Barbara Walters-Ageless Beauty?

By on March 21, 2014

A woman’s appearance is incredibly important- and even more so when you’re constantly in the spotlight like Barbara Walters. And while older women across the planet are constantly searching for age defying products that will knock years off their skin, Barbara Walters seems to have found the answer- or did she? Is her flawless skin a product of perfect genetics, assortment of high quality beauty items, and years of good nutrition? Or has she resorted to Hollywood’s way of dealing with wrinkles- with a plastic surgeon?


If you’ve seen Barbara Walters at all recently, it’s pretty easy to spot: the beautiful woman seems to have knocked off at least 20 years off her appearance, and to be honest that’s just not natural. And even if you’re an avid Barbara Walters fan and think she’s a natural youthful women, you can still admit that there was something odd about her pulled back appearance, which made her face look incredibly tight.

We can notice right off the bat that her face looks a lot tighter than we’ve ever seen it before, which may or may not mean that she succumbed to a full fledged facelift. But if you look a bit lower, you’ll also notice something else: she doesn’t seem to have any- and I mean ANY- neck fat that is commonly seen in women her age. Having the neck of a 18 year old girl on Spring Break, we are thinking a necklift may be the culprit. And it doesn’t stop there.


Even young girls (and hey, guys too!) deal with wrinkles around the eyes. It’s just one of those places where wrinkles pop up rather quickly. But when you take a look at Barbara Walters, it seems as though she isn’t dealing with the same issue as 99% of the population is. We can only guess that she’s had injections around her eyes and may have even undergone blepharoplasty (an eyelid procedure) which removes baggy skin from the eyelids. A complete eye makeover? When you are Barbara Walters, sure why not!


Here is our final words: we think Barbara Walters is a great woman, and yes- she IS a beauty. But with so many procedures, such as the facelift, necklift, blepharoplasty, and injections around the face (eyes, lips, etc), we think she may be going a bit overboard trying to keep a youthful appearance. Be a bit more natural, honey.


Image credit: Lemon Duck, Joella Marano

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