How to be Irresistible to Men

By on January 14, 2016

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to drive men crazy? How to be absolutely irresistible to men? I’m sure you have- every woman has! But how does a woman go from an average, everyday girl to a woman that’s extraordinary and completely irresistible? We’ve come up with a must-know list of the 10 things you can do TODAY to change the way men will look at you forever.


1. Be Confident

Okay, you’ve definitely heard this before: there is nothing sexier than confidence! But it seems like, even though we repeat this statement to every woman we know, it’s just not breaking through the brain barrier. We all know how important and attractive confidence is, but yet we refuse to get rid of our insecurities. Ladies, EMBRACE YOURSELF! We all have flaws, we all have things we don’t like about ourselves; but seriously, let it go. Love yourself. Let your flaws pass to the side and embrace your best features. Walk with confidence and others won’t even notice your ‘down sides’; they will only see a beamingly beautiful woman who is sure of herself and won’t let anyone get her down.

2. Be a Little Mysterious

You don’t need to tell your whole life story during the first conversation you have with a man; let there be a little bit of mystery! I don’t mean hide things from him, but let him figure you out. Let him figure out your story. If you lay it all on the table, there’s nothing left. He won’t have anything to find out or discover about you. Let him in, but only inch him in piece by piece. Men love a woman with a little bit of mystery, so make him work to find out all the details.


3. Have Fun!

You know those girls who think they are ‘too hot’ to have fun? ‘Too good looking’ to be silly? ‘Too cool’ to let loose? Yeah, we all know those girls; and we’re all very annoyed by them. Men like a woman who isn’t afraid to have a sense of humor. Someone who isn’t afraid to be silly or do something totally fun and out of the ordinary. They don’t want to be with someone who is going to want to sit there staring at herself and wonder who’s watching them, they want someone who will go ice skating and not fear falling flat on their butt, someone who will laugh at silly jokes, someone who just knows how to have some good old fashioned FUN!

4. Ditch the Drama

NOTHING turns a guy off more than drama; and we all know how incredibly dramatic females can be. That being said, you can instantly set yourself apart from the crowd and be the lady who is completely drama-free. You’ll be like a dream come true to any man!

5. Don’t Play Games

I certainly don’t like when a man plays games, do you? I’m sure your answer to that question is a big fat NO. If you don’t like when a man plays games with you, then don’t do it to men. Seriously, it’s just not cool. Besides, a woman who is confident with herself doesn’t have the need or desire to play games with a man’s heart. They know what they want and they voice their feelings and opinions. If you’re interested, make it known. If you’re not, tell him. There’s no reason for silly junior high games, especially when you are trying to make yourself irresistible to the male species.

6. Have a Life

Believe it or not, men love it when a woman has a life of her own. They love it when a woman is busy doing her own thing- not too busy to not make time for him though, of course. So have a life of your own, whether that means you work full time, go to school several days a week, or have a hobby that takes up a lot of your time. Men find a busy, productive woman absolutely irresistible- especially because it means she won’t be looking to HIM to fill her time 24/7.


7. Be Womanly

A lot has changed since the 1950s: women are no longer expected to be in the kitchen making meals, unable to pay for anything of their own or even open their own car door. But ladies, even though we have come a long way, it doesn’t mean we can’t be dainty and feminine! Don’t act like you are completely helpless, but don’t act like one of the guys either. Have good posture, dress nice, and don’t cuss or belch in front of men. Act like a lady at all times!

8. Have a Good Personality

Men become interested in a woman from what they see with their eyes: if they see a nice looking woman sitting across the room, they will be drawn to her. But let’s just be honest: a man, most of the time, is only looking to get in the sheets with this woman. At first glance, he isn’t thinking about forming a relationship and possibly marrying this woman and having children one day. All he wants is to see what she looks like without the clothing! But ladies, what’s going to KEEP him interested and take his mind further than appearance is your personality. Be able to talk about interesting things. Have a good sense of humor (men LOVE that). Don’t bore him by talking about yourself or the incessant female drama in your life. Get to know HIM and ask HIM questions. Be nice and charming and sure of yourself. THAT is irresistible.


9. Be Visually Appealing

Okay, we just went over how men are attracted to a woman by what they see. No, I am DEFINITELY not saying you need to walk around with a mini-skirt, high heels, and a v-neck down to your belly button to grab a man’s attention. But you also shouldn’t look frumpy and worn out, either. Take good care of yourself- not just to get a man’s attention, but to feel happy with yourself as well. Eat good foods and exercise often. Wear clothing that fits your style and your body type. Leave something to the imagination! Don’t go crazy on the makeup, but don’t completely dismiss it either; instead, use it to amplify your best features. SMILE all the time!

10. Make Him Work for It

Last but not least, make him work for it- and you know what I mean. A lot of females tend to think that sleeping with a man will ‘seal the deal’, so to speak. They think, “Yeah, this guy likes me. We had a great date! If we sleep together, he will love it so much he will keep coming back for more”. And while there are a few relationships that have stuck together after romping around on the first date, there are far more that ended before they even began. Men love a chase! Make him work for it. Don’t just fall into bed with him on the first night- even though it may be difficult. Let him fall in love with your personality first, and the sex will be one hundred times better.

Do you agree with this list? What do YOU think makes a woman irresistible to men? Let us know!

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