100 Hottest TV Actors 2013-2014 (Part D)

By on November 10, 2013

We’ve had a look at some of the hottest guys on TV in the 100 Hottest TV Actors 2013-2014 series Part A!   and  Part B  and   Part C .With delights such as the sadly deceased Cory Monteith, the adorable LL Cool J, the smart yet funny Johnny Galecki and even a few CSI special in there, you might have thought that guys couldn’t get any hotter!

Well ladies – things are indeed about to get hotter. The next 20 guys are going to be hotter than the ones we’ve mentioned before! Are you ready for the eye-candy? Let’s dive right on in, shall we?

40 – Joseph Morgan

This curly-haired cutie has been spotted in TV shows such as The Vampire Diaries and it’s spin-off show The Originals, and these are perhaps where you will known Joseph Morgan from. He was actually nominated for a few awards for his role of Niklaus “Klaus” Mikaelson. He was nominated for the award of Choice TV Villain in the Teen Choice Awards for 2011, 2012 and 2013!

photo 1-3

However, there are a few others that he has notched up over the years – there was the brilliant British Casualty that he starred in for a year. Then there was the 2007 series of Doc Martin; another British show.

photo 3-2

Not just a TV actor, Joseph Morgan also starred as Lysander in the 2011 film Immortals and even has a couple more fins due out soon. 500 Miles North, for example, is currently in post-production and see’s Joseph playing the part of James Hogg in the Drama alongside Kevin McInally, Vanessa Branch and Matt Ryan. There is also a film due out in 2014 called Dermaphoria which is said to be a thriller. We can’t wait for it!

photo 2-3

Unfortunately for the ladies out there that love to lust over this British hottie, he isn’t on the market. Nine and Ian weren’t the only two to find a romance out of The Vampire Diaries; Joseph Morgan met his girlfriend on the set of the show! Boo!

39 – Aaron Paul

Most of you will recognise this guy from the AMC series called Breaking Bad which has taken the UK, Canada and the USA by storm recently. He plays the part of Jesse Pinkman in the show; a role that has actually won him a couple of awards! There was the two Primetime Emmy Awards that he won for “Best supporting actor in a drama series” and then there was the two Saturn Awards for “Best supporting actor on television”. It would seem that things are on the up for this guy!

photo 3-3

Not just known for his acting career, it would seem that Aaron Paul has been somewhat of a hit with the ladies. Back in 2001 he met Samaire Armstong on the set of The X-Files and they dated for a while. In 2009, he started dating Jessica Lowndes. In 2012 he started dating and then got engaged to Corinne Parsekian and just a year later in May of 2013, they got hitched. Another beautiful actor that has been taken off the market – sniff sniff!

photo 2-4

Of course, we don’t mind that he’s all happy and settled down, especially when you take into consideration how busy he has been and how many films he has coming out over the next few months. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to see this handsome hunk, that’s for sure. He has four films coming out in 2014 alone – Exodus, which he is currently filming, Hellion which is post-production, Need for Speed which is also in post-production and A Long Way Down. With Breaking Bad still going on, we wonder if this guy actually has time to have a relationship!

photo 1-4

38 – Kevin McKidd

The British readers out there will more than likely remember this guy from the brilliant 1996 film Trainspotting. Yes that’s right – another British guy on our list! It would seem that Britain has been pumping out its fair share of beautiful British actors recently for TV and film and we aren’t complaining in the slightest!

Kevin McKidd 1

For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of watching the gritty and sometimes hard-to-watch film, you will probably recognise him from the TV series Grey’s Anatomy in which he plays the part of Dr. Owen Hunt – a doctor that women all over the world have fallen hopelessly in love with.

Kevin McKidd 3

He’s been in a few TV shows and films over the years including voicing the character of Lord MacGuffin and Young MacGuffin in the 2012 film Brave which, let’s face it; we all loved! There was also the 2002 film Dog Soldiers which is a great film if you’ve never seen it, and even Kingdom of Heaven back in 2005. Coming back to the here and now and it would seem that alongside Grey’s Anatomy, Kevin McKidd has been busy filming again with a couple of movies coming out soon.

Cross my Mind, for example, is due to be released in 2014 and sees Kevin acting alongside Olivia Williams in the drama movie. In the same year, Indian Summer will also be released, as will North of Hell which also stars Katherine Heigl and Jordana Brewster.

He’s been busy, that’s for sure!

Kevin McKidd 2

Sadly for us, Kevin McKidd has been married since 1999 to a lady called Jane Parker and they now have two adorable kids together. Although they live in LA because of his busy filing schedule with Grey’s Anatomy, they try to go back home to Scotland every now and again. It’s nice that he can go back to his roots occasionally! He was born in Elgin, Moray in Scotland on 9th August, 1973 which actually makes him 40 years old too!

37 – Allen Leech

Yet another British guy, Allen Leech was born in County Dublin, Ireland on 18th May, 1981 making him a rather respectable 31 years old. It was the 1998 production of the film A Streetcar Named Desire that first put him on the map but since then, he seems to have gone from strength to strength and it is perhaps the British Drama Downton Abbey that he is now better known for. This show has taken the entire world by storm, it would seem!

Allen Leech 3

Tall, dark hair and beautiful eyes, there is no wonder why people are starting to notice Allan Leech. This is especially the case with some of the films that he has been in recently. For example, the 2012 film The Sweeney rocked the film world, and there was also the British TV show The Tudors that everyone seemed to love as well. He played the part of Francis Dereham in the show.

Allen Leech 2

For now, you will continue to see Allen Leech playing the part of Tom Branston in the TV show Downton Abbey until next year (2014) when a film called The Imitation Game will be released. With Keira Knightly, Benedict Cumberbach and Matthew Goode all starring in the drama thriller, you know it’s going to be a good one!

Allen Leech 1

36 – Patrick Dempsey

What’s not to love about this actor, seriously? He is a beautiful man and has played some of the best parts in TV. Just take a look at his character Dr. Derek Shepherd in Grey’s Anatomy if you don’t believe us! With his floppy brown hair and beautiful smile, there is a reason he continually shows up on the Hottest Men lists, and when you take a peek at some of the films that he has racked up over the years, you can understand the fan base!

Patrick Dempsey 1

Made of Honor in 2008 made most of our office completely fall in love with him, and then the boys loved him when he starred in Transformers: Dark of the Moon back in 2011. Luckily, there are a few more films coming up as well as the continuing Grey’s Anatomy, so there is plenty of time for us to catch him in action.

Enchanted 2, for example, has been rumoured to star Patrick Dempsey as Robert Philip, and there is one more guaranteed film that he will be starring in that’s set for release next year – Mission: S.O.P. which is a comedy drama meant for the whole family to enjoy. With Dennis Rodman and Michelle Romano starring alongside him, you know it will be a good one.

Patrick Dempsey 2

It would seem that his love life hasn’t been quite as successful as his career with two marriages so far under his belt. There was the actress/acting coach Rochelle Parker who he married back in 1987 but they divorced in 1994, and then there was Jillian Fink who he married in 1999 and are still together now. Second time seems to be lucky for Patrick, especially when you take into consideration that he has three beautiful children with the woman!

35 – Josh Radnor

The name Josh Radnor probably doesn’t mean a lot to you. The name Ted Moseby probably does though… That’s right; Josh plays the part of Ted Moseby in the amazingly funny CBS sitcom called How I Met Your Mother which our office is obsessed with! We actually spoke about the reported Alyson Hannigan plastic surgery reports a while back – do you believe that the HIMYM star has had celebrity plastic surgery done?

Josh Radnor 1

Back to Josh and he’s not just an actor – he’s a screenwriter too. His directorial and writing debut was in 2010 with the comedy-drama Happythankyoumoreplease and he actually won an award for it – the Sundance Film Festival Audience Award to be more specific. Now you can class him as an actor, producer, film director AND screenwriter. It’s a far cry from the architect that we known and love on the sitcom he is most known for, isn’t it?

Josh Radnor 2

Born in Ohio on July 29th, 1974, Josh has been in a few more films that you may have heard of over the years – Not Another Teen Movie, for example, was released in 2011 and whether you loved it or you hated it, you probably laughed at it! This is why we felt that Josh belonged on this list – he’s hot and funny, and all girls love that! We’ll bet that you love him even more when you take into consideration that he is 6ft1 tall! All girls love tall guys too, right?

34 – Ian Harding

If you watch Pretty Little Liars you will know Ian Harding better as Ezra Fitz. The Germany born actor (born September 16th, 1986) actually has an American military background and they, along with his older sister Sarah, moved to Virginia only a few years after he was born. Going into acting seems to have been a good choice for him though – he has managed to bag himself 4 Teen Choice Awards for his portrayal of Ezra Fitz in the TV show – in 2010 and 2011 he won “Choice Summer TV star – Male” and in 2012 and 2013 he won “Choice TV Drama – Actor”.

Ian Harding 1

He has done well for himself, it would seem!

Not just known for Pretty Little Liars, Ian Harding was also in one episode of NCIS: Los Angeles. To be more specific, it was Season 1, episode 15. Although not a long-running part, it would appear that it was all he needed to crack the big time, leading to a long-time part in the Pretty Little Liars series and placing him well and truly on the TV actors hall of fame.

Ian Harding 2

He’s branched into films a few times too; did you ever see Love & Other Drugs? He played Pfizer Trainee #1 in that. It might not have been a massive part but it would certainly appear as if he is on the way up.

There are a couple of short movies coming out over the next couple of years for this guy but it would appear that he is focused mainly on Pretty Little Liars for now. We don’t mind of course – we have developed a bit of an obsession to the show!

33 – Justin Chambers

Another Grey’s Anatomy favourite and we come to Justin Chambers – the guy who plays Dr. Alex Karev in the hit show. For a 43 year old man (born in Ohio on July 11th, 1970) he certainly looks fantastic, but this could be down to the fact that he is happily married with five kids. Perhaps that’s what keeps him looking so young? One thing is for sure – it’s not down to how much sleep he gets that keeps him looking youthful. He actually suffers from something called a biological sleep disorder and has checked himself into a medical centre to try and combat the two hours of sleep he only manages to get poor night. Poor guy – we’d sing him a lullaby, right?

Justin Chambers 1

Not just known for his hunky role of the cute doctor on Grey’s Anatomy, Justin Chambers is another TV actor that is also known for his film roles. For example, there was the 2001 The Wedding Planner film that also starred Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConnaughy and saw him playing the part of Massimo. There was also his role of Inspector Matt Parish in the 2005 film Zodiac. Who could forget his role as Donnie Eatonin the somewhat scary Lakeview Terrace too?

Justin Chambers 2

It would seem that he is sticking with TV for just now with no up and coming film roles reported to be coming up. We don’t mind seeing him as the hunky doctor however – it certainly brightens our day up quite nicely!

32 – Stephen Moyer

Come on – you know who this guy is! He’s the hot guy that plays Bill Compton in the dramatic TV show True Blood. We were hooked from the very first episode with this TV show and when they started introducing hotter actors into the mix, we were most definitely addicted!

Stephen Moyer 1

The 44 year old actor was actually born in Essex in the UK on 11th October, 1969 and it would seem that True Blood has been very good to him. Not only has it made him a household name on all corners of the globe, but also helped him to find true love in the shape of Anna Paquin, with whom he became engaged in 2009. They started dating in 2007 on the set of the show and got married in August, 2010. Since then, they have been blessed enough to welcome twins – a son and a daughter into their life. It means he’s off the market but they make the perfect couple, don’t they?

Stephen Moyer 2

That’s not the only kids he has – his previous relationships have left him with two other kids – a son and a daughter, making him now the proud Daddy to four beautiful kids! What a lucky guy he is!

Luckily for us, as well as carrying on with True Blood, Stephen Moyer has also been working on a TV movie of The Sound of Music in which he will play Captain von Trapp. Also starring in the TV film is Carrie Underwood who we LOVE, Christian Borle and Laura Benanti. How excited are you for this to come out?

31 – Misha Collins

Do you watch Supernatural? Well Misha Collins played the part of angel Castiel in the CW TV series! Not only that but he has also had reoccurring roles in the medical drama ER, has been in Nip/Tuck, NCIS, Monk, Charmed and even CSI. Is there no part this guy can’t play?

Misha Collins 1

There’s been a few films along the way too – if you ever watched Girl, Interrupted, you would have seen him play the part of Tony. He also played the part of Brian in Over Her Dead Body back in 2008! For now, however it would appear that he is focusing on Supernatural and we don’t mind that in the slightest!

Misha Collins 2

Originally born Misha Dmitri Tippens Krushnic in Massachussetts on August 20th, 1974, he is married to Victoria Vantoch and they have two kids together – a boy and a girl. As well as being a proud family man, happy husband and actor in both TV and film, Misha Collins can also say that hs is a published poet! It would seem that this guy is actually rather talented!

30 – Joe Manganiello

Wow this guy is mighty handsome! He’s had roles in some of the biggest and best TV shows of our time including One Tree Hill, ER and How I Met Your Mother as well as starring in some of the coolest films that we have seen.

Joe Manganiello 1

There was Spiderman, Spiderman 2 and Spiderman 3 plus Magic Mike (who could possibly forget Magic Mike?), What to Expect When You’re Expecting and a whole bunch more in the form of TV shows too! He’s in True Blood at the moment which makes us deliriously happy, and there are a couple of films due out in 2014 that you might want to keep your eyes peeled for as well.

Joe Manganiello 2

Sabotage is currently in post production and will see Joe Manganiello playing the role of Grinder alongside the most fabulous actor of them all – Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sam Worthington will also star in this action, drama, crime film and you’ll also see Josh Holloway in there too! We predict that this film will be huge!

There’s also Tumbledown coming out in the same year and this is said to be a comedy romance seeing Joe Manganiello starring alongside Rose Byrne. We do love a good rom-com, right ladies?

Joe Manganiello 3

At the moment, it would seem that Joe Manganiello is dating a model by the name of Bridget Peters. they started dating back in January of this year if rumours are to be believed and alongside taking her to various red carpet events, they have also been snapped out and about doing couple-y things like eating fish & chips! It would seem that they are a rather cool couple!

29 – Steven R. McQueen

We have featured quite a few actors from The Vampire Diaries so far and yet here we are with another hottie in the TV show – Steven R. McQueen. Despite being only 25 years old, it would seem that he has been very busy with his acting career with some of the biggest and best TV shows and films under his belt.

Steven R. McQueen 1

The thing he is most known for, as we have already mentioned, is his role of Jeremy Gilbert in The Vampire Diaries and he has been playing this part since 2009. He has created quite the frantic fan base over the world now and has even won an award for his acting career!

Steven R. McQueen 2

Back in 2006 he won the “Best Male Performance” Beverly Hills Film Festival award for his part in Club Soda. He was also nominated for a couple of awards for his part in The Vampire Diaries – the Youth Rock Awards nominated him for “Rockin TV Actor”, and the Teen Choice Awards had him nominated for “Scene Stealer – Male”. He didn’t win but for his young age, he is certainly making an impression already.

Steven R. McQueen 3

He was born in California on July 13th, 1988 and is 6 foot tall. As if we needed anymore reason to love him, right?

28 – Daniel Gillies

Daniel Gillies was originally born in Canada; in Manitoba to be precise. However, when he was five years old his parents took him to New Zealand where he stayed until 2001 when he then chose to go to Australia for a few weeks, then Canada, then LA. For a 37 year old actor, (born 14th March, 1976) he has done an awful lot with his life. We are certainly impressed.

Daniel Gillies 1

He has also managed to get married in this time – he married the actress Rachael Leigh Cook in 2004 within the first year of them dating and, unlike the rest of Hollywood, they are still together now and have had their first child just a couple of months ago in September of this year.

These days you’ll see Daniel Gillies in the TV show Saving Hope in which he plays Dr. Joel Goran – he’s been here since 2012. He is also in another TV show airing now called The Originals and in this, he plays Elijah Mikaelson. This is the spin-off show to The Vampire Diaries in which Daniel also starred as Elijah.

Daniel Gillies 2

Not just content with conquering TV, he has also branched into film and has managed to notch up a couple of impressive numbers too. You might have remembered him from Spiderman 2 back in 2004. He was also in the 2007 scary film called Captivity.

27 – Kit Harington

Another Brit on the list, Kit Harington was born in Worcestershire, England on 26th December, 1986! Awww! This 26 year old British cutie was born on Boxing Day!

Kit Harington 1

You will probably recognise this guy from the hit TV show Game of Thrones. He plays the part of Jon Snow in this TV show, but that’s not all he’s achieved so far.

Kit Harington 2

He was in Silent Hill: Revelation 3D and played the part of Vincent in this! There have been a whole bunch of TV appearances in the UK and USA alike. He’s also been busy recently it would seem as well – he has three films coming out in 2014 alone!

Seventh Son will see Kit Harington starring alongside Hollywood greats such as Julianne Moore, Jeff Bridges, Olivia Williams and Jason Scott Lee! The family fantasy/adventure film looks like it has the makings of a great film! We can’t wait to see it!

Pompeii is another film that is set for release in 2014. This is another adventure style film but this time set in an action-come-drama backdrop. With Emily Browning, Carrie-Anne Moss and Keither Sutherland; it looks like it could be yet another impressive film. It would seem like Kit Harington has his eye on the ball.

Kit Harington 3

Of course, we can’t talk about his future films without talking about the eagerly-awaited How to Train Your Dragon 2 which is again, coming out next year. He will be playing the voice of Eret in the film and will see him acting alongside amazing at ors and actresses like Cate Blanchett, Gerard Butler, Jonah Hill, Kristen Wig, America Ferrera and T.J. Miller. Yet another amazing acting choice from the young Kit Harington!

26. Matthew Davis

We first remembered seeing this all-American cutie in the amazing Legally Blonde film! You remember him – he played the boyfriend of Reese Witherspoon’s character and it turned out he was an idiot. (Like most men.)

Matthew Davis 1

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah on May 8th, 1978, he’s now 35 years old but certainly shows no signs of slowing down at any point soon. He’s been cranking the roles out recently with roles such as Sebastian in BloodRayne – the film adaption of the great game which a couple of the girls in our team had played and loved. Seeing Other People back in 2004 saw him playing the part of Donald, and he was Matt Trollman in the 2002 hit Blue Crush. He played Joe in Pearl Harbor back in 2001 and was also in Tigerland in 2000.

Of course, you can’t talk about Matthew Davies’ acting career and not talk about his TV appearances, hence the reason for him appearing on this list. He was in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation this year. There was also the Cult TV series in which he played Jeff Sefton. For four years starting in 2009, he played the part of Alaric Saltzman in The Vampire Diaries, and the 2009-2010 series of Damages saw him acting as the part of Josh Reston.

Matthew Davis 2

We have a little snippet of information about this guy to share with you – he was actually a pizza delivery guy before he broke into Hollywood and he actually delivered a pizza to the actor Andy Garcia. Apparently, Matthew has always wanted to meet Andy Garcia and remind them that they actually met that day! Wouldn’t that be the coolest?!

25 – RJ Mitte

We bring you another actor from Breaking Bad now – you may remember that he played the part of Walter White Jr. from 2008 onwards. We have become literally obsessed with the TV show now – have you gotten into it as well?

RJ Mitte 1

Not just known for that, he’s done quite a bit of other stuff too. He’s only 21 years old, born in Louisiana on August 21st, 1992, but once he had started as an extra on the Hannah Montana show, taken some acting lessons and was offered the part of Walter White Jr. in Breaking Bad – the position meant that RJ Mitte would be playing the part of a guy that had cerebral palsy and then, because of this, The Screen Actors Guild actually made him a spokesperson for actors with disabilities. Doesn’t it make your heart melt?

RJ Mitte 2

He’s branching into films these days and has a couple of films coming out in 2014. The Jigsaw Puzzle Murders, for example, is a mystery thriller and RJ Mitted has reportedly been suggested as the part of JT Randolf. There’s another film too due out called The Devil’s Ink that promises to be an action to blow your mind!

24 – Ed Speleers

This 25 year old British actor is not just an actor. Oh no! Ed Speleers is an actor, a producer and a marathon runner. Perhaps that’s the reason behind his super-fine body; he ran the London Marathon (26.2 miles) in 3 hours and 40 minutes! See – this guy is super hot!

Ed Speleers 3

These days you will probably recognise him as the part of Jimmy Kent in the amazingly brilliant British TV show called Downton Abbey, which has already featured quite a bit on our Top 100 Hottest TV Actors 2013-2014! He’s been in the show for a year now but there are a few other things that you may have noticed him in.

Ed Speleers 1

He played the voice of Eragon in the 2006 film of the same name. That’s probably where you recognise his name from – you must admit it’s a tad different!

Ed Speleers 2

23 – Gabriel Mann

We’ve gone back over the water now to the USA to number 23 on our list – Gabriel Mann. Born in Vermont on May 14th, 1972, the 41 year old actor has got a pretty impressive list of films and TV appearances under his belt, and we think he’s hot. That’s why he’s on the list!

Gabriel Mann 1

These days he is probably best known for his part on the new hit TV show Revenge in which he plays the part of Nolan Ross. You might also remember him from The Bourne Supremacy in 2004 – he played the part of Danny Zorn.

Gabriel Mann 2

There have been some rumours surrounding the relationship between Gabriel Mann and his long-term partner after they were seen out having dinner, and is partner’s stomach having a rather large pregnancy-looking glow. Despite all the secrecy, it would seem that the news had finally emerged that Gabriel Mann was going to be a father. As yet the rumours have not yet been confirmed or denied but we are excited for him if the news is true! He’s going to be a hot Dad, that’s for sure!

22 – Rupert Friend

You’ll recognise this guy if you’ve ever seen the show Homeland. In this, he plays the part of Peter Quinn and has been in the show for a year now. Not just a TV actor, Rupert Friend is an film and TV actor, writer AND a director from England. He was born in Oxfordshire on October 1st, 1981 making him a beautifully refined 32 years old.

Rupert Friend 1

You may remember him from some of his previous film parts – he was The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas in 2008 and he played Kurt Kotler. The Young Victoria back in 2009 saw him playing the part of Prince Albert. There was all the much-loved Pride and Prejudice in 2005 in which he played Mr. Wickham.

Rupert Friend 2

There is a film coming out in 2014 called Meet Me in Montenegro that Rupert Friend is starring in. This comedy will see him filming alongside Deborah Ann Woll and Jennifer Ulrich.

Rupert Friend 3

Keira Knightly dated this guy for five years from 2005-2010 but it doesn’t look like he is dating anyone right now. You know – just in case you are interested!

21 – Matt Lanter

This 90210 hottie sure gets the pulses racing, doesn’t he ladies? This Ohio born beauty is a lush 30 years old and was born on April Fool’s Day (April 1st) in 1983. This voice actor, TV and film actor and model is no laughing joke though – he’s seriously hot and he’s landing some serious roles!

Matt Lanter 3

At the moment he plays Liam Court in the super bitchy TV series 90210. H’s also in the TV series Ultimate Spider-Man as Venom-come-Flash Thompson-come Harry Osborn. He was also in the Star Wars: Clone Wars TV series from 2008-2013 and was in the films Disaster Movie in 2008, Sorority Row in 2009 and The Roommate in 2011. He loves a good horror and sci-fi flick then?

Matt Lanter 2

There is a film called A Chance of Rain coming out next year (2014) and will see Matt Lanter playing the part of Eric in the movie. The drama follows the main character Eric; a photographer, and his journey running marathons to try and raise money for the crisis of water in Africa.

Matt Lanter 1

Many women out there had bet their money on Matt Lanter playing the lead role in the up and coming film Fifty Shades of Grey. Heroes and 90210 put him on the map and for many out there, he was their perfect man. Sadly he didn’t get picked but we are sure there’s plenty more coming up for this cutie.


So there you have the penultimate part in our Top 100 Hottest TV Actors 2013-2014. With only one more part and 20 more spaces left to fill, who do you think will make the cut? Have we left anyone out that you wished was on the list? Let us know and we’ll bring the final instalment >>> Part E

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