40 Individual Braids Styles

By on December 8, 2015

Have you ever thought of protecting your hair from external damage, or at least do something to speed up the growing process? Give your locks a break and make it look and feel healthier with individual braids. There are numerous cool styles you can opt for. Starting from the most extravagant jumbo braids all the way to the coolest corn row braids, the variety of such hairdos is endless. Here are 40 breathtaking individual braids hairstyles to try out.

1. Long Blonde Individual Braids

individual braids_04

Make a change for this winter season and get blonde braids. The hairstyle will instantly draw people’s attention. For an added effect, turn them on one side. All eyes will be on you! The longer the hair the better. If your hair is shorter, now it would be the perfect time to get extensions too.

2.  Sexy Corn Rows

individual braids_05

Sexy corn row braids are great when you’re trying to protect your hair from external damage. The style is sleek and neat, and it works perfectly on women with short, medium and long hair. And since you’re making such a bold move, why not dye your hair too?

3. Over-sized Beehive & Shaved Sides

individual braids_01

Individual braids are hip, cool and stylish. To make yours stand out, have them colored in a striking nuance. Then tie them in a beehive bun and shave the sides. The final hairdo will look unusual, but you will be admired for your original sense of style.

4. Black & Green Individual Braids

individual braids_02

Striking green is not the most common color for your braids. And yet if you’re trying to get out of your comfort zone and make a real change, this is exactly what you should do. Have your braids twisted not braided in a classical way, and make sure they’re over-sized to make the hairdo appear even more impressive.

5. Classic Brown Individual Braids

individual braids_03

Sometimes the easiest way to stand out is to stick to the simplest hairstyle. Classic individual braids can be extremely appealing when styled properly. Give your braids a slight change of color at the tips, just to draw a bit more attention. To bring all the emphasis on the face, turn your braids on one side to highlight your beautiful facial features.

6. Boho Chic Braids

individual braids_06

Get individual braids with a middle parting, and use hair accessories to give the hairdo a boho-chic vibe. Don’t do anything else to the braids, and the final look will scream originality, freshness and good taste in hairstyling.

7. Purple Braids

individual braids_07

Don’t you just love unusual hair colors? This season purple is a must-have. The color is striking and bold, which might just be what you need to get back your confidence and feel like the most beautiful and appealing woman on the planet.

8. Medium-Length Individual Braids

individual braids_08

Box braids are meant for women with all types of hair. Whether yours is short or long, there are still ways to get them and make them look good on you. Medium-length braids in particular, are excellent if you have a small face. The style will bring out your features, and it will make you look modern and hip.

9. Light Brown Braids

individual braids_09

Light brown in a shinier, more striking version can actually bring out your innovative sens of style. Get your individual braids dyed in this nuance, and it will instantly transform a dull look into a cool one. Wear your braids loose on the shoulders, and they’ll definitely grab all the attention.

10. Individual Braids in a Bun

individual braids_10

Buns are a great idea for a hairstyle when you don’t want your hair to get in the way of your dancing moves, or you just want people to admire your beautiful face. Make sure yours is high (close to the front) and try not to make it bigger than your face.

11. Individual Braids & Hair Clips 

individual braids_11

Use metallic hair clips to make your individual braids look better and more stylish. Use the clips at the roots or at the tips, and complement the look with additional accessories, such as earrings, necklaces or piercings.

12. Voluminous Braids

individual braids_12

Big braids are excellent when you have a small, delicate head and prominent facial features. Embrace your raw beauty and ditch the make-up. Let your individual braids grab all the attention and let them bounce loose.

13. Messy Bun

individual braids_13

A messy but cool hairdo is just what you need to help you embrace your free-spirited personality. Tie them in a bun and don’t pay too much attention to shape. Let your braids frame your face and use light make-up to emphasize on your cheerful personality.

14. Lilac Individual Braids

individual braids_14

Change your hair color entirely and opt for the most striking nuance – lilac. The hue is truly enticing, and when paired with box braids it will really pop out. For an added wow effect, get a side fringe. Your final hairdo will look elegant and stylish.

15. Braids & Over-sized Bun

individual braids_15

Redefine your braids and get a topknot. Don’t make it too high, and loosen up the braids on the sides. This will give your hairdo a romantic allure that you’ll absolutely adore.

16. Corn Rows & Mohawk Inspired Braids

individual braids_16

Corn rows are an excellent hairstyling idea when your goal is to protect your locks. To make the hairdo appear modern and hip, get a middle mohawk. Don’t tame with the length of the braids, and let them run loose on the back.

17. Braided Pony Tail & Undercuts

individual braids_17

Are you tired of your individual braids but you don’t want to ditch the hairstyle? Well then you might like to try out a high pony tail with undercuts. The hairdo appears urban-like and truly stylish; which is just what you need to get out of anonymity.

18. Black Braids with Purple Insertions 

individual braids_18

Make your braids stand out by changing the color. There’s no need to dye all your locks. A few purple braids here and there will be enough to give your style a fresh vibe.

19. Individual Braids with Curled Tips

individual braids_19

Add a twist to your classic black braids by curling the tips. The hairdo is simple to do; all you need is a curling iron and some hair spray. The final result will be a style that’s new and truly enticing.

20. Linear Corn Rows & Braided Mohawk 

individual braids_20

Now this is a hairstyle that we absolutely adore! Those beautifully layered corn rows go perfectly with the braided mohawk. The hairdo is ideal if you’re going to a fancy party and you’d like to keep your individual braids under control.

21. Triple Bun & Corn Rows 

individual braids_21

Have your hair styled in the most ingenious corn rows, and opt for a triple bun at the top. The style fits women with individual micro braids, and it should make you stand out instantly.

22. Colorful Individual Braids

individual braids_22

Add more color to your individual braids and make them pop. Go for a soothing blend of blonde, green and pastel purple. The combination will look fierce. For an added effect, a side parting is advised. It will emphasize even more on your features.

23. Reddish Braids

individual braids_23

Sleek reddish braids are ideal in the cold season. Burgundy red in particular, can be extremely soothing. Don’t do anything else to your hairstyle, and let your braids complement your face, luscious lips and mesmerizing eyes.

24. Purple Topknot 

individual braids_24

An over-sized purple topknot made from individual braids will surely turn some heads around. Don’t do anything to the bottom half of your braids and place them neatly on your shoulders. The final updo will appear romantic, original and extremely appealing.

25. Twisted Individual Braids & Topknot

individual braids_25

Twisted braids are a much more sophisticated version of classic braids. Style yours in a topknot and be proud of your hairstyle. The bigger the bun the more attention it will draw, so you might want to keep that in mind when starting the process.

26. Duo Pony Tails 

individual braids_26

Sometimes a single pony tail is just not enough to draw attention. Two pony tails however, will make an impression for sure. Your individual braids will look better than ever, especially if you’re going for a slight change of color too.

27. Twisted Bun & Pony Tail

individual braids_27

A twisted bun and a pony tail on the back is the type of hairstyle that’s meant to make you noticed. This hairdo in particular, is quite spectacular. The bun is longer on the back, and it eventually becomes a pony tail. It’s such a cool hairstyle to try out.

28. Braided Beehive Bun & Shaved Sides

individual braids_28

Shaving your head can be a tough decision. Fortunately, the styling is in trend this season; which means seeing other women get it will encourage you to try it out as well. If you have individual braids, you could tie them in an over-sized bun and have the bottom half of your head shaved completely.

29. Front Bun & Undercuts

individual braids_29

If you’re not really into shaving your head, you could at least try undercuts. Keep your individual braids up in a front bun, and have your sides trimmed as short as possible. You can always hide the trims by letting your braids loose.

30. Individual Micro Braids & Ombre Effect

individual braids_30

Add an ombre effect to your individual micro braids and opt for a blend of dark and light brown. There are other nuances you can choose, however this mix in particular looks natural and effortless. A must-have for this season!

31. Medium-Length Braids and Messy Updo

individual braids_31

Messy updos are in style right now. To get this hairstyle, all you need to do is tie a few braids on the back. Don’t do anything else, and let your braids frame your face. You’ll love the freshness!

32. Twisted Individual Braids with a Curled Effect

individual braids_32

Give a curled effect to your twisted braids and make them pop. To obtain this hairstyle you need to use a curling iron. Then turn your braids on one side to make them appear more romantic and you’re done. Enjoy those bouncy braids!

33. Sleek Individual Braids

individual braids_33

Sleek individual braids are best achieved when using the twisted braiding technique. It’s more modern and stylish, and it will give your hairdo a more elegant allure.

34. Black & Brown Braids

individual braids_34

Add some hints of brown to your black braids and enjoy the end result. Changing colors and going for a slightly lighter shade will soften your features, which is just what you need when you have beautiful big eyes and luscious lips.

35. Medium Length Braids & Topknot

individual braids_35

Make your individual braids pop with a topknot in a different color. Make sure you’ve chosen a similar color. For example, if you have black braids, choosing mahogany brown for the topknot is an ideal choice. Don’t forget to smile, you look beautiful!

36. Long Curled Braids

individual braids_36

To make your long individual braids curly you need to make them thinner. Micro braids for example, are an excellent idea. This way styling them and giving them a bouncy wavy effect will be a lot easier.

37. Medium Length Braids with Curly Tips

individual braids_37

We love individual braids that are also wavy because they transform a common look into a fabulous look. Curl up your tips and give your braids a fresh modern allure.

38. Side Swept Braids 

individual braids_38

Are you in a hurry and you don’t have time for a sophisticated hairdo? Well then this braided style doesn’t take more than 5 minutes. To get it, you need to turn your locks on one side. Use hair clips on the back to keep the braids in place, and you’re done.

39. Braided Mohawk & Sleek Rows

individual braids_39

Maybe it’s time for your individual braids to get an upgrade. A sleek mohawk for instance, should do the trick. On the sides, get geometric corn rows and the end result will wow everyone around you.

40. Individual Jumbo Braids

individual braids_40


Jumbo braids are incredibly stylish, especially when dyed in a cool color such as lilac. Let your hair make an impression and go for this fabulous hairdo. Make sure your jumbos are twisted. They’ll look a lot more modern and chic.

Individual braids can be styled in many different ways. Whether you’ve decided to tie yours in a bun or swipe them on a side, there has to be a hairdo to exceed your expectations. We’ve presented 40 of the best. Which one would you like to try out first?

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