50 Goddess Braids Hairstyles

By on December 8, 2015

Goddess-like braids are aimed at women with both medium length and long hair. The hairstyle is extremely appealing and bold, and it is recommended if you want to make an impression. Such astounding box braids will refresh your sense of style, and it will make your personality and character stand out from the crowd. Here are 50 amazing goddess braids hairstyle you should try out.

1. Deep Brown Jumbo Braids

goddess braids hairstyle_01

These jumbo braids are long, thick and shiny. They are done on large square parted sections of hair so that the hair can withstand the weight of the braids. They’re thick at the base and thin at the ends to make them resemble carrots.Truly fashionable to say the least!

2. Layered Box Braid Bob

goddess braids hairstyle_02

This hair style has been expertly made into a neck length layered bob. The box braids are individually planted unlike crocheted ones. A small portion of the hair is left to hang loose on one side of the face with the bulk swept to the other side. It gives an impression of innocence and it will make you look a couple of years younger.

3. Long Pencil/Carrot-Like Box Braids

goddess braids hairstyle_03

This hair style looks quite trendy. The length and thickness enhances the stylishness of the hair style.  The locks is loosely tied right on the crown then left to fall freely right round the head in a chic style.  As for the braids, these are box braids suitable for both work or play.

4. Jumbo Black Corn Rows

goddess braids hairstyle_04

Known by different names, this traditional African way of grooming hair is created in simple straight lines resembling rows of corn in a field. The rows are easy to maintain and can be long-lasting if well cared for. This style is possible on any type of hair .

5. Cork Screw Twists 

goddess braids hairstyle_05

This is one of the funkiest hair styles around and made to resemble a cork screw, hence the name. These bouncy thick layered screws are exquisite and the beads inserted add on to the interesting look. They can be made to look spikier to stress their beauty.

6. Medium-Length Havana Twist

goddess braids hairstyle_06

The loose hanging Havana twists are easy to learn and DIY and are done with marley hair. The Havana twist hides the section where the natural hair meets the extension and this gives it them the impression of being natural. Although these are medium sized, Havana twists are normally very thick.

7. Careless Twist Bun

goddess braids hairstyle_07

This careless bun style gives a twist to your twists. Twists keep for long and promote growth of hair but preserving the same style everyday can be a bore; which means the bun can be a welcome change. It can be near the forehead or a bit further back but still look classy.

8. Kinky Marley Twist

goddess braids hairstyle_08

This long and black kinky twist is done beautifully. It is done using styled braids which are pre-separated for speed. The kinky twist shows clearly where the natural hair is attached to the extension because of the twisting style. This twist is normally thinner than the Havana twist but no less chic.

9. Kinky Twist in a Bun

goddess braids hairstyle_09

This is an elegant style with a combination of a kinky twist made into a bun with some free falling twists at the back. The braids color combines well with the style and makes the hairdo suitable for different occasions. This is a style which mixes perfectly with any type of dressing.

10. Green Braids

goddess braids hairstyle_10

The length and black/green color of these box braids make them very stylish. Box braids are chic but the combination gives the style a refined look. This type should be put on hair which is long to ensure they don’t fall off quickly. They tend to be heavy and hot.

11. Loose-Ended Braids with Undercut

goddess braids hairstyle_11

This is a cool style for the young and the young at heart. The long box braids are styled into a bun on top of the head with some left to fall freely at the back. The hair on the sides and back of the head is styled in a chic undercut.

12. Long Sleek Braids

goddess braids hairstyle_12

This hair style looks quite trendy. The length and thickness enhances the stylishness of the hair style. Additionally, the color combination of black and deep blonde complement each other to warrant a second or third look. These long box braids are suitable for most occasions, whether its work or play.

13. Banana/Ghana Braids

goddess braids hairstyle_13

This type of braid resembles the corn rows except that this starts thin and gets thicker. The banana braid can hang loose at the back or can be cut short but this loose one accentuates the beauty of it. This particular hairstyle also leaves the soft baby hair at the front to give an innocent look.

14. Top-Coiled Long Box Braids

goddess braids hairstyle_14

Box braids generally a popular and chic up-do, but coiling the top section of the braids and leaving the ones around the head free falling is very elegant. The medium sized braids are excellently done and with this unique twist, the simplicity creates something skilfully refined.

15. Spiral Buns

goddess braids hairstyle_15

The creation of double spirals with the medium sized but long box braids is daring but exceptional. This is nothing short of a statement look. The way the spirals are piled on the head would add extra inches while the loose, long back braids completes the stagey look to perfection.

16. Long Neat Locks

goddess braids hairstyle_16

Sometimes called fake/ faux locks, this hairdo is fancy. The thick long locks almost look natural even though they are planted in same way as braids are. The deep plum color is so rich that it looks almost black and makes the entire look undoubtedly fetching.

17. Pull & Tie Box Braids

goddess braids hairstyle_17

This simple style looks very elegant but all it involves is loosely pulling the braids to the top of the head and tying them loosely then allowing the ends to hang around your face. The thickness of the braids ensures that the style holds for as several hours. You can use pins.

18. Long Thick Goddess Braids

goddess braids hairstyle_18

This is just one of the many variations to enjoy with box braids. The braids are parted on one side and left to hang on the right shoulder. Though quite plain, it is undoubtedly one of the favoured ways of wearing your long braids. It is also among the easiest to style.

19. Thick Top-Coiled Long Braids

goddess braids hairstyle_19

Coiling thick braids on top of your head and leaving the ones on the sides of the head free creates a striking image. Thick braids are not very easy to manipulate butthis will look so good that it is worth every second.Long braids promote imagination!

20. Ghana Braid

goddess braids hairstyle_20

Common to most African countries, the Ghana braid is called by different names like carrot, Cherokee corn row etc. The making requires more skill than ordinary corn rows as you need to start with very thin hair and add on until you reach the desired thickness. You can make them long or short.

21. Cool Box Braid Bun

goddess braids hairstyle_21

The box braid bun is always chic but more so with this one, slightly favoring one side of the head with loose hanging brains on the other. The bun has been pulled forward to rest on the edge of the forehead to give a daring, unique look absent from most buns.

22. Center Parted Braids

goddess braids hairstyle_22

This black and very long hairstyle exudes elegance. The braids were done by and experienced professional, judging from the beautiful braiding and the expertly done parting at the centre, which adds to the allure whether the brains are hanging loose or are styled.  Additionally, the braids’ almost reach the bum to accentuate the elegance.

23. Crocheted Box Braided Bun

goddess braids hairstyle_23

This type of braid is sold pre-made and is very easy to DIY using a crocheting hook, after you plait corn rows on natural hair. With this particular style, the box braids have been brought to the top of the head into a chic coil leaving no free falling braids.

24. Pony Tailed Goddess Braids

goddess braids hairstyle_24

Sassiness is beautifully brought out by these medium sized long and black box braids. The ends have been carrot –ended to look as natural as possible. The pony tail, let loose to cover one side of the face and the baby hair left out on the other side complements the braids beautifully.

25. Loosely Tied Braids

goddess braids hairstyle_25

Liveliness is highlighted by theses box braids which are medium sized and very long. Their ends are carrot or pencil-ended and this makes them look close to natural. They were made with shiny black braids and a handful is loosely tied to one side then allowed to fall at the back with the rest.

26. Coiled Goddess Braid with Flip

goddess braids hairstyle_26

These are done by an expert hand with their length and the combination of black and that light brown colour adding on to the loveliness. The coil is placed towards the back of the head and a neat flip covers part of the forehead and leaves loose braids hanging at the back. Nice!

27. Care-Free Long Box Braids

goddess braids hairstyle_27

The braids create an ‘I wouldn’t care less’ look and therein lies their beauty. They appear as if they have just been left to go whichever way, as if a giant hand pulled at them then let go. They’re obviously very heavy but the styling; or lack thereof, gives an impression of lightness.

28. Poetic Justice Goddess Braids

goddess braids hairstyle_28

So called from the time Janet Jackson spotted the look in the movie of the same name. Poetic justice box braids are long and thick and are plaits with a firm grip on fashion. Celebrities love this stylish hair do and it never lets you down, no matter the occasion.

29. Twin Buns

goddess braids hairstyle_29

This hair-do creates a look that mixes innocence and sassiness. The front section of the thick and long, black box braids is divided and creatively coiled into twin buns, one on each side of the head. Some of the braids are left to loosely hang at the back for a touch of elegance.

30. Tucked-In Pony Tail

goddess braids hairstyle_30

The tucked in pony-tail starts with the famous and timeless box braids. These ones are medium sized and long enough to create a pony-tail loosely tucked into the tied part to create a unique coil. To ensure that the natural hair is not damaged, the coil is loose but stylish regardless.

31. Careless High Bun

goddess braids hairstyle_31

This style uses a high bun created from thick box braids and looks messy though chic. The thick and black braids have a slight deep blond tint that adds on to the stylishness which is somehow emphasized by the seemly care less way the braids have been pulled up and the bun made.

32. Faux Dreads

goddess braids hairstyle_32

These artificial deadlocks are a way to maintain your hair without constant combing and styling. Unlike the natural locks, this type is attached in a similar way as braids are and can be styled as well. They come in varying degrees of thickness and lengths and you can get the most chic colours.

33. Fake Locks

goddess braids hairstyle_33

Dreadlocks are created by matting hair and are common among African hair though some with Caucasian hair have attempted it. The fake ones are made using artificial and pre-matted hair and attached same as braids and styled similarly too. The key to beautiful locks is maintenance even though they naturally have an unkempt look.

34. Medium-Size Corn Rows & Ghana Braid

goddess braids hairstyle_34

Corn rows are forever fashionable. They are a neat way of ensuring your hair takes a break and can last for three to four weeks if well maintained. They are easy to make and you can even DIY. This unique hairdo combined the simpler corns with Ghana braiding on the other side of the head.

35. Crocheted Goddess Braids

goddess braids hairstyle_35

These are the perfect alternative for those who do not want to sit for many hours having braids implanted. Only a well experienced eye can tell the difference and you can style them in similar ways. The corn rows underneath ensure your hair is safe from scratching and other hair ills.

36. Asymmetrical Box Braid Bob

goddess braids hairstyle_36

This is one of the funkiest box braids styles. The braids are layered to create a bob and the ends are slightly burnt to ensure they do not run. The loose layered braids have been pulled forward to partially cover the face and reveal the baby hairs on the other side.

37. Center-Parted Plum Box Braids

goddess braids hairstyle_37

This style of box braids always beautiful and if as expertly made as this one, can make you the envy of many. The plum colour of the braids makes them very elegant and the addition of the beads makes the style a lot more interesting. Unlike black, the nuance dictates the color of your clothing.

38. High Bun & Goddess Side Braids

goddess braids hairstyle_38

Box braids generally a popular and chic up-do, creating a high bun close to the forehead and leaving the ones around the head free falling is very chic. The thick braids are expertly done and with the carrot or pencil ends, the simplicity creates skilfully refined.

39. Yarn Rope Twist

goddess braids hairstyle_39

Yarn is believed to be kindest to your natural hair among all the extension types. With this cool style created from sweeping the twist completely to one side of the face, you can go any-place. The thick curls at the ends highlight the overall beauty of the style.

40. Bobbed Faux Locks

goddess braids hairstyle_40


The beauty of hair extensions lie in the various styles you can implement. These artificial locks have been expertly made into a neck length bob created from the locks on the sides of the hair. The centre has been brought up into a snug bun which makes this hairdo unique.

41. Long Braids with Ombre Effect

goddess braids hairstyle_41

Make your goddess like braids stand out with a hint of color. Ombre for instance, is a cool nuance that will instantly pop up. If your braids are black, then make an impression with a gray/white ombre hairdo.

42. Senegalese Twist

goddess braids hairstyle_42

Give a cool twist to your box braids and opt for a chic braided front bun. Only use the top half of the hair, and leave the other half loose. Top off with nude make-up and you will look stunning.

43. White Yarn Braids

goddess braids hairstyle_43

These cool yarn braids dyed white are spectacular. If you’re in the mood for a bold change in hair color, then this is exactly what you need to do. Wow your friends and get it done now. You’ll love the style!

44. Goddess Braids with Shaved Sides

goddess braids hairstyle_45

If you love box braids, have delicate feature and a perfectly round head, then you need to opt for this cool hairstyle. Shave one side of the head and leave the other packed with goddess braids. You’ll look so hip and stylish!

45. Lilac Goddess Braids

goddess braids hairstyle_46

Swipe your box braids on the back and dye them in lilac purple. The new style will not just turn some heads; it will wow everyone around you. Feel confident and chic, and let this hairdo do all the work for you.

46. Side Swept Braid with Funky Twist

goddess braids hairstyle_47

Change the allure of your current box braids and give them an edgier appeal with a side swept funky braid. This style won’t take more than 10 minutes to complete, and it is ideal on any occasion.

47. Classic Goddess-Like Locks

goddess braids hairstyle_48

Wear your goddess-like braids in the most classical way and get a side parting for an added effect. Ditch the bangs and let this hairdo bring out your soft, delicate features. This hairstyle is ideal if you want to keep things neat and simple.

48. Over-Sized Beehive Bun

goddess braids hairstyle_49

Tie your goddess braids in a beehive bun and own it! To give the style an extra allure, make sure i’s bigger than your face. Give it a beautiful, round shape and you will be noticed everywhere you go.

49. Dark Brown Loose Braids

goddess braids hairstyle_50


Effortless braids are the recipe for a fresh, original and youthful look. To add more volume into the mix, keep the braids thinner and avoid accessories to make the hairdo feel elegant and stylish.

50. Curly Braids

goddess braids hairstyle_51


Curl up your goddess box braids and make them look modern and bouncy. For the hairstyle to be complete, go for an urban-like make-up and bold accessories. The end result will exceed all your expectations.

Goddess braids are the solution when you’re trying to stand out. The bigger, the bolder, the most colorful the braids the better chances you have to make an impression.  We’ve chosen 50 styles to help you get inspired. Make your pick and look fabulous!


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