are in the more prominent chin you see the diva wearing today.


The conclusion? Gretchen Rossi has had some serious work done. She started out with a droopy left eyelid, a nose that was sub-par, and a hiding chin that apparently didn’t meet her expectations. Now we see the woman sporting a prominent chin, pearly white teeth (the work of lumineers or caps?), a thinner nose, lifted eyelid, and perhaps even breast implants. (Was it just me, or was that a rather long list-especially for a woman her age?)


Image credit: BravoTv, Audrey Saucerman, Olga Majori

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