50 Best Black Braided Hairstyles

By on July 24, 2014

Braids never go out of style. But sporting the same few braided hairstyles can become dull and boring. Switch up your style and use a little celebrity inspiration with these 50 best black braided hairstyles.

1. Beyonce Black Braided Hairstyle: Knee Length Box Braids

Black Braided Hairstyle_1

Beyonce is obviously sexy as is- but she takes it to a whole new level with these gorgeous knee length box braids. Box braids are tremendously in style right now, and this beautiful length gives her some serious sex appeal and feminine attitude. Definitely a winner in our book and we guarantee we’ll see plenty of ladies copying this amazing ‘do!

2. Beyonce Black Braided Hairstyle: Oversized Topknot

Black Braided Hairstyle_2Buns- specifically topknots- are crazy trendy right now. Literally everyone is sporting them, and here we see oh-so-fabulous Beyonce Knowles showing off her gorgeous box braids in a topknot style. The conclusion? A totally eye-catching and over-the-top style that kills. I mean really, what’s not to love about this style? It’s trendsetting and keeps you cool on hot days: double whammy. Next time you don’t want to spend hours on your hair, throw it up into a gorgeous oversized topknot like this.

3. Zoe Saldana Black Braided Hairstyle: Side Braid

Black Braided Hairstyle_3Zoe Saldana is gorgeous, ok? We get it. She has those soft and delicate features that makes her obnoxiously breathtaking in every way. But what really pronounces her feminine features is this lovely side braid. It’s easy to put together and can be played up for a Red Carpet Event or played down for nights on the town with your girlfriends. Oh, and did we mention side braids just so happen to be on the top 5 most popular hairstyles of 2014? Just another reason to fall head over heels for this simple yet sensual style.

4. Zoe Saldana Black Braided Hairstyle: Tiny Headband Braid

Black Braided Hairstyle_4We’ve already explained just how lovely and feminine Zoe Saldana is, so we won’t go over that again (although I absolutely could). Lets focus on the hairstyle: a tiny, super simple, and amazingly delicate headband braid. Forget buying a headband- this beauteous hairstyle is rather simple to throw across your head and gives your hair a bit of texture and depth, unlike regular headbands that can be a little tacky at times. We definitely suggest giving this tiny headband braid a try.

5. Naomie Harris Black Braided Hairstyle: Messy French Braid Ponytail

Black Braided Hairstyle_5When it comes to braids, sometimes it’s not all about having every strand perfectly placed in an orderly fashion. Naomie Harris shows us that it’s OK to mess it up a bit and give it that little bit of edge and attitude- even when you’re walking into a high end event. This messy french braided pony tail is the perfect way to spice things up while still looking oh-so-glamorous and sexy.

6. Porsha Stewart Black Braided Hairstyle: Chunky Side Braid

Black Braided Hairstyle_6The Real Housewives of Atlanta star knows a thing or two about beautiful hair, and we couldn’t agree more. While this side braid might resemble the one sported by Zoe Saldana, this chunky braid sets itself apart thanks to its bold and thick style. If you’re not blessed with naturally thick hair, throw on some extensions like Porsha and enjoy this gorgeous ‘do.

7. Meagan Good Black Braided Hairstyle: Formal Updo with Mixed in Braids

Black Braided Hairstyle_7There are updos, and then there is the Meagan Good updo. This formal and sophisticated style is exactly what the Red Carpet ordered. It’s alluring with a perfect blend of mess and structure while the mixed in braids give it a bit of detail and texture. Before you head out to your next classy event, give this stunning style a try.

8. Meagan Good Black Braided Hairstyle: Simple Ponytail Braid

Black Braided Hairstyle_8We love this style for several reasons. First and foremost, it’s adorable. Secondly, it’s totally and incredibly simple. Thirdly, you can where it anywhere. Dress it up with a fancy dress to wear to the snazzy downtown diner or dress it down and wear it to your next tennis match. It looks perfect in any situation and you could honestly throw this look together in under 10 minutes.

9. Halle Berry Black Braided Hairstyle: The Braid Back Updo

Black Braided Hairstyle_9

It’s not often we see this breathtaking celebrity without her signature pixie haircut, but we can’t say we didn’t love her sporting this specific ‘do too. This particular style combines tight braids leading back to a curly updo. The result? A pleasant style that was built for a queen- or a celebrity- or both, in Halle Berry’s case.

10. Rosario Dawson Black Braided Hairstyle: Crown Braid

Black Braided Hairstyle_10

Now here’s a hairstyle that really IS suited for a queen (I mean, the name itself has the word crown in it!). This gorgeous crown braid is the perfect accessory for any hairstyle, whether you choose to leave it down or put it up like Rosario Dawson. This beauteous look produces an angelic and feminine appearance that any lady would be proud to wear. And while it may look difficult to piece together, crown braids are rather simple and can be completed in under 10 minutes. You can’t go wrong with this one!

11. Melanie Fiona Black Braided Hairstyle: Braided Side Ponytail

Black Braided Hairstyle_11Tired of the same old boring side ponytail? Then you might want to consider this hot and edgy hairstyle from Melanie Fiona. This stunning piece is incredibly simple yet adds so much depth and detail to the typical boring side pony. She simply adds a tiny french braid to the side of her head leading back to her side ponytail. Come on, who wouldn’t love this edgy number? Spice up your side ponies with this cute look from Melanie Fiona.

12. Melanie Fiona Black Braided Hairstyle: Loose Braided Pigtails

Black Braided Hairstyle_12

If you’re looking for an easy hairstyle that is adorable in every way shape and form, we invite you to try out these loosely braided pigtails from Melanie Fiona. These cute pigtails take us back to life on the playground where we smiled and laughed all day long- and who wouldn’t want to relive those days? Don’t get me wrong, these loosely braided pigtails are divine and sensual, but I just can’t get over how ridiculously cute they are too. I’m lovin’ it!

13. Kerry Washing Black Braided Hairstyle: Sleek Braided Ponytail

Black Braided Hairstyle_13This slicked back updo has elegance and sophistication written all over it- no wonder she wore it to a special event, right? We love this hairstyle because it’s super easy yet has a remarkably flawless finish that can really be worn anywhere. Make sure you tighten your locks back before braiding to ensure there’s no bumps or loose strands as that will totally take away from this slicked ‘do.

14. Kerry Washington Black Braided Hairstyle: Fishtail Side Braid

Black Braided Hairstyle_14You’re not getting tired of side braids yet, right!? Of course not! This gorgeous hairstyle from Kerry Washington takes the typical side braid one step further, giving the traditional style a whole new makeoever: with the ever-popular fishtail braid. The end result is a dimensional masterpiece that looks like it took minutes, hours, days to put together. (But don’t let that scare you off! Fishtail braids are easy once you get the hang of it). So, I ask you: why settle for a traditional side braid when you can piece together this brilliant work of art?

15. Stacey Dash Black Braided Hairstyle: Headband

Black Braided Hairstyle_15Ok, I love thick black headbands like this one. They always look good with any hairstyle- unlike those cheap and tacky ones I was talking about earlier. Here we Stacey Dash in her earlier acting days looking absolutely sensational. This cute hairstyle is so simple if you have cornrows. Just throw a headband on and throw your hair back. The end result? A quick and simple hairstyle that oozes cuteness and femininity. Gah! I really can’t get over just how adorable she looks here, and you can too!

16. Gabrielle Union Black Braided Hairstyle: Loose Braided Updo

Black Braided Hairstyle_16Oh. Em. Gee. I am in love with this hairstyle. I seriously can’t get over how amazing it looks! It has that sophisticated style yet sexy messiness that we all love. Gabrielle Union’s updo is anything but the norm and I could seriously go on and on about how sensational she looks. This perfect ‘do can fit in any situation and we love how she loosens up the braids to give it that sex appeal. We can’t deny it: Gabrielle Union, you look HOT.

17. Gabrielle Union Black Braided Hairstyle: Sleek Fishtail Ponytail

Black Braided Hairstyle_17

Ok, we talked earlier about how much we loved Kerry Washington’s slicked back braided ponytail. Well, Gabrielle Union just made our love affair grow even deeper with her amped up ponytail. Here we see this lovely actress sporting a slicked back ponytail with a FISHTAIL BRAID. I think I just fell out of my chair. I’m IN LOVE with this hairstyle and love how flirty and stylish it is. It might take you a little extra longer in the powder room to put together the fishtail, but just look at these results. Amazing! If you’ve got time to spare and want to kick up your braided ponytail game, I suggest trying out this sleek fishtail ponytail from Gabrielle Union.

18. Thandie Newton Black Braided Hairstyle: Box Braid Bun

Black Braided Hairstyle_18In case you didn’t get the memo earlier, let me reiterate: buns are so hot this year for 2014. They’re undoubtedly in the top 3 hairstyles to rock this year (and probably next year, too). That being said, we couldn’t help but talk about how perfect Thandie Newton’s ‘do looks. Here she sports some glorious box braids wrapped up into a simple, yet completely stylish bun. The simplicity of this hairstyle is what draws us in, but the beauty of it is what keeps us coming back for more. Next time you’re in a rush out the door, try this beautiful hairstyle.

19. Thandie Newton Black Braided Hairstyle: Side Braid with Accessories

Black Braided Hairstyle_19I thought we’d covered it all- side braids, chunky oversized side braids, fishtail side braids- and then we saw this: Thandie Newton’s deliciously cute side braid with a huge (and super cute) black bow. And then we couldn’t help but throw this onto the top 50 list. I mean, can you blame us? Just look at how cute she looks! Huge bows- whatever color- are a HUGE sign of femininity and innocence, and it just happens to look awesome paired up with this stylish side braid. Oh, did we mention huge accessories (especially bows) are another must-have for the season? This hairstyle just has WIN written all over it. Dress up your side braids with an accessory!

20. Christina Milian Black Braided Hairstyle: Braided Bangs

Black Braided Hairstyle_20Bangs are cute, yes. But sometimes they can get kind of annoying. Sometimes we just want them out of our faces! Well, Christina Milian came up with the perfect solution: braided bangs. Not only does it keep pesky whispy pieces out of our faces, but it looks magnificent. It’s an easy way to spice up your hairdo and give it that extra burst of cuteness we are always trying to achieve. When you’re having a day when you’re sick of your bangs or just want to spice up your hairstyle, try these lovely braided bangs for a change.

21. Kat Graham Black Braided Hairstyle: Braided Updo Galore

79c905a61aea546d4743eb47406c78baHoly. Moly. Are you seeing what I’m seeing? I don’t want to jump to conclusion and say Kat Graham’s the most beautiful woman in the world, but it’s hard not too when she looks like this! Aside from the makeup that makes her look like a straight up queen diva, her hair is what really pulls the whole look together magnificently. She’s rocking an extremely elegant updo that looks gorgeous not only thanks to her jet black and glossy locks, but the huge braid wrapping around her bun. Oh, and did you catch a glimpse of those smaller braids intertwined inside of the bun? Just wow, I am in awe. Impressing everyone around you won’t be a problem with this miraculous ‘do.

22. Chanel Iman Black Braided Hairstyle: Double Side Braids

Black Braided Hairstyle_22Ok, I know what you are thinking: “Not another side braid”. But here me out. This isn’t like the other side braids we mentioned earlier. This is a totally new style that we’ve only seen in recent years. Chanel Iman creates beautiful, cornrow styled double braids on the side of her head to give her entire look some serious edgy attitude. These sexy tight braids lead back to a full head of gorgeous straight and sleek locks, although  you could easily have them lead back to an updo, curly hair, half updo- pretty much anything. It’s definitely an easy way to go from dull and drab to edgy and hot- in just a matter of minutes!

23. Kelly Rowland Black Braided Hairstyle: Crochet Braids

Black Braided Hairstyle_23Fishtail braids, side braids, updo braids, blah, blah, blah. If you want something totally different and out of the box, I invite you to take a page out of Kelly Rowland’s hairstyling book and try out these fascinating crochet braids. They obviously don’t look like a traditional braid in any way shape or form, and some people might actually disagree with me that this is even a braided hairstyle. But trust me! It is, and it’s totally fabulous. Just look at that full bodied hairdo! Who wouldn’t want to rock this wild style?

24. Laila Ali Black Braided Hairstyle: Braided Ponytail Wrap Around

Black Braided Hairstyle_24Don’t have a scrunchy anywhere around you? No worries. Laila Ali has the solution! I mean, who said you had to use the same old boring hair accessories for your ponytail? We absolutely adore Laila Ali’s braided ponytail wrap around that totally takes the typical ponytail to an all new level. It adds some major flirty detailing that can’t be ignored. The best part is? You can wear this simple yet stunning hairdo pretty much anywhere. Throw in some curls for date night or leave your hair straight for a flirty look to wear to the clubs. The possibilities are endless and you’ll LOVE rocking this easy hairstyle!

25. Tia Mowry Black Braided Hairstyle: Goddess Braid

Black Braided Hairstyle_25Why be a diva or a queen when you can be a goddess? Tia Mowry looks absolutely stunning in that dress- oh, wait, but that’s not what we’re here to talk about. We’re here to focus on that flawless hairdo she’s pulling off! Just look at that sophisticated detailing and gorgeous finish. It’s a beautiful hairstyle that takes regular updos to an all new, almost unreachable level. Plus it keeps loose, annoying strands out of your face so you can show off more of your lovely features, just like we see with Tia Mowry. Spice things up when you decide to do an updo and try out the GODDESS braid. You won’t regret it!

26. Tia Mowry Black Braided Hairstyle: Accenting Fishtail Braid

Black Braided Hairstyle_26So you’re getting tired of the same old boring routine: stick straight hair that has no body, no curls- nothing. It just hangs there lacking any life whatsoever, and you’re tired of it. I don’t blame you! But Tia Mowry is here to save the day. I would like to introduce you to the accenting fishtail braid. Yes, it might not be the most exquisite hairstyle you’ve ever seen. But we can both agree that this little fishtail braid amps up her hairdo and gives it that ‘oomph’ without the hassle. Not only does it give her whole style some more dimension, but it also gives it a burst of style too. And you can do it in as little as 5 minutes! Sounds like a winner to me.

27. Tamera Mowry Black Braided Hairstyle: French Braid Ponytail

Black Braided Hairstyle_27It was only suiting that Tamera Mowry and Tia Mowry be side by side in this top 50 list (Hello! Twins stick together through any weather, right? I couldn’t possibly tear them apart). But putting that fact aside, let’s take a look at this stunning hairstyle. If you’re getting tired of ponytails that lack any pizazz, then this is definitely the ‘do for you. Here we see this beauty showcasing a french braid that starts from the top of the head all the way to the bottom. But instead of continuing with the braid, she cuts it off to finish with a ponytail. Simply awesome.

27. Tamera Mowry Black Braided Hairstyle: Crown French Braids

Black Braided Hairstyle_27I think it’s safe to say at this point Tamera Mowry might have a thing for french braids (but we totally aren’t complaining). Why settle for a typical crown braid when you can kick it up a notch with french braids? And thick ones at that? We love this simple updo. It’s classy, it’s fun, and it’s full of flare. What more could you possibly want from a hairstyle? Oh, and do not forget to leave your bangs out with this hairstyle to get the full effect. (And trust me you want it all!)

28. Rihanna Black Braided Hairstyle: Braided Bun

Black Braided Hairstyle_28We can’t tell you how popular buns are. We love everything about them! They have a unique, simple, yet sultry style, and you can throw up a bun in a matter of minutes and still look sophisticated and fabulous. But instead of going with the same old bun hairstyle, Rihanna shows us a unique way to switch it up: with braids, of course! To pull off this fantastic ‘do, braid up your hair before putting it into a bun style. The braids pull the whole style together magnificently, adding some depth and texture to the bun that is obviously nothing short of flawless. The perfect hairstyle for nights when you want to class it up!

29. Rihanna Black Braided Hairstyle: Double Lace Braids

Black Braided Hairstyle_29Rihanna is always stepping out with the most amazing hairstyles, am I right? Here’s another one to fall in love with: double lace braids leading to a long, beautiful side braid. The double lace braids really add that gorgeous feminine touch while the side braid sheds some attitude on this hairstyle. And let’s not forget to mention how spicy hot that red hair color is! Totally completes this ‘do without even trying. Needless to say, we’re in love with everything about this look and if you want to spice it up, try the color AND the style. It’s the perfect combination!

30. Gabrielle Beauvais Black Braided Hairstyle: Double Headband Braids

Black Braided Hairstyle_30The beautiful actress Gabrielle Beauvais steps out with beautiful long jet black hair that is accented beautifully by two, semi-thick headband braids. The double headband braids gives her hair some obvious detail without going overboard. And who could miss those subtle hair flip? The whole look is stunning, soft, and romantic, and can suit any occasion with ease.

31. Keke Palmer Black Braided Hairstyle: Middle Fishtail Braid

Black Braided Hairstyle_31With so much talk about side braids, bun braids, and ponytail braids, you hardly ever hear about middle braids. They aren’t totally uncommon, but they aren’t used often- and that’s why we were so happy when we saw diva Keke Palmer stepping out with this lovely hairstyle. Her long glossy locks are accented perfectly with an exquisite middle fishtail braid. Finish this unique hairdo with some subtle, flirty waves that give a bit of flirty and fun attitude. Waves look good on any lady for every occasion, so give them a try!

32. Naturi Naughton Black Braided Hairstyle: Sleek Box Braid High Bun

Black Braided Hairstyle_32Sassy yet cute, Hollywood’s own Naturi Naughton shows one of the easiest yet totally fashion forward hairstyles a girl with box braids can throw together: a sexy high bun. The thickness of the bun combined with the immense height frames her face gorgeously and also gives her that edgy attitude that’s so hot this year. She glams up this rather subtle hairdo by throwing on some shimmery, dangling earrings and flashy makeup.

33. Nia Long Black Braided Hairstyle: Under Braid Updo

Nia Long under braid updo

High class and high style is written all over Nia Long’s extremely sophisticated updo. Here we see this lovely actress showcasing an updo unlike anything we’ve seen before. Her beautiful dark locks are swept back by two fabulous and romantic under braids, leading to a very textured and detailed updo that is nothing short of flawless. This elegant piece might not be something you’d wear everyday, but it’s certainly a hairstyle to consider at a wedding, birthday party, or other fancy occasion.

34. Regina King Black Braided Hairstye: Cornrow Bun

Black Braided Hairstyle_34Got cornrows? Need a simple hairstyle you can throw up in a matter of minutes? Then consider Regina King’s cute little bun hairdo. It’s not much, but it looks sensational. Plus this is a hairstyle you can wear to the gym or the Oscar’s. Just throw on a pair of your favorite crystal earrings and your fanciest dress like Regina King and you’re good to go. Or put on yoga pants, ditch the jewels, and head out on the town nice and relaxed, yet still totally cute. It’s your call!

35. Regina King Black Braided Hairstyle: Cornrow Ponytail

Black Braided Hairstyle_35Regina King is obviously a huge fan of cornrows- and why shouldn’t she be? They look dazzling on her and suit her style perfectly. Here we see this beauty wearing her cute cornrows in a simple, contemporary styled ponytail. We love how she lets the ponytail dangle gracefully off of her shoulders, giving her a bit of a feminine flare with her style. This easy ‘do is the perfect go-to style on warmer days when you want you hair back but still want to look lovely.

36. Tika Sumpter Black Braided Hairstyle: Braided Headband Updo

Black Braided Hairstyle_36Braided headbands aren’t just for days when you leave your hair down, and Tika Sumpter proves this point. Here we see this majestic woman stepping out in a fabulous updo completed with a trendy braided headband which adds subtle femininity which accentuates her angelic features. Her sleeked back ‘do gives her face more structure and the matching purple dress and lipstick polishes the look off perfectly. It’s the perfect style for high-end events!

37. Janelle Monae Black Braided Hairstyle: Braided Mohawk

Black Braided Hairstyle_37Janelle Monae is known for being anything but traditional. She’s a huge hair inspiration to females across the country and we can certainly see why. Here she steps out wearing a hairstyle you don’t see everyday- but we aren’t complaining. Her full-bodied mohawk looks gorgeous and is definitely an eye-catching ‘do that turns heads. With the splash of red lipstick and thick black eyeliner, her style oozes edgy attitude that is totally funky and wild. If you want something “different”, try on one of Janelle Monae’s quirky hairdos like this full-bodied braided mohawk.

38. Jill Scott Black Braided Hairstyle: Braided Side Updo

Black Braided Hairstyle_38If you’re looking for an updo that is anything but traditional, we invite you to try on Jill Scott’s totally amazing (and a little bit wild) braided updo. Unlike traditional updos that are (almost) always placed on the back of the head, this beauty decided to switch things up with a full-bodied updo on the side of her head. The thickness and texture provokes an eye-catching sight while playing gracefully against her features. Try out this stunning style and make heads turn at your next event.

39. Jill Scott Black Braided Hairstyle: Half n Half

Black Braided Hairstyle_39Sometimes it’s not all about getting glamorized with extensions, curls, waves, or whatever your style calls for. Sometimes it’s best to just go all natural like Jill Scott. Jill Scott lets a bit of her natural raven locks hang loose on one side while the other is held back by a set of lovely cornrows. The style is a bit wild, but we love how Jill Scott plays it off and how absolutely dazzling she looks. She makes this hairdo suited for a classy event with the additional of glistening hoop earrings and subtle makeup. (Make sure you go subtle with the makeup like Jill Scott as the hairstyle is wild enough!)

40. Jordin Sparks Black Braided Hairstyle: Set of French Braids & Updo

Black Braided Hairstyle_40Jordin Sparks really made “sparks fly” with this beautiful and elegant hairstyle. She decides to not only stick with one- but THREE- french braids leading back to a feminine updo. The result? An incredibly trendy and gorgeous hairdo that is nothing short lavish and brilliant. We love how she makes this look even more bright and powerful with a sparkly black halter dress and cute orange earrings to give the look some color. Impress your guests with this exquisite updo at your next Black Tie Event.

41. Joy Bryant Black Braided Hairstyle: Box Braid Ponytail

Black Braided Hairstyle_41Charming Joy Bryant steps out with a marvelous hairstyle that can fit in anywhere. In the past, box braids have undoubtedly been one of the most popular braided hairstyle amongst African American women. However, these particular braids are coming back with incredible force and everyone seems to be rocking these spectacular braids. Joy Bryant wraps her hair back into a low ponytail completed with an embellished accessory to draw even more attention. Parted down the middle, this style frames her face gorgeously and we couldn’t be more pleased.

41. Joy Bryant Black Braided Hairstyle: Simple Box Braids

Black Braided Hairstyle_41Sometimes simplicity is best- but we aren’t complaining. Joy Bryant throws her lovely locks back and to the side to give her that alluring style with plenty of subtle sex appeal. A rocking ‘do that doesn’t require anything. That’s a winner in our book!

42. Rashida Jones Black Braided Hairstyle: Braided Ballet Bun

Black Braided Hairstyle_42

As you can probably imagine from a ballet bun, these hairstyles are sophisticated and elegant- just like the work of art ‘ballet’. Here we see alluring Rashida Jones sporting a ballet bun that is accented by a beautiful, thick braid. Simply flawless!

43. Eva Marcille Black Braided Hairstyle: Box Braid Half Updo

Black Braided Hairstyle_43What’s not to love about this braided hairstyle? Eva Marcille shows off her gorgeous box braids in a half updo style that takes pesky strands out of her face, which accentuates her flawless cheek bones and rigid facial structure wonderfully. Plus it’s quick and easy and great for every season of the year.

44. Raven Symone Black Braided Hairstyle: Wild Child

Black Braided Hairstyle_44

Sometimes it’s just fun (and easy) to take it on the wild side. Here we see adorable and funny Raven Symone sporting a set of braids that are anything but structured. The wildness plays on her playful attitude perfectly and we love this spunky mixup!

45. Yaya Dacosta Black Braided Hairstyle: Box Braid Braided Pigtails

Black Braided Hairstyle_35

This hairstyle is just so unbelievably cute. She is not only rocking the ever-popular box braids, but she forms them into adorable and innocent braided pigtails that we absolutely adore.

46. Naomi Campbell Black Braided Hairstyle: Thick Box BraidsNaomi Campbell thick box braidsSexy Naomi Campbell knows how to work it with these big and bold box braids. Switch up your box braids and go thick next time!

47. Alicia Keys Black Braided Hairstyle: Cornrow High Ponytail

Black Braided Hairstyle_47

Lovely Alicia Keys knew a thing or two about looking beautiful no matter where she went. Here we see the beauty stepping out in some fabulous cornrows leading back to a full-bodied high ponytail that gives her look plenty of energy and flirtiness.

48. Alicia Keys Black Braided Hairstyle: Simple Cornrows 

Black Braided Hairstyle_48Looking for a hairstyle that is always sure to please? Then why not give cornrows a chance. They’re undoubtedly super trendy and sexy and they look good on almost anyone, especially Alicia Keys!

49. Solange Knowles Black Braided Hairstyle: Braided Twists

Black Braided Hairstyle_49

Almost resembling dreads, Solange Knowles’ crazy and wild hairstyle is anything but traditional. We love how she steps out of the comfort zone and rocks some thick, bulky braided twists that are funky yet flirty. They really accent her features well and we think this particular hairstyle might be very fun to play with.

50. Solange Knowles Black Braided Hairstyle: Even Bigger Topknot

Black Braided Hairstyle_50

You might think that Solange and her sister Beyonce were fighting over who could put together the biggest topknot. If that’s the case, Solange Knowles takes the cake. Here we see this beautiful woman sporting a very oversized topknot that bunches up her sexy box braids perfectly. Go big and bold with this gorgeous hairdo!


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