8 Signs that You Have an Attitude Problem

By on April 8, 2016

Being around someone with an attitude can be a serious hassle; they’ve always got a chip on their shoulder and can’t seem to tame their emotions for longer than five seconds. But what if YOU are the one with the problem? We’ve come up with a list of 8 signs that you, indeed, have an attitude problem- and you may want to do something about it.


  1. Everyone Around You Annoys You

Find yourself being annoyed easily by those around you? Yes, I understand certain individuals can get on your nerves, but if you are more annoyed than not by people, you may have an attitude problem. Pay attention next time you go out- does the person to the left, to the right, behind, and in front of you seem to annoy you without even opening their mouths? Yes, big issue right there.

  1. You Think You’re Always Right

So you find yourself in an argument with someone- big or small- and you simply won’t admit you’re wrong. Hey, even if deep down inside you KNOW you’re wrong, you would never admit to it. Basically it is your way or the highway, and nobody knows right from wrong quite like you do. You are ALWAYS right no matter what the situation and you make it known to those around you. Well, honey, hate to tell you but we are all wrong sometimes- that’s just being a human! We don’t know everything, but if you THINK you do, then that’s another big issue.

  1. You Don’t Compromise

Like I mentioned before, it’s your way or the highway. You don’t compromise about ANYTHING. If you aren’t getting your way you cop an attitude and get frustrated, and you probably just cancel the entire thing. Life needs a little bit of compromising here and there, but if you are simply unable to do that, then you’re probably struggling with a huge attitude problem.


  1. You’re Jealous of Others’ Success

We are supposed to be HAPPY when other people succeed- especially when it happens to someone we are close to! Sure a little bit of jealousy is normal, but your happiness for them should outweigh the jealousy you feel. Hmm, doesn’t sound like you? The thought of your sister getting a date with the hot football player or your best friend landing an extra spot on a new hit movie drives you insane? You suddenly have the urge to dislike them and feel nothing but anger and jealousy? For one, NOT COOL! For two, get help with your attitude problem immediately!

  1. You’re Often Angry

The person who struggles with an attitude issue will find themselves angry. A lot. And they are definitely more angry than they are happy. If you feel you spend the majority of your day pissed off- from the moment you wake up and your mad about the weather or some other small dilemma- then you’re probably fighting with an attitude problem. Remember to smile and be happy! It can really work wonders for your life, and that little issue you’re struggling with.

  1. You Start Fights

You may have heard a friend or two say “We can’t take you anywhere!” And, after the third fight you caused that evening, they’re probably right. Someone with an extreme attitude problem finds themselves in a fight very often; and they are typically the one who starts the fight in the first place. You know that guy that cut you off when you were driving? Yes, everyone gets mad at that. But instead of brushing it off, you feel the need to chase after this guy and give him a mean look or flip a (not so nice) finger his way. They got your coffee order wrong? You don’t just ask for a new one, you throw a fit and cause a scene because they got it wrong. Surely this is a huge attitude problem!


  1. You’re Sarcastic and Cynical

People can’t just talk to you like a normal individual. You’re almost always sarcastic and cynical and after awhile the whole conversation just seems extremely negative and downright unimportant. Sure, a bit of sarcasm is great here and there; but when you’re doing it overboard to where people can’t even hold a conversation with you, that’s a big problem.

  1. People Tell You that You Have an Attitude

Have any of your friends or family members mentioned that you may have an attitude problem? Well, if they have, then they are probably right. After all, these are the people that know you best, and if they’re seeing behavior of someone who has an attitude problem, they are probably going to let you know one way or the other. That’s just life!

So, ladies, do you have an attitude problem? What are you going to do about it?

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