40 Big Box Braids Styles

By on December 7, 2015

Box braids are cool, hip and trendy. Women with frizzy hair are the luckiest, because they get to wear the most interestingly-looking braids. There are numerous styles and hair colors they can pick to make them noticed; however, the most appreciated trend of the season is centered on jumbo braids, also known as big box braids. Here are 40 amazing ideas to inspire you.

1. Big Braids with High Pony Tail

big box braids_01

Big box braids are phenomenal! Choose to be bold and make an impression on your friends and family with this cool hairdo. A high pony tail will make you look taller and more confident than ever. To create an even more daring effect, use colorful hair clips. The final hairstyle will instantly grab people’s attention.

2. Jumbo Braids in a Bun

big box braids_02

Keeping your big box braids under control can be a challenge. The solution – an over-sized ballerina bun. Keep thing structural and make sure the bun doesn’t exceed the size of your head. Enjoy the hairstyle and be proud of your voluminous, frizzy hair.

3. Big Braids & Front Bun Combo

big box braids_03

If you’re a fan of the high bun, but you don’t want to put up all your hair, you can opt for this fabulous half updo. Use the top half of the braids to make a front bun, and leave the bottom half run loose of your shoulders.

4. Green Jumbo Braids

big box braids_04

Let your wild side come to the surface and go for a change in hair color. Be bold and go green! Let your jumbo braids get all the attention, and make sure they stand out with this cool and hip hair color. Be careful with the make up; your hair is colorful enough, so you might want to keep things sleek and simple.

5. Dark Brown & Blonde Big Box Braids

big box braids_05

And since we were just talking about changes in hair color, how about mixing it up? Blend dark brown with blonde and your big box braids will feature a duo effect. To make the hairdo seem even more appealing, fold your braids in a top bun and you will stand out for sure.

6. Big Box Braided Mohawk 

big box braids_10

This stylishly braided mohawk is stunning. Wear it on a daily basis or at any party you’d like and people will notice you. The hairdo is made from a front braided bun and two braided pony tails on the sides. The wow effect is guaranteed is you pair the hairstyle with a cool pair of sunglasses.

7. Over-Sized Beehive

big box braids_09

Big box braids can be styled in so many different ways. However if you want to make an impression and stand out, you should definitely consider a super sleek beehive bun. It’s hip and chic, and it will transform any dull outfit into a show-stopper.

8. Spiral Jumbo Braids

big box braids_08

Spiral jumbo braids are an ideal alternative to conventional box braids. They’re cool and stylish, and they’ll surely bring out your natural facial features. The hairdo is perfect if you have longer hair; although it should work just as well on women with medium-length hair.

9. Red Jumbo Bun & Shaved Sides

big box braids_07

Check out these amazing big box braids. That red color is absolutely gorgeous! It comes with a fuchsia allure that will definitely change your overall appearance. On top of everything, the hairdo features side cuts, which an extra touch of originality.

10. Big Box Braids with Undercuts

big box braids_06

Undercuts have always managed to entice. If you’re a fan of big box braids but you want yours to make an impression, opt for an ingenious bun with perfectly trimmed undercut. The structural shaves give the hairdo a tribal effect that’s just really cool and hip.

11. Deep Purple Jumbo Braids

big box braids_11

Deep purple with accents of burgundy is a nuance that can’t go unnoticed. The spiral box braids are flawlessly made, and they actually frame the face pretty well too. This stunning hairstyle is perfect for women with medium-length and long hair; so if you feel like it’s time for a change, you should start with a change in hair color.

12. Big Box Braids with an Ombre Effect

big box braids_12

Box braids have managed to win the hearts of African American women because they’re really easy to maintain, and they look fabulous too. Jumbo braids in particular, have the power of making an impression due to their over-size. If you have them already, but you’d like to add a twist to your current style, try mixing two different hair nuances for an extra wow effect.

13. Medium-Length Box Braids

big box braids_13

Even if you have medium-length hair, there are still ways to get box braids. In fact, the hairstyle is recommended because it will emphasize your features. To give a little extra something to the hairdo, opt for a front bun. Your overall look will scream originality and ingenuity.

14. Purplecious Big Box Braids

big box braids_14

Purple is not the most common hair color. However it is the type of color that will get you noticed. If that’s what you want, then you should definitely get purple box braids. Have them over-sized and top off the look with a front beehive bun. The final hairdo will appear fabulous.

15. Black/Gray Big Box Braids

big box braids_15

Add a touch of gray to your black box braids and make yourself noticed. Style your braids in a romantic updo and leave just a few strands run loose on your shoulders. The hairdo works excellent if you have long, beautiful braids.

16. High Bun & Side Bangs

big box braids_20

Be playful with your jumbo braids and consider this cool high bun with a side fringe. It looks so sleek and original! To make the hairdo appear even more striking, use a colorful hair band to tie the bun.

17. Gray Box Braids

big box braids_19

Gray hair is the new trend of the season. It has a special vibe that will instantly grab attention. Mix it with your natural hair color, and have the braids curled not braided. Make sure they have an over-size shape, just to add even more emphasis on the striking hair nuance.

18. Black Braids & Front Bun

big box braids_18

Voluminous hair can be tough to manage. If you want to keep your big box braids under control, then this hairdo is exactly what you need. The top half is tied in a front bun, while the bottom half remains untouched. The final hairstyle is both sleek and modern.

19. Goddess-Like Jumbo Braids

big box braids_17

How can you not like classic, neat jumbo braids? The longer your hair is the better your braids will look. Have the them rolled not braided and they’ll look magnificent. For an added effect, get a middle parting and make your hairdo appear more structural.

20. Side-Swept Big Box Braids

big box braids_16

Give a new shape to your classic box braids by considering a side-swept hairdo. Basically, your braids will be constructed to shape only one side of your head. The style is an ideal choice when you’re trying to mix things up without going overboard.

21. Light Brown Jumbos

big box braids_21

Light brown is such a soothing hair color. When you have braids, the intensity of the hue is enhanced. To make the hairdo seem even more striking, use a couple of braids to make a long side fringe. It will frame your face so much better.

22. Over-sized Beehive Bun

big box braids_22

The beehive bun is quite common among women with box braids. However, the hairstyle is not suitable for all women. In order to look good, you have to have a beautiful, well-proportioned face. If you’re cheeky, try to avoid it.

23. Half Updo Bun

big box braids_23

Half updos are incredibly romantic. Basically, you have a bun and a loose braids which gives your hairstyle an added wow allure. The hairstyle is suitable on any occasion. However, if you heading to a fancy party, just make sure to accessorize your hair with nude, sleek make-up.

24. Braided Mohawk & Fish Tail

big box braids_24

Sometimes all you need to make an impression is an over-sized box braid with a mohawk. The style is suitable for an extravagant party, although if you’re a sophisticated gal you can wear it on a daily basis too.

25. Big Black Box Braids & Red Hints

big box braids_25

Make your big box braids stand out with hints of red. Only color a few strands in a different color and keep the black as a dominant color. Everyone will sense the difference!

26. Lavender Jumbo Braids

big box braids_30

Lavender is not the most common hair color for box braids. Fortunately, this season is all about unusual hair nuances. Color your box braids in this fabulous hue and give your style the extra edge it needs to stand out.

27. Pastel Pink Jumbo Braids & High Bun

big box braids_29

We love pastel colors because they’re incredibly enticing. Choose to be different and opt for light pink box braids. Top off the look with a front bun and you’ll certainly make an impression on everyone.

28. Deep Black Bun

big box braids_28

Big box braids colored in a really deep black color are truly appealing. To emphasize even more on the color make sure the braids are big and equally styled. Wear the hairdo up in a cool ballerina bun and accessorize your outfit with a boho necklace. You look lovely already!

29. High Pony Tail & Gradual Box Braids

big box braids_27

Big box braids are versatile, easy to wear and incredibly stylish. They complement beautifully any type of outfit. Be bold and get yourself big box braids with a gradual effect. Basically, the style involves over-sized braids at the roots and thinner at the tips.

30. Twisted Bun

big box braids_26

This twisted high bun is such a romantic hairdo for women with big box braids. To make sure your hairdo matches with your face, ensure the bun is not bigger than your face. There has to symmetry in order for the locks to look chic and sleek.

31. Platinum Blonde Big Box Braids

big box braids_31

Platinum blonde box braids are striking. If you want your hairstyle to stand out even more, swipe all your hair on one side, and have the other shaved. The final cut will look hip, urban and fabulous.

32. Fuchsia Braids

big box braids_32

Style your big box braids in the craziest ways and consider this striking fuchsia hair color. The nuance will instantly draw people’s attention, thus putting you and your extravagant sense of style in the center of attention.

33. Extra Long Braids

big box braids_33

Women with delicate features should try big box braids at least once in their lives. The hairstyle in the picture above is truly enticing. Those long, beautiful braids compliment perfectly the woman’s gorgeous face and the body.

34. Sophisticated Big Box Braids

big box braids_34


When neatly braided and carefully styled, box braids get a sophisticated vibe that we absolutely adore. Check out the hairdo in the picture above. It’s exquisite! To cut back on the volume, use the top half for a loose side fringe. The final hairstyle will be an instant show-stopper.

35. Over-Sized Beehive with a Tribal Effect

big box braids_35

Over-sized beehive hairstyles are truly appealing. If you want to make yourself appear taller and more sophisticated, this hairdo should do the trick. Use tribal-inspired hair accessories to make your locks seem even more intriguing, and everyone will appreciate your unusual but beautiful sense of style.

36. Black Braids with Purple Accents

big box braids_40

Add a hint of color to your black box braids and go purple. If you’re not looking to make a big change, just have a few strands painted in deep purple. The smooth blend will restore your confidence and you’ll feel more attractive than ever.

37. Braids in a Braid

big box braids_39

Have you ever thought of braiding your big box braids into a giant braid? This hairdo idea is excellent when you’re trying to adopt a more elegant attitude.

38. Dark Brown & Light Brown Braids

big box braids_38

Change the color of your big box braids and give your hairstyle an extra edge. Blend dark brown with a lighter nuance and keep your braids as organized as possible. The final result will be a polished look that will turn some heads around for sure.

39. Big Jumbo Braids with a Side Parting

big box braids_37

Side partings are a great idea when you want to add structure to your face. Big box braids in particular have a boho vibe that’s just eclectic. We love the way they bounce up and forth, especially if you have long hair. A parting on the side will make the hairstyle appear more elegant and sophisticated.

40. Braided Topknot Bun 

big box braids_36


A beautifully braided topknot is just what you need in the summer days. It’s tough to keep those big braids under control when it’s so hot outside; which means it’s definitely a good idea to get inspired and try out this cool hairdo.

There are lots of hairstyling ideas for women with big box braids. Whether you’d like to change your color or just find cool ways to style your hair, the above picture should serve as inspiration. Use them to make yourself noticed!


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