7 Best Affordable Online Clothing Stores

By on November 24, 2014

In 2014, online shopping became more widespread than ever. People choose to browse looks, images, and clothes from the comfort of their home. Why buy clothes online? Well, it’s convenience, price, and choices. You can visit virtually dozens of shops in just a few hours and choose something that is both unique and affordable. Most online shops have sales going on and you do not need to wait for the Black Friday to get fully dressed for under $15. Below you will find the most affordable shops of 2014 that you should bookmark in your browser.


   1. Forever 21

1This is the most popular website for college students and anyone else who feels young, bold and beautiful. It offers great variety of clothes, shoes, and accessories for every person, so both skinny and plus size girls can find affordable hot outfits on the website.



   2. Asos


One of the biggest online shops, which ships internationally to virtually any country of the world. Everyone who tried online shopping at least once knows this website. It’s the Amazon of clothes, that is, it literally has everything to suit any budget. If you are still a bit unsure about online shopping and want to try it, this is the store you should start with. They even have affordable designers’ items if you dig well.



   3. Modcloth 


An attention-grabbing website, one can see that they invested into making something different. For instance, there is a members-only area, so if you are a member, you can choose items you like and get notified when they are on discount. Makes you feel special, doesn’t it? Modcloth offers free delivery for orders over $50. There is also an entire outfits’ photos section where you can look for an inspiration or upload photos of your own look to share the successful purchase you have made there with the rest of the Modcloth community.


   4. Boohoo


An affordable store that also ships internationally. There is an option to track your delivery. Delivery in the USA is free when your purchase is over $45, for the rest of the world you would have to pay $9.99. Boohoo have lots of discounts, items can be organized by price, which makes it easier for people on a budget. Their style is a bit similar to Forever 21, but more affordable.


   5. Urban Original 


Wonderful website with the sale always going on. It is for women only and the variety of clothes and accessories is endless. Go to Urbanog if you are looking for bold shoes and boots that will make you stand out. A pleasant bonus: Urbanog is one of few online stores with a huge department of hot lingerie, while most of the other online shops mostly specialize in pajamas and cuddly undergarments.


   6. Loveculture 


This women only online store offers a variety of styles and trends for any taste: indie, rock, hip, classic, retro… It is all limited by just your imagination. Some items might be pricey, but there is always something on sale, so for example, you can buy a hip jumpsuit for under $15.


   7. Rue21 


This shop is excellent for guys and girls that like Forever 21 style but couldn’t really find anything there. You can find trendy graphic tees, shoes, perfumes, excellent plus size section. Usually you can buy two nice tunics or button shirts for $20.


These seven affordable online clothing stores will expand and upgrade your look without much damage to your budget. Indeed, why spend more, and I am talking about both time and money, when just a few hours in these online shops can get you the hottest items for half price? Enjoy your shopping, girls!

(all images sourced via pinterest.com)

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