Barbara Eden-I Dream of Plastic Surgery

By on March 24, 2014

Fotor0324142750We didn’t really care or notice when Barbara Eden got the breast implants. Heck, we even liked what we saw. Why wouldn’t we? The ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ star was certainly looking her best, especially with her new…ahem, ‘enhancements’. But in this day and age, it seems as though the starlet has taken quite a liking to the plastic surgery world, and we aren’t so sure the new ‘enhancements’ are agreeing with her.


It’s no secret that Barbara Eden has been looking a bit…fake, lately. She seems to have that ‘pulled back’ and ‘constantly frightened’ look on her face that is so seriously common with those who undergo multiple facial procedures-especially facelifts, and we are almost certain that Barbara Eden’s tight face is the result of a facelift operation. But the facial procedures don’t just stop there.

Barbara Eden is also a huge lover of botox injections. And while it’s not uncommon for older women to get a few injections around the eyes and lips where wrinkles are most prominent, Barbara Eden has decided to take botox injections a step further. It is blatantly obvious that she has decided on getting injections on her forehead, jawline, cheeks, and of course her eyes- multiple times in each location- which, of course, is giving her the frightening pulled back alien look we all know and love. Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t saying she isn’t absolutely fabulous. She just doesn’t have that sex appeal or cuteness she was well known for back in the day.


Oh, and did we mention the nose job? How could we forget! A 75-year-old Barbara Eden decided one day that she was unhappy with the roundness of her nose, and decided to have a nose job. Yes, you heard correctly. At 75. But when you’re a famous Hollywood actress, I guess it is never too late to get something you want. The outcome? A narrower nose overall with widened nostrils. It look OK, but there was nothing wrong with her adorable nose in the first place.

At the end of the day, we wish Barbara Eden would have cooled down when it came to plastic surgery. Her extreme makeover didn’t exactly give her the youthful look she was hoping for. But she is still a wonderful women and I’m sure other women her age wouldn’t mind looking a bit like her!


Image credit: Tabercil, Christopher Maland

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