Cheryl Ladd Plastic Surgery

By on April 8, 2014

When it comes to her career, Cheryl Ladd takes her work seriously. As an actress and singer, she has enjoyed success in shows like Charlie’s Angels. Outside of the entertainment industry, Cheryl Ladd has also written books. To have a body and face to match her professional success, Ladd has most likely had plastic surgery in recent years as well. According to plastic surgery experts, she has had a nose job, Botox, and a brow lift. Other procedures that she may have used include a lip enhancement, facelift and eyebrow surgery. At age 62, some of these procedures are necessary to stay competitive in Hollywood. Although the number of procedures may be excessive, the results still appear natural and normal. Although she does not talk about specific plastic surgery procedures, Cheryl Ladd has stated in the past that she finds nothing wrong with plastic surgery.


Facelift and Eyelid Surgery

Cheryl’s toned and youthful skin did not achieve its tightness naturally. Most women who are in their 60s have shaggy and loose skin. In comparison, Cheryl Ladd has skin that appears decades younger. Unless she can magically defy gravity, Cheryl Ladd most likely had a facelift. This procedure would have pulled up any looser skin and tightened the skin around her neck. In addition to this procedure, Cheryl Ladd probably had eyelid surgery. Bags around the eyes and saggy eyelids get worse as people age. An eyelid surgery would allow her to get a fresh appearance and remove visible signs of aging.

Lip Enhancement

To achieve her sultry pout, Cheryl Ladd most likely consulted with a plastic surgeon and had a lip enhancement. This would help to fill and plump up the lips. For Cheryl Ladd, this procedure paid off and looks extremely natural.


Botox and Nose Jobs

Cheryl Ladd probably had a nose job to shape and refine her nose. In her younger photos, her nose appears slightly pig-like. Although this younger nose was cute, Cheryl’s new nose is more refined and classic. In addition to a nose job, Cheryl Ladd probably used Botox to remove fine lines and wrinkles. These injections would make the skin more elastic and youthful looking. Another type of filler injection was probably used on her cheeks to make them plumper. As individuals age, their cheeks become sunken in. Filler injections would reverse this and help Cheryl Ladd achieve a younger appearance. All of these procedures have managed to make Cheryl look decades younger.

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