50 Poetic Justice Braids Styles

By on May 5, 2016

Also known as box braids, poetic justice braids are adored by most women with short and long hair. Ladies with curly or frizzy hair in particular, are fond of the style because it helps them keep their locks under control and protect it from damage while looking amazing. Suitable on all occasions, justice braids are incredibly cool and easy to wear. Many different styles are available. Choose between the following 50 poetic ideas and let your hairstyle define your personality and sense of fashion.

1. Blonde Braids & Top Bun

poetic justice braids_1

Long, caramel justice braids look fabulous when styled properly. Choose thin braids to allow you to fix your hair just the way you like it. Loose braids with a top bun are great for summer. They add a touch of glam to your outfit, thus making you stand above the crowd and feel truly beautiful.

2. Sleek Braids & Half Updo

poetic justice braids_2

This updo is great for women who want to emphasize their beautiful and delicate facial features. The style frees your jawbone, thus highlighting your cheekbones, eyes and forehead. It is an excellent hairstyle for the hot summer season. Tie only half of your braids around the back and let your long braids lengthen your face for an extra hint of freshness.

3. Purple & Blue Justice Braids

poetic justice braids_3

Not many women would go for such a combination of blue and purple for their justice braids. And yet, you just need a little courage to give this style a shot. Wear your braids naturally and the effect will be even more striking. However, since the color combo is somehow flashy, you might want to choose an outfit in a neutral shade. White or black are excellent choices.

4. Brown Bun & Long Strands 

poetic justice braids_4

Sometimes a sleek, twisted bun is everything you need to protect your hair from further damage, and at the same time look classy  and elegant. Poetic justice braids are ideas for women with long frizzy hair. Deep brown in particular, is a type of color that pops. It makes an impression and it will give you an instant confidence boost.

5. Justice Box Braids & Double Bun 

poetic justice braids_5

When a single top bun is enough to keep your hair under control, then maybe you’d like to try two – one on top and another at the back. For your hairdo to have a little more balance, make sure the top bun slides slightly into the front to give the impression of a sided fringe. Keep the other bun round and perfectly shaped. You’re all set for summer!

6. Bob Braids
poetic justice braids_6

Is your hair short and curly? Do you want to style it without damaging it? Well then, the best idea is to get box braids. These type of justice braids are easy to maintain, and they look pretty cool too. For your hair to appear even more stylish, spread a few clips on the braids. Your hairdo will have an elegant, fresh vibe that everyone will appreciate.

7. Cornrow Braids

poetic justice braids_7

Cornrow braids are ideal for women with delicate features. They will make your eyes pop, so you need to give this hairstyle a try. It is perfect for the hot summer days, not to mention that it’s extremely cool and chic.

8. Blue Braids

poetic justice braids_8

Are you looking to make an impression? Do you want people to turn their heads when you walk by? Then you need a striking color for your justice braids. Blue in particular, is absolutely stunning. It works great on long, wavy hair; but it’s also recommended for women with shorter hair.

9. Ombre Green

poetic justice braids_9

This eclectic green ombre color will give a twist to your average box braids. Thinly braided from the roots, the color works great on ladies with natural brown hair. The transition has to be smooth for your hairdo to look appealing and stylish. It should only be done at the saloon.

10. Over-Sized Bun

poetic justice braids_10

We love the way an over-sized bun complements a woman’s natural features. Perfect on women with round and oval faces, such an effortless hairdo is a must-try for the hot season. It will emphasize your beautiful cheekbones and jawline, thus drawing all the attention onto th face.

11. Playful Braids

poetic justice braids_12

A high ponytail is sometimes everything you need to give a twist to your braids. Pair the hairdo with a linear make-up, and make sure it’s not to evident during the day. Keep things natural and let your brads shine.

12. Top Bun & Side Swept Bangs

poetic justice braids_13

Thin justice braids tied in a top bun are the best on a work day. Give your hairdo an extra touch of originality and save a front strand to make a sided fringe. Your look will appear sleek and stylish, and you’ll feel like a princess all day long.

13. Beehive Bun & Loose Hair Strands 

poetic justice braids_14

Are you searching for a casual hairdo but nothing seems to work lately? Well then, you might want to give this chic beehive a shot. Save the bottom half of your braids and leave them hanging by your shoulders. The final hairdo will instantly draw people’s attention.

14. Boho Chic Hairdo with Scarf 

poetic justice braids_15

Use a scarf in the most creative way and  and make a turban. Give it a twist and craft a frontal bun with the scarf. Don’t do anything else to your justice braids and let them loose. The hairdo is excellent in the summer when it is recommended to protect your hair from damaging UV light.

15. Messy Bun

poetic justice braids_16

Another great idea for a summer hairstyle is the messy bun. It might seem that it doesn’t have a shape, but in fact the style is pretty inspiring. Leave a couple of braids in the front to make your locks appear even more catchy and romantic.

16. Over-Sized Blue Beehive 

poetic justice braids_17

Women who are not afraid of making a stand should definitely give this cool hairdo a chance. It is imposing, quite glamorous and stylish. Choose striking blue for your box braids and have them tied in an over-sized top bun. All eyes will be on you, guaranteed!

17. Light Purple Braids

poetic justice braids_18

Purple is the color of the year, so you’d better make the most of it. Dye your poetic justice braids in a light, pastel purple and give them an extra touch of originality with silver hair clips. Top off your style with a matter purple lipstick and linear makeup, and you will look stunning.

18. Side-Swept Braids

poetic justice braids_19

Sometimes the simplest hairdo can have the most striking effect. Choose this beautiful blue-purple color for your chic braids, and consider a nude make-up to make an impression. The romantic feel of this style is quite appealing, and everyone will notice your original choice of style and hair color.

19. Big Braids & Top Bun

poetic justice braids_20

Big box braids are ideal when you want to give your current style an extra edge. Have the brads tied in a bun and you’ll appear a lot taller; your face to seem longer too. Pair the hairdo with opulent accessories and it’s done. Enjoy the attention!

20. Bold Brown Braids

poetic justice braids_21

These bold brown braids are a shock-stopper. Perfectly crafted from the roots and featuring lighter shades at the ends, the hairdo will instantly bring you out of anonymity. Top off the hairdo with a simple outfit, and let the hairstyle do all the job and center all the attention onto the face.

21. Extra Long Justice Braids

poetic justice braids_22

Is your hair super long but you want it to be even longer? Take things to the extremes and get some box braids extensions. The exaggeration in length is extremely intriguing and people will surely turn heads when they see you walk down the street. There’s really nothing else we can say about this hairstyle. It is absolutely stunning.

22. Blonde Justice Braids

poetic justice braids_23

Blonde box braids are the newest trend. However, for the hairdo to look chic you need to bring more emphasis to the face. If you’re not too fond of strong make-up, we encourage you to use a matte lipstick. This way your style will look even more striking and appealing.

23. Sided Ponytails 

poetic justice braids_24

In the mood for something different? How about two sided ponytails? The hairdo is excellent on ladies with oval facial features and prominent eyes. Make your justice braids stand out from the crowd, and add a few silver clips here and there. The final hairdo will look both playful and stylish.

24. Deep Black Justice Braids

poetic justice braids_26

Hairdos that look simple but have the greatest impact are the best. This effortless style made of the coolest justice braids is absolutely stunning. Turn your braids on one side and allow everyone to admire your beautiful bare face. Women with luscious lips and big eyes will instantly fall in love with these justice braids.

24. High Ponytail

poetic justice braids_27

Give your box braids an extra touch of glam and tie them in a high ponytail. Use a colorful scarf for the hairdo and your look will instantly feature a retro vibe that everyone will adore.

25. Bob Braids & Top Bun

poetic justice braids_28

Beautiful justice braids come in a wealth of sizes and shapes. Choose a thicker variant for your short hair, and top off the hairdo with a frontal bun. The style will definitely make an impression on your closest friends. It is chic, effortless and yet it does have a huge impact.

26. Caramel Justice Braids & Top Bun

poetic justice braids_29

Caramel is such a wonderful hair color. The shades looks great on women with braids, however you might want to complement the hairdo with a more colorful make-up just to make yourself noticed.

27. Retro Chic Braided Bun

poetic justice braids_30

Give a twist to your box braids and go for this amazing bun. Use a retro-inspired scarf and bold earrings to transform a mediocre look into something truly inspirational. Have your justice braids tied in a high bun for the wow effect to be guaranteed.

28. Box Braids In A Low Bun

poetic justice braids_31

If you’re heading to a party and you don’t know how to style your braids, consider this chic braided bun. Save some strands for a side-parted fringe, and choose a colorful outfit to draw some more attention to the face.

29. Black/Aramis Braids 

poetic justice braids_32

Black and aramis are two exquisite hair colors. The combo is ideal for women with justice box braids. Go with thinner braids in order to be able to style your hair just the way you like it. Wear it up in a ponytail, or down and let the blend of color define your original sense of style.

30. Bulky Box Braids

poetic justice braids_33

Frizzy hair can be tough to style; especially if the hair is really long. Poetic justice braids are an excellent type of hairdo because they protect the natural hair, while also improving your sense of style. Choose bulkier braids for a more urban-like hairdo that will surely make a memorable impression.

31. Chic Cornrows 

poetic justice braids_34

Cornrows are super-chic when you want an elegant hairdo for a beach party or social event. Paired with box braids and tied in a high bun, the overall hairstyle instills pure elegance and class.

32. Thin Braids in a Bob

poetic justice braids_35

This season’s biggest trend in hairstyling is centered on short box braids. Have a side parting for an extra touch of glam and style, and keep the hairdo as simple as possible. The style is ideal on women with  curly hair that’s difficult to arrange and straighten.

33. Romantic Braids & Side Part

poetic justice braids_36

Sometimes the simplest hairstyle can have the biggest impact. In this case, a short, beautifully braided bob is everything you need to feel confident and self-assured wherever you go. The side parting makes the style appear even more elegant and classy. You have to give it a try!

34. Octopus-Inspired Braids

poetic justice braids_37

Is your hair too voluminous to handle on a hot summer day? Do you want a cool idea to help you keep it under control? Then you need to give this hairdo a shot. It looks sophisticated, elegant and stylish. Perfect at a party, the hairdo should be complemented by a chic, glamorous dress for an extra touch of style.

35. Light Brown Braids 

poetic justice braids_35

Light brown hair is an opportunity for women to make their eyes, eyebrows and lips pop out. Complement the color of the hair with poetic braids, and the final result will definitely wow your friends.

36. Playful Buns & Middle Parting 

poetic justice braids_36

Not all women can pull off a middle parting and two middle buns. But then again, if you’re a free-spirited woman with a passion for braids, you must try out this style. It might look simple, but when paired with a cool outfit it will emphasize your original sense of style.

37. Pink Braids

poetic justice braids_37

If you’e hunting for the craziest color for your justice braids, you must try pink. The pastel hue in particular is absolutely fabulous.

38. Messy Bob & Top Bun

poetic justice braids_38

Whenever it comes down to justice braids, women just can’t get enough of the top bun; even when they have short, messy brads. It looks sleek and truly inspiring; not to mention that it works great with all types of outfits.

39. Fiery Red 

poetic justice braids_39

Redheads are hot! Have your box braided dyed red and your entire face will look differently. Your eyes will pop, and your cheekbones will emphasize even more that beautiful, bright smile of yours.

40. Black & Red

poetic justice braids_40

If you can’t decide between black and red braids, then why not get both? We love the urban appeal of the style. The braids are loose and playful, thus leaving enough room for you to focus on a nude makeup and chic makeup.

41. Twisted Justice Braids

poetic justice braids_41

Check out this rasta-inspired box braids. The twisted technique used for the style is fascinating. On top of that, we have a bright red-purple color that screams style and class.

42. Over-sized Beehive 

poetic justice braids_42

This hairdo is suitable for petite woman who want to look taller. If you also have a small head, then consider round, bulky earrings. The shades sides add a plus of originality to the hairdo; a must try this summer!

43. Colorful Braids 

poetic justice braids_43

This cool hairstyle is colorful, but at the same time chic. Why? Because in spite of the blend of hues, there’s balance. The purple goes really well with the pale red and brown. Top off with purple lipstick and you’re all set for the party!

44. Opulent Ponytail

poetic justice braids_44

High ponytails  are sleek, chic and easy to do when you have box braids. When no other style seems to fit your face, this one should definitely be tried out. Make sure the hair is tied as high as possible to give the impression that you also have a sided fringe.

45. Delicious Brown Braids 

poetic justice braids_45

Light brown is a hair color that will never go out of style. Check out these caramel braids. The style is simple, yet somehow the delicious color takes the hairdo to a whole new level.

46. Easy Braids

poetic justice braids_46

Make an impression with these stylish braids; use half of the hair and tie it around the back. Your face will appear lighter and your makeup will instantly grab attention.

47. Twisted Braids & Shaved Side

poetic justice braids_47

Twisted justice braids are great for a beach party. But then again, if you’re courageous enough to shave the other side, then it’s best to say that everyone will be wowed. Be an example and don’t be afraid to do your hair just the way you feel.

48. White Ombre

poetic justice braids_48

Just because you have justice braids, it doesn’t mean you can’t get an ombre. On the contrary; you can and you should. Try out this crazy but stylish combination of black and white.

49. Fuchsia Braids 

poetic justice braids_49

In love with fuchsia? So are we. These deep pink justice braids are fierce. We love the fact that they’re organized and properly sized. Paired with a vamp-like makeup the style will surely turn some heads around.

40. Thin Braids & Shaved Part

poetic justice braids_50

Now that’s what we call a truly romantic hairdo. The braids on one side are thin, loose and neat; as for the other side, we notice it is completely shaved. The end result is stunning don’t you think?

There you have it ladies, 50 amazing poetic justice braids styles to try out for this summer season. Enjoy!


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