10 Tricks to Make Your Clothes Last Longer!

By on January 20, 2013

We all wish that we had the funds available to get Jennifer Lopez’s dress collection or Jennifer Aniston’s lovely closet filled with flirty tops and little black dresses. Most of us would kill for the shoes space Victoria Beckham must have in her home. There is one thing stopping most of us from getting to that dream – budget.

We may not be able to buy clothes on a regular occasion as we wish but we can take steps to make our clothes last much longer! Even something as simple as a home-dye kit can make a refreshing new change for an out of style garment you cannot bear to part with. We are going to investigate further!

Don’t buy clothes that you can’t maintain.


What’s the point in having a dry clean only dress when you have never been to a dry cleaner in your life? If you can’t stand ironing, don’t buy a whole tone of clothes that require an iron every time you so much as peek at them. You won’t ever wash these clothes therefore you will never ever wear them – don’t waste your closet space or your money.

Are you clumsy?


If you seem to spend more time sucking your coffee from the front of your shirt, there is no way you will make it through the day in a white shirt. You will just need to buy slightly darker tops.
Try not to hang too many items!

You may think that hanging that sweater is the perfect way to avoid ironing but you could be causing it to look misshapen. You can’t wear a sweater dress that has weird looking coat hanger marks in the shoulders so don’t even try it.
Do you really need to wash that so often?

The easiest way to ruin clothes is to over-wash them. Do you really need to clean your jeans after an hour of wearing them? Could you hang them back up and wear them for a couple of hours another day as well?
Keep all of your spare buttons etc. with a miniature sewing kit.

How many times have you not worn a dress because the top button was missing and you didn’t have the time to sew it back on? Eventually you are going to throw it out because you haven’t worn it in so long. As soon as you notice the button is missing, give it a quick stitch – everything is all kept neatly together after all!

Don’t wash all of your clothes together.

It is well worth an extra couple of days waiting until you have all the items the same color to throw in the washer. Otherwise those beautiful white tops you have will end up pink once you have washed them with the red top you wore last night and that’s not a good look for anyone.

Create something new!

If you have a pair of jeans that are a little too short for you these days, why not make them into something else entirely? You could cut the legs off to make a cute pair of shorts for the up and coming summer, or even get creative with the butt and make a cute denim handbag. Just because you don’t wear them anymore, doesn’t mean you can’t alter them so that you can wear them.

A little studding!


Boring old white work shirts don’t have to be thrown out now that you have a more casual dress code at work. Why not dye them a different shade so that you can wear them with another outfit? Or even reinvent them by adding studs at the collar and wearing underneath a round neck dress and boots for the winter. You can even just throw on a similar colored vest top underneath and wear tied up over jeans for a really cute spring time look.
Buy a bra extender


The crappiest of bras can be instantly reformed to fit under one outfit or another with this nifty little gadget. That old graying bra may not look good under white or black anymore, but under a gray sweater with the extender holding the bra straps out of visibility under the tied style back is the perfect fit.

Get selling!

Finally, if all else fails, sell your old clothes on eBay and buy some new ones. You can get some amazing deals on designer clothes on this great site and once you have sold off some of the things that you no longer wear anymore, you will find that you don’t even have to break into your bank balance. Now that’s smart thinking!

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