Curly Hairstyles

By on February 7, 2013

Curly hair and wavy hair has gotten very popular lately I will say. I absolutely love curly hairstyles. Even if you do not have curly hair, there is a thing called a curling iron. Or even better, hair curlers. You can do so much with curly hair. Here are some of my favorite short, medium and long curly hairstyles and I am going to tell you why.

Medium-Length Curls


This curly hairstyle is so cute to me because of the soft curls and the way it flows towards her face and lays on her shoulders. This hairstyle would be so simple to do. All that would have to be done is, let dry naturally, (if natural curls) and sprayed with a soft and light hairspray. Next just part a little to the side and voila, there ya go. If you just want to curl your hair with curling iron, just curl throughout and add a medium hold spray.

Short and Sweet Curls

Short and Sweet Curls

With this cute and simple short, curly hairstyle, it can be so easy and you can wear your curly hair like this anywhere. Wash hair; add a volumizing hair gel or mousse and dry using a diffuser. Spray with your favorite hairspray and go. Very simple.

Up-Do with Curls


This is one of my favorite up dos especially because of the curls. I love this style because anybody can wear it and it is so easy to do. All you have to do is part your hair however you want it and then gently pull back and clipping any loose pieces that fall, except for the ones in the very front. Very pretty for special occasions or for everyday wear.

Medium, Half Up Curly Style

Half Up Curly Style

This hairstyle is cute and very simple. I love this hairstyle because of the tightness of the curls and the medium length makes it simple to pull half way up. Many types of curls can be done in half-pulled up hairstyles. Use your favorite small clips or use bobby pins. Very simple and very cute!

Long and Elegant Pulled Back Curls

Long and Elegant Pulled Back Curls

This is my favorite look for curly hair. It is so perfect for any, I mean any occasion. With this large curled hairstyle, all you have to do is let dry naturally and when it gets dry, add your favorite shine oil. Make sure it’s just a tad on the ends or it will be oily. Pull back and clip it with one tiny clip. Such a gorgeous hairstyle for the curly haired glitzy woman.

I just absolutely love curly hairstyles. These are just a few of many of my favorite curly hairstyles. If you don’t have curly hair, all you have to do is get a perm that uses large curlers. This will make for a beautiful, big, soft curl look.