Bernadette Peters Plastic Surgery

By on April 8, 2014

At 66 years old, Bernadette Peters has reached an age where most people retire to a houseboat in Florida. Instead of aging, Bernadette Peters manages to retain a youthful beauty that is normally possessed by someone in their 40s. Fans and admirers may wonder: is this beauty natural or a result of plastic surgery?

What Types of Plastic Surgery Has Bernadette Had?

As Bernadette has aged, she has repeatedly denied that she has had plastic surgery. Instead, Bernadette Peters says that she has stayed away from harmful substances that could hurt her skin or appearance. Although this certainly could make a difference, it would not account for how youthful her skin still is. Rumors have percolated about the possibility that she has had a facelift. A mini-face lift is used to pull up saggy skin and help to rejuvenate the face.


Eyelid Surgery

When people age, the skin on their face and around the eyelids typically appears saggy and looser. Judging by Bernadette Peters eyes, she most likely has had some type o eyelid surgery. Her eyes are still bright and youthful. Around the lids, there is none of the saggy or loose skin common to most people her age. In addition to eyelid surgery, some people have speculated about the possibility that she regularly uses Botox. This medication would cause the wrinkles on her forehead to tighten up and fine lines would disappear.

Could it Be Natural?

Certain lifestyle habits can harm the skin and body. Fortunately for Bernadette, she lives a healthy lifestyle. She does not smoke and avoids excessive sun exposure. Since too much sun can lead to sun spots and wrinkles, it has helped her to maintain a cream-colored complexion and youthful skin tone. Likewise, avoiding unhealthy habits like smoking has certainly improved her complexion. Despite these healthy habits, it is unlikely that Bernadette Peters has never had plastic surgery. Unlike other women her age, the skin on her neck and chin is taut and youthful. This could be the result of a dermal injection or a laser treatment.


Bernadette Peters has most likely had plastic surgery. Along with diet and exercise, her youthful appearance is maintained by gradual plastic surgery procedures over the years. To avoid drastic changes, she has most likely had small procedures done over an extended period of time. This has enabled her to dodge some rumors have plastic surgery and ensured that her face is as beautiful as ever.

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