40 Purple Balayage Looks

By on February 15, 2017

Spring is just around the corner, so don’t you think it’s time for a hair color change? The wealth of options is endless. This season, purple balayage is in high demand. Choose discreet highlights to make an impression, or go all in with the most striking ombre look. Have a closer look at our 40 purple balayage looks, and get inspired. Choose the one that best complements your sense of fashion, and embrace the change.

1. Layered Bob & Light Purple Balayage 

via Pinterest/Glaminati

A layered bob is highly recommended if you have a long, beautiful neck. It beautifully complements the face, framing your features and making you feel gorgeous. The light purple hues and balayage techniques work best on women with darker roots. A must have this season!

2. Ash Brown Base & Purple Curls 

via Instagram/mizzchoi

Ash brown is gaining momentum. Women with light brown hair can easily get the look. On top of that, you can opt for light purple balayage hints to give your hairdo an extra touch of ingenuity.

3. Purple Balayage & High Messy Bun

via Pinterest/Candice Marie

Messy bun can look incredibly sophisticated. If you choose to change your hair color and go purple, that’s even better. It’s healthy to get out of your comfort zone every now and then!

4. Medium-Length Layers & Purple Balayage Highlights 

via Pinterest/Paige Suttling

Medium-length hair can look incredibly sexy and stylish. All you need is a pop of color to spice things up. Purple balayage with accents of deep violet has a very elegant allure. It works perfectly with both casual and sophisticated outfits, so why not give it a try?

5. Smokey Purple & Silver Tips 

via Instagram/phancy_me

Silvery purple balayage is one of the season’s most unconventional hair colors. But it works perfectly on women with pale skin tone. Go for messy layers for an added touch of originality and a side parting. You’ll love the end result!

6. Pastel Purple & Gray Base

via Pinterest/Kelsey Percival

Long, beautiful beach waves are a dream come true. On a light gray base, purple works amazingly. Let it go with the wind, and the final hairdo will turn everyone’s heads around.

7. Lavender Purple Balayage 

via Pinterest/Fashionisers

Once again lavender steals the show! Check out this sleek hairdo with accents of bright silver. It looks polished, clean and elegant. Wear the hairstyle at a fancy party or wedding, and all eyes will be on you.

8. Black Plum Beach Waves 

via Instagram/imallabouthair

In combination with black, purple has a more earthy nuance. The plum effect is warm and delicate, perfect for women than don’t want like bright highlights.

9. Ash Blonde Waves & Lilac Tips

via Pinterest/Mane Interest

Ash blonde with a creamy effect is yet another hair color that we love for this spring season. To spice things up a bit, go with light purple highlights at the tips. Get layers for an added touch of minimalism, and you’re good to go.

10. Reversed Purple Balayage on Platinum Blonde 

via Pinterest/nuggwifee

Are you tired of platinum blonde, but you don’t have to give it up either? Try out this amazing reversed ombre with purple roots and lilac ends. On long, wavy hair the ombre effect is unbelievable!

11. Bold Pastels & Purple Hints

via Pinterest/Fashioniers 

Have you ever tried a multi-colored ombre? A wavy bob with hints of pink, blue and purple might seem like too much. But done correctly, the effect is incredible. The hairdo is without a shadow of a doubt unconventional. But it’s also stylish and elegant.

12. Bright Purple Bob

via Pinterest/styl.fm

In the mood for a radical change? We recommend this bright purple balayage. To give your hairstyle an elegant allure, stick to a medium-length bob with a middle parting.

13. Blue Bob & Purple Balayage Highlights 

via Pinterest/Jayne Emms

This shocking blue bob looks interesting and chic. In the front, the purple balayage hues are barely noticeable. But the combo works amazing because it balances the black hues underneath.

14. Long Dark Brown & Purple Curls 

via Pinterest/therighthairstyles

Long dark brown with a hint of charcoal can look playful and youthful, but also chic and stylish. Mix it up with purple balayage highlights from the middle and you’ll fall in love with the end result.

15. Silver Bob & Lavender Tips 

via Pinterest/Fashionisers 

Silver hair has a very special chic allure. It works best with nude makeup and pale skin, and if you want to add a touch of originality to the mix, go with purple balayage tips and a sided parting.

16. Dusty Purple Balayage & Silver Accents

via Pinterest/Sarah Keo

Dusty purple is one of the most romantic hair colors of this season. Mixed with slight silver accents, the final hairdo will exceed all your expectations.

17. Lilac Purple Balayage & Bouncy Waves 

via Pinterest/Emily Murphy 

What we love most about longer bobs is that they can be easily styled. You can get bouncy curls and thus has a sophisticated style ready for a party or formal event. As for the color, plain purple balayage will might be just what you need to turn some heads  around.

18. Metallic Gray & Purple Balayage

via Pinterest/Shady’s Closet

Metallic gray is here to stay. But if you feel the color is too simple, we recommend purple balayage highlights. Let your curls run loose on the back, and enjoy the end result. Get ready to shine!

19. Dark Gray Purple Ombre 

via Pinterest/Hair Colors Ideas

Neat dark gray purple balayage can look incredibly stylish and chic. The color blends perfectly on darker hair, meaning that if you’re brunette or brown, the nuance will blend beautifully.

20. Blue Black Bob & Purple Highlights 

via Instagram/Hairstylistnadine

Blue black with slight hints of purple gives your short wavy bob a very special appeal. The warm combo will illuminate your face, emphasizing your jaw line and cheekbones. Stick with an asymmetrical type of bob for an added touch of originality.

21. Mixed Brown Purplish Balayage 

via Instagram/takuyaxtakuya

A lot of women think plain brown is boring. But it doesn’t have to be. Get light purple ombre highlights at the very ends and your medium-length hair will shine once again.

22. Long Beach Waves & Purple Hints 

via Pinterest/Alex van Diepen

A lot of women dream about having long beautiful hair. But then again, one color may not grab attention. To spice things up, consider getting bright purple highlights; a form of discreet balayage that will bring you out of anonymity.

23. Long Violet & Black Balayage with Bangs 

via Pinterest/Mane Interest

A long bob with a frontal fringe makes you look younger. Your sense of style will improve, and by adding purple balayage into the mix the final hairdo will scream original sense of style. Keep it simple and let your hair do the talking!

24. Brilliant Pastel Purple 

via Pinterest/The Fashion Spot

Purple is a type of color that comes in a wealth of nuances. Pastels, in particular, are bold and striking. Take the plunge this season and dare to go full purple balayage.

25. Light Brown & Purple Details 

via Pinterest/Valerie Delafuente 

Details can make a huge difference! Purple hues on light brown hair can completely change your sense of fashion, and in a world where everyone looks alike, change is what will make you feel different.

26. Electric Purple Balayage

via Pinterest/Glaminati

Electric purple balayage is a nuance for all the avant-garde girls out there. Are you one of them? The mix of deep bright purple and lavender at the tips is sublime. We love the layering, although you are advised to consult with a stylist before doing anything. Otherwise you risk messing up your beautiful long locks.

27. Platinum Blonde & Purple Balayage Tips 

via Pinterest/Sumer Browning

Platinum blonde is such a luxurious hair color. Blondes are in love with it, however if you feel that the nuance is too simple and unappealing, we recommend purple balayage highlights at the ends. For the effect to be wow, the transition from platinum to purple needs to be done smoothly. For this, you need a professional. Don’t worry, most stylists will understand exactly what you want.

28. Light Purple Balayage & Tribal Shaving Detail

via Pinterest/eslamoda

In love with the eternal top bun? Perfect. Now you can make it look cool with a color change and an ingenious shave on the back. Go purple and choose a tribal shaving (or any other design) that best matches your personality and sense of style. Wear it daily and own it. The color will grab all the attention, but also the cool design on the back. The ballerina bun with a twist is highly recommended in the summer, when it too hot to let your hair loose. No worries, as this chic bun will also grab attention.

29. Subtle Purple Hues

via Pinterest/donelovehair

Subtle purple hues are romantic, especially if you have light silver hair or platinum blonde. The smooth purple blend is discreet, and the purpose is to give your hairdo a slight effect. The color combo will instantly change your style, making it look vibrant, fresh, and original.

30. Boho Chic Purple Balayage 

via Pinterest/meilleurcoiffeur

Purple defines the boho chic trend. Get the brightest deep purple balayage and use a tribal band to hold your hair in place. It’s so simple and yet so stylish. Alternate the bright hues with lavender highlights, for an added touch of originality.

31. Symmetrical Bob & Purple Tips and Straight Bangs 

via Instagram/behindthechair_com

A symmetrical bob with a straight fringe doesn’t just make you younger; it also makes you look stylish and sophisticated. And if that’s not enough you can get bright purple balayage at the tips. The wow effect is guaranteed! Wear the hairdo at the office to impress co-workers, or at any party and all eyes will be on you.

32. Deep Purple & Light Violet Ombre 

via Pinterest/HairStyles & HairCuts

The chic blend of deep purple ombre with lavender tips is divine. Women fond of black and white will adore this nuance because it can be easily matched with monochrome hues. Let it loose or go with a side swept bangs, and you’ll be all set to wow everyone around you.

33. Chic Ponytail 

via Pinterest/vsco.it

How can we make a simple ponytail look stunning? Dye it purple and it will no longer seem average. High ponytails can look extremely chic and elegant. In combination with dark brown, your purple balayage hair will look  a lot more dynamic and vibrant.

34. Long Messy Bob & Purple Balayage

via Pinterest/Hannah

Let your inner rebel come out on the surface with a purple balayage messy bob. A side parting gives your hairdo an elegant, chic appeal and matte lipstick complements the look. To emphasize more on your facial feature, go with a top crop. You’re all set to hit the streets and make an impression!

35. Purple Balayage with Side Parting & Blue Hints

via Pinterest/humanhairweave

Playful waves are in trend this season. The longer the waves the better. However, to make yourself stand out you need a striking hair color. Fuchsia and deep purple might just be the combo that you need. For an added touch of elegance, we recommend a side parting or side swept bangs.

36. Effortless Black & Purple Hues 

via Instagram/soothingsista

When it comes to dying your black hair, the colors available may not match with your sense of style. The good new is, purple is a brand new color that you might want to experiment with. Purple balayage in particular has a specific urban allure. It work perfectly on black, and it is what you need this season to stand out from the crowd.

37. Gray & Purple Balayage with Retro Curls 

via Pinterest/goodhousekeeping

The retro style is back, and we’re not just talking about clothes and jewelry. A retro-inspired hairdo is elegant and sophisticated. Paired with purple balayage hues, the final style will blow you away. It doesn’t just shine, it steals the show! 2017 is the year to make a notable change in your life. Get a hair makeover and let balayage handle the rest.

38. Bright Blonde & Lavender Balayage 

via Pinterest/vogue-escapades

Bright blonde with slight hues of pink and purple exude elegance. Don’t you think your layered bob needs a makeover? It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and make change for once. Light purple balayage highlights are all you need to feel confident again! The color will redefine your jaw line, making you look thinner and more sophisticated than ever before.

39. Hip Bob & Slight Purple Shades 

via Pinterest/hipster.cricket

A hip, straight cut bob with accents of blue and purple is ideal for women fond of the minimalistic sense of style. On silver hair, the combo matches perfectly. The straightness of the bob is sublime, but it only works if you have a thin long neck. Own your new hairdo and wear it on a daily basis with nude clothes. This way, you can accentuate the purple balayage on your hair.

40. Gradient Purple Balayage & Side Swept Fringe 

via Pinterest/foliver

This gradient purple balayage look is absolutely stunning. We love the side swept fringe and gradual effect from darker to lighter purple. If you have long, beautiful hair, this might be the style that you need for this spring season.

Purple balayage might seem like the most challenging hair color. But, if done correctly it will completely change your appearance. It will give you the sense of confidence that you need to feel and look gorgeous everywhere you go. Which of the 40 looks we’ve chosen best matches your personality?

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