50 Trendy Box Braids Hairstyles

By on August 3, 2015

Box braids are chic, exotic, practical and stylish. The hairstyle is mostly appropriate for frizzy hair that is difficult to style. However, women with straight hair are free to try it out as well. There are numerous different hairdos you can test, as well as a wealth of color combinations and lengths. Here are 50 of the trendiest box braids styles you should check out for this season.

1. Sleek Bob with Side Parted Fringe

box braid hairstyle_01

via Instagram/mimi_braiding

If you love your sided fringe and you want to keep it, you can do that even if you’re considering box braids. A professional will know exactly how to style your hair so that your fringe remains intact. As for the hairdo, a sleek bun with a parting will definitely turn some heads around.

2. Long Chic Brown Box Braids 

box braid hairstyle_02

via Instagram/cachos_e_trancas

Sometimes the most elegant box braided hairstyle is the natural style. However, if you feel that you need a change, then you could consider dying your hair. A lighter nuance may be exactly what you need for this hot summer season. Creamy brown for example, is fascinating and it will really bring out your natural face features.

3. High Bun with Purple Accents 

box braid hairstyle_03

via Instagram/taytrancinhas

A simple high bun is ideal when it’s hot outside. Make it voluminous and give it a hint of originality with purple accents. This way your braids will appear different and unique.

4. Green Box Braids with Sided Bun

box braid hairstyle_04

via Instagram/trancadasbr

Change is good, especially when you’re aiming for something better. Even though green is not an average hair color, the palette will instantly make your box braids pop. Have the locks tied in a huge bun and let the color shine.

5. Extra Long Ponytail 

box braid hairstyle_05

via Instagram/that_hair_prodigy_andrea

You can never go wrong with an extra long ponytail. Use a strand of hair as a wrapper, and add innovation to the style. For an added effect you could turn the ponytail on one side to make your locks appear more playful.

6. Box Braids with Sided Fringe

box braid hairstyle_06

via Instagram/boxbraidss

This beautiful box braided hairstyle with no parting and a sided fringe looks so romantic and elegant. The roots are almost invisible, and this makes the style appear more uniform and rich. However for the hairdo to look amazing you must have beautifully shaped face features.

7. Half Up-do with Bun and Long Braids

box braid hairstyle_07

via Instagram/bouclebene

If you don’t want tie your braided hair in a bun, you could opt for a half updo, which is mainly defined by long locks at the back and high bun in the front. Simple and effective!

8. Long Box Braids with Oversized Bun

box braid hairstyle_08

via Instagram/boxbraidss

Women with small bony faces should opt for an oversized high bun. Let your box braids define your personality and feel like the most confident women wearing this amazing hairstyle.

9. Silver Box Braids Bun

box braid hairstyle_09

via Instagram/paulareneeperalta

This silvery box braided hairstyle can’t pass unnoticed; although the style is aimed at women who are self-assured and open-minded. Are you one of those free-spirited women eager to try something new? Because if that’s the case this style will fit you like a glove.

10. Oversized French Braid

box braid hairstyle_10

via Instagram/bellemeesh

The combination of box braids with French braids is pretty neat. It will make you appear statuesque. Paired with a long, elegant dress your hair will look amazing. To give the style an extra hint of originality, use a braided strand as a headband.

11. Chic Box Braided Bun with Shaved Sides

box braid hairstyle_11

via Instagram/chrystian.allure

If you’re ready for a big change, then you should give this box braided style a chance. The shaved sides add a lot of drama to the style, not to mention that the top bun will also make an impression.

12. Pin-Up Inspired Box Braid Hairstyle

box braid hairstyle_12

via Instagram/patience_edet

Just because you have braids it doesn’t mean you can’t opt for the pin-up hairstyle. All you have to do to make your locks look neat is to use your imagination. Use a scarf to hold your bun, and to make the hairdo appear complete don’t forget about the rounded fringe in the front.

13. High Updo with Scarf

box braid hairstyle_13

via Instagram/kyssmyhair

Another great idea to style your box braids with a scarf is to wrap it around your head. Use a thicker part on the back and tie a knot in the front. This way your box braided bun will shine at the top.

14. Redhead Box Braids

box braid hairstyle_14

via Tumblr/alwaysqueenbitch

Redheads are hot! But a redhead with braids can look even hotter. Go for a high ponytail and you’ll have the coolest hairstyle.

15. Super Sleek Ballerina Bun

box braid hairstyle_15

via Instagram/thebraidguru

A super sleek ballerina bun is sometimes everything you need to look neat and polished. And believe it or not, box braids can appear incredibly chic. Have your bun lifted as high as possible, and make sure the strands are braided in the same order to add movement to the style.

16. Purple Bob

box braid hairstyle_16via Tumblr/oh-my-jasmin

This beautiful purple bob with hair accessories is ideal for the summer. The color is unique and original, which is exactly what you should aim for to grab people’s attention.

17. Ponytail with Top Knot Bun

box braid hairstyle_17

via Instagram/tupo1

Sometimes a simple ponytail is not enough to make you look gorgeous; but a ponytail with an oversized top knot should do the trick.

18. Low Bob with Side Parted Fringe

box braid hairstyle_18

via Pinterest/prettydesigns

If you’re going out for a romantic dinner, this sided low bob with a parting will instantly turn people’s heads around. Wear the hair with long earrings and your face will appear more beautiful than ever before.

19. Long Box Braids with Mohawk 

box braid hairstyle_19

via Instagram/braidsgang

Long box braids and a mohawk is an excellent hairstyle idea for urban women. Let your locks grab attention and don’t be afraid to stand out; especially if you have a pretty face and a prominent bone structure in the face.

20. Box Braids Hairstyle with Top and Front Bun

box braid hairstyle_20

via Instagram/that_hair_prodigy_andrea

Top buns and front buns can go really well together as long as they’re styled properly. Create some balance and make sure that the front bun is smaller in size; this way your hairstyle will go really well with your make-up and natural face features too.

21. Neat Box Braids

box braid hairstyle_21

via Instagram/bouclebene

Deep black box braids can make you look amazing. Use hair products to add more shine to the locks and the end result will be an impeccable box braids hairstyle. Classic yet effective!

22. Half Updo & Highlights 

box braid hairstyle_22

via Instagram/hairbylucylo

Box braids can be styled in hundreds of different ways. If you already have the braids, but you feel the need to make a change, you could have a few strands dyed in a different nuance. To make the style appear even more interesting, consider a half updo.

23. Extra Long Purple Braids with Top Buns 

box braid hairstyle_23

via Instagram/soranaofficial

Are you ready to wow those around you with your hair? Then maybe you should opt for this crazy box braids hairstyle. If you can’t handle the length, style two buns at the back of the head. This will make the style appear crazy yet at the same time extremely innovative.

24. Long Bob with Middle Parting

box braid hairstyle_24

via Instagram/bouclebene

A longer bob with a middle parting may be exactly what you need to make your box braids appear shinier and more original than ever. Use accessories at the tips to add a hint of originality to the hairdo.

25. Creamy Side Swept Box Braids

box braid hairstyle_25

via Instagram/bouclebene

Women with perfectly shaped heads will love this style. Basically, you have long braids on one side only; the other can easily be shaved. Ingenious yet risky, this hairdo will make those around you go wow!

26. Blonde Box Braids

box braid hairstyle_26

via Instagram/bouclebene

Blonde box braids can look cool too. In fact, this nuance is ideal in women with lighter skin tones. Pair the locks with an urban jacket and brag about your new stylish hairdo.

27. High Ponytail 

box braid hairstyle_27

via Instagram/sueeellenreiner

Braided hair will never go out of fashion; and as long as you style it properly, it will look fresh and neat on a daily basis. Check out this reddish ponytail! It appears to be perfectly constructed and neatly groomed.

28. Blonde Braids with Pink Accents 

box braid hairstyle_28

via Instagram/cazshairbraiding

Blonde and pink, a killer combination! Ordinary hair in this mix can easily go unnoticed; but box braids will grab people’s eye in an instant. Wear the the locks up in a bun, and make sure the pink strands are in plain sight.

29. Blonde with Top Bun and French Braided Side

box braid hairstyle_29

via Instagram/cazshairbraiding

Incredibly sophisticated, this braided style is ideal at a party or formal event. The blend of box braids with one loose French braid adds a lot of elegance to the hairdo.

30. Box Braids & French Braid Mix

box braid hairstyle_30

via Instagram/raliebee

We just can’t get enough of this box braid and French braid blend. In combination with deep pink strands, brunettes will look both elegant and tasteful.

31. Cool Box Braids with Mint Accents 

box braid hairstyle_31

via Instagram/binny_girlthing

These cool box braids look like nothing we’ve seen so far. The color is extremely enticing! From what we can tell from the picture, the dominant hue is light mint; it may appear unusual, but if you want your locks to stand out then this is exactly what you need.

32. Box Braids with Purple & Yellow Accents 

box braid hairstyle_32

via Instagram/taytrancinhas

These box braids are fierce. Look at that amazing purple! In combination with yellow it just dominates the hairstyle. Consider having the hair swept on one side, and wear purple lipstick to make an even bigger impression. Extravagant and courageous, this hairdo will instantly give you a boost of confidence.

33. Box Braids with Chic Shaved Side

box braid hairstyle_33

via Instagram/fefe_braid_hair

Are you ready to have your head shaved? Or at least part of it; this cool braided hairstyle is truly unique. The strands are thin and numerous, which is recommended when you want to have looser, bouncier hair. The right side is completely shaved off, and the hairdo is only suitable to women who are daring and courageous.

34. Triangle Parted Box Braids

box braid hairstyle_34

via besthairbuy

Some may consider that box braiding is easy. But check out this structural hairstyle with a triangle parting! It looks so perfect and complicated at the same time. Only a true professional will be able to braid your hair with so much precision.

35. Box Braids & Jumbo French

box braid hairstyle_35

via Instagram/mluxehair

The larger the braid the sassier the look. This style is chic and classy, but also neat and elegant. If you’re the uptown kind of girl with a weakness for the braided style, the jumbo French braid will certainly turn some heads around.

36. Accessorized Box Braids

box braid hairstyle_36

via Instagram/thenaturalhairnetwork

Box braids are not just meant for women with long, frizzy hair. A braided bob can look chic and elegant too. To make your hairstyle appear sophisticated consider accessorizing the braids with golden threads. This will instantly make your locks appear original and stylish.

37. Braided Mohawk

box braid hairstyle_37

via thristyroots

Now this is quite amazing! Have your hair braided on the sides, and leave the top in its natural form. Give the Mohawk a beautiful shape and style it properly. The hairstyle works perfectly in women with prominent bone structure in the face.

38. Black & Blue with Flowery Headband

box braid hairstyle_38

via Instagram/blu_scents

If you crave glamorous, boho hairstyles then these black and blue box braids will instantly grab attention. The hairdo looks innovative because of the flowery headband; if you have other color preferences, then go for it! Let your hair shine!

39. Super-sized Box Braids

box braid hairstyle_39

via hairnstyleblog

We mentioned that box braids come in a a wealth of styles. Apparently, they feature many different braiding techniques too. These super-sized curled braids are so modern and elegant; they look amazing even though the hairstyle is not complicated at all.

40. High Bun with Undercuts 

box braid hairstyle_40

via hi-iamcurrentlyobsessed

Fabulous box braids tight in a high bun. The fascinating aspects of this hairstyle are on the back. We love the perfect cuts and neatly shaved areas. It gives the hair an overall allure of sophistication and originality.

41. Half Updo with Sided Fringe

box braid hairstyle_41

via Tumblr/bombshellsonly

A half updo with a sided fringe will instantly transform simply braided locks into a stylish, modern hairdo. For an added hint of originality dye a few strands of hair in a lighter nuance.

42. Platinum Blonde Box Braids

box braid hairstyle_42

via refinery29

Platinum blonde is in high demand this season. And it looks like women with frizzy hair love it too. This amazing short braided bob appears so sleek and trendy; it’s definitely because the woman in the photo has the most luscious lips and big blue eyes.

43. Blonde Box Braids with Ponytail

box braid hairstyle_43

via Tumblr/nomediocre

How much do you long blond hair? What about box braids? These two could go perfectly together provided that the hairstyle is neatly done and perfectly assembled.

44. Half Updo & Neat Bob with Long Braids

box braid hairstyle_44

via blackhairinformation

This neat half updo is perfect for the summer. Consider a high bun with loose locks on one side, and pair the hairstyle with a long, flowy dress. Everyone will be impressed!

45. Colorful Box Braids

box braid hairstyle_45

via Tumblr/brown-princess

Colorful box braids are in style this season. Opt for warm, pastel colors and give a twist to your average braided locks. Make yourself appear taller by having the hair tied in a super sized bun.

46. Braided Bun with Shaved Sides

box braid hairstyle_46

via thekinkynewyorker

Are you in the mood for a big change? Then maybe you should consider these cool box braids tied in a high bun. Have the sides shaved to make the style appear sophisticated and elegant.

47. Corn Raw Box Braids

box braid hairstyle_47

via jaliciaharstyles

These super sleek corn raw braids are perfect if you want to opt for a more dramatic braided hairstyle. For an added wow effect, make sure the threads are thinly braided; this way it will be easier to style an elegant ballerina bun at the back of the head.

48. Short Box Braids Bob

box braid hairstyle_48

via devoutfashion

Box braids work really well in women with shorter hair too. Ditch the fringe completely, and keep the length of the hair equal on both sides to add more structure to the face. To complete the look, wear a Fedora hat!

49. Long Thin Box Braids

box braid hairstyle_49

via lovebrownsugar

If you have beautiful long hair, you could opt for this cool braided hairstyle. Make sure the braids are thin, and at the end accessorize the style with an interesting summer hat or urban beanie.

50. Minimalistic Braided Bun

box braid hairstyle_50

via headquartersforhair

This super stylish braided bob is ideal for business women. Neat and chic, the arrangement of the braids is meant to give opulence to the locks. Wear it with office attire and feel like the most confident woman in the company.

Box braids are cool, stylish and elegant. It will be impossible to ignore a woman rocking box braids on the street, especially if the length, style or color are unusual. As the owner of the most amazing frizzy hair, you should definitely consider a braided hairstyle that can complement your face features. Be bold show the world how innovative you can be. Out of the 50 amazing styles we’ve presented above, which one is your favorite?


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