Diane Lane-Plastic Surgery Rumors

By on March 26, 2014


Ah, Diane Lane. The woman recognized as being one of the most elegant, sophisticated, and downright beautiful woman in the industry- oh, and of course her amazing performance in 2002 movie ‘Unfaithful’. And while the starlet prides herself on being completely plastic surgery free, many wonder if she’s had a few subtle procedures on her face to keep her youthful appearance- and one big procedure, too.


Taking a glance back at younger photos of the brunette bombshell, it is clear that she wasn’t quite ‘blessed’ when it comes to the female chest area. However, if you take a look at more recent pictures of Diane Lane, it is apparent that there may have been a breast implant procedure. I mean, isn’t it rather obvious? She appears to much ‘fuller’ up top while still having a set that complements her height and weight perfectly. If she did in fact get the breast enhancements, they were done one hundred percent correctly (unlike other stars who show up with humungous breasts bigger than their heads).

Diane Lane

When it comes to Diane Lane, many wonder if she is the product of a lady with incredible genes and a great set of beauty products to keep her from aging. Even at her older age, Diane Lane appears with vibrant and youthful skin free of almost any wrinkles. Is she just so incredibly elegant and lovely that wrinkles missed her? Has she taken such good care of her skin that there isn’t even the slightest glimpse of sagging- anywhere? These questions continue to circulate in the Hollywood industry, but Diane Lane is still saying she would never be the product of plastic surgery. In fact, she’s spoken out about plastic surgery on several occasions, stating that she loves her natural face and body and would not even consider getting a procedure. Still, one can only assume there was at least one or two injections to keep her face looking firm and tight.

Whether or not Diane Lane has had plastic surgery is still a mystery. At this point we can only assume that she has had breast implants and maybe one or two other very minor surgeries- so minor we really can’t tell right off the bat. However, we do know this: Diane Lane is an exceptional lady with immense beauty and a classy style we adore and wish to achieve in our lives as well.


Image credit: Ai Aka Ito, Mia


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