Blake Lively Hairstyles

By on January 13, 2013

One of Hollywood’s biggest fashion icons today is the lovely Blake Lively. Hollywood and viewers alike cannot get enough of this blonde haired beauty and all of the wonderful trends she shows us. She is always dressed perfectly, and her hair is always done in ways that are inspiring fashion trends all over. Here are some of the best:

1. Sexy loose curls


This is always a favorite, no matter what color she is. These super shiny loose curls make her look like a million dollars when she is wearing anything at all.


2. Messy updo


Blake has definitely perfected this look in ways that nobody else can. She can wear her hair up with this messy look and still look like a million dollars.


3. Surfer girl style

This is a very popular look for Blake. She pins part of her hair up and leaves the rest down. Pieces hang around for a super laid back and super sexy look.


4. Loose side braid

Blake-Lively-Loose side braid

Once again, the surfer girl comes out with this laid back braid taken off to one side. It is perfectly paired with either a casual outfit or a red carpet gown.


5. Long and sleek

long and sleek

Blake adds a classic beauty to this hairstyle when her shiny locks are left down and straight, no matter what color she is sporting.


6. Side ponytail


Blake has worn this hairstyle both straight and curly, and both look great. A few strands are left loose to make the style seem more laid back, or they are all kept in the ponytail for a sophisticated look.


7. Loose with small braids

For the ultimate sass added to a relaxed, wavy hairstyle, Blake adds a few tiny braids to her hair. These are placed at random from the part and add a perfect simple flair to a casual look.


8. Sleek ponytail


This look is red carpet perfection. All of her hair is pulled back into a straight and incredibly classy but simple and sleek ponytail.


9. Low chignon

Low chignon

Blake has displayed this neat little style with a variety of outfits, and it always gives her look a more mature air that is loved.


10. The mermaid ‘do


This is the newest of Blake’s looks. Paired with her newer red color, Blake’s locks are left long and hanging with slight waves all the way down, making her look more like Ariel than anything else.

Those are some amazing Blake Lively hairstyles, don’t you think? Which one would you wear?


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