Cool Hobbies to Try With Your Boyfriend

By on January 4, 2013

Having separate interests is good when you are in a relationship, but sometimes you need to have things that you can do together in order to survive the long haul. You don’t want to spend your entire life working and living independently from your partner!

Luckily, there are more than a few things that you can do as a couple. You just need to find some interests that you both love. If you are struggling for inspiration, let us give you a little hand!

Why not join a gym together?

It doesn’t even have to be a gym – it couldn’t be any sporting event that you both fancy taking an interest in. You don’t even need to be good at it! Losing weight and bonding a great connection at the same time; what more could any couple want? One great thing that you could try your hand at is rock climbing. It’s manly enough for him to enjoy it and gives a great upper body workout!

Get a golfing buddy!

If sport gives you the chills, why not try your hand at golf? This is a lazy sport when you think about it, but does combine a good outdoorsy game with beer and a golf buggy. Again, you don’t even need to be good at it. Sometimes playing badly and having fun and games on the course is all it takes to rekindle your spark.

Mmmm! Beer!

You like beer. He likes beer. What’s the problem? In fact, you could even do the same with wine. Why not make your own at home? This is a superb hobby for the two of you!

Play Rock Guitar!

Come on! Boys love pretending they are a rock star, so why not try one of the various musical game playing games there are out there! The Wii, the PS3 and even the Xbox has their own take on this fabulous game and you never know, after a while you could even try getting the instruments in “real life” and giving those a bash too!

The thing with trying to find a hobby with your partner is to not take life too seriously. You don’t have to do something “cool” to have fun together – you could even play a game of Scrabble if you really wanted to. It’s just about finding something that you both love and enjoying it together.

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