Fashion Trend for 2013: Patchwork Animal Print

By on January 13, 2013


Fashion trends: they always come and go. 2012 closed by saying good-bye to some very good ones, and some bad ones as well. What does 2013 have in store for us? It looks like animal print is here to stay for at least a large part of another year. We know you love it!


Animal print has been around a long time, and it has always been a fairly decent staple in fashion, but it seems that over the last couple of years, with fashion designers doing more and more unusual things with it, animal print has attracted a lot more attention than it has had before. It has graduated from a simple staple to probably the single most popular print in fashion today.


Animal print may have started out as just plain brown leopard print, but splashes of color and other prints brought big changes to fashion that have stayed through several seasons. Shoes, purses, shirts, coats, and even hair met with animal print in big ways and big colors. The variety grew so much that even the tattoo world stuck its hands in the cookie jar. Animal print tattoos emerged as a major trend last year on young women.

This year, something else is being done with animal print already and it looks like spring will bring more. During the fashion week display of this year’s spring styles, one method of using animal print emerged: patchwork animal print on large pieces and ensembles.

Patchwork animal print is done in two ways. It is either patched together with other prints, such as stripes or monograms, which has already been seen in a small amount. It can also be patched together with other forms of animal print, which emerged slightly at the end of 2012. These were both primarily done on purses, though.

Now, it has been taken to regular clothing. Large pieces are created out of patched together prints, animal print being one that is always used. Shapes and lines are created with the prints themselves as well as the edges of the patches. The result is a great silhouette, great lines, and a great print.


If you are not a fan of animal print, you may as well go ahead and jump on the bandwagon because it looks like this print will be here to stay for a while as fashion seems to be doing more and more with it every season.


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