50 Best A Line Haircut

By on May 1, 2014

1. Victoria Beckham A Line Haircut: Short Curls


To stop her curls from potentially looking boring, Posh Spice has spiced things up a bit by curling her A Line haircut. Her cut was short in the first place but the tight curls raises it again. This is a great way to gently frame your face and add some variety to your A line style. Notice how Posh hasn’t done her curls too tight either. They’re just tight enough to be considered curls (though I’d say they’re more waves really), giving her style a soft edge.

2. Rihanna A Line Haircut: Tight Curls


Speaking of curls, I absolutely love pop princess Rihanna’s curly A line cut. Her original A line cut sat just atop her shoulders but the tight curls she’s added really picks it up, totally changing her look. Notice how the top half of her hair remains smooth and sleek and it’s just the bottom half that she’s had tightly curled. This is a fab way to get the best of both worlds. This style is classy, elegant, yet utterly sexy. It’s one of my favourite looks on her.

3. Rachel McAdams A Line Haircut: Pretty In Pink


Rachel McAdams is a true beauty even at the worst of times but I’m sure you’ll agree that her gorgeous pink A line haircut really adds to her look. Here she’s taken a simple A Line cut, made it look rugged yet chic, and tinted it with some beautiful shades of pink. The soft tones really suit her pale skin while the dark tones ignite her hair colour. This is a style you can do with any colour too be it blue, red, purple, anything! Just be sure you remember to mix dark and light shades for the best effect.

4. Scarlett Johansson A Line Haircut: Elegant Curls


I loved having a A line haircut but one of my biggest issues with it was that it was always in my face. I just couldn’t seem to find a way to pin it back elegantly or without looking like I was four. Scarlett Johansson however has managed the feat wonderfully. She’s curled one half of her hair away from her face so it doesn’t fall in her way while she’s pinned back the other half, making for an incredibly chic look. This is a great way to show off all your beautiful features while still having gorgeous hair.

5. Nicole Ritchie A Line Haircut: Straight and Sleek


Of course, an A line haircut doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It can beautifully simple like Nicole Ritchie here. Her smooth, sleek look shows off the fabulous definition in her style and also really shows off her highlights. I love her short, side-swept bangs. They’re a great way to frame a face, especially if you have an overly large or overly short forehead.

6. Christina Aguilera A Line Haircut: Short and Sleek


Here the pop sensation has opted for a shorter version of the A line haircut. As she’s tucked under the front portion of her hair it’s difficult to tell whether this is an A line style or not meaning she’s found a great way to quickly alter her entire look. This cut is so simple. It’s short, sweet, and sleek. No confusing bangs or layers, just style.

7. Drew Barrymore A Line Haircut: Long Beach Waves


Here Drew Barrymore has opted for a longer version of the A line haircut and has paired it with beautiful, rugged beach waves. The waves add volume to her fine hair and soften what can often be quite a sharp look. I simply love her gorgeous low lights and the way the contrasting light and dark tones bring out her skin tone.

8. Anne Hathaway A Line Haircut: Accessorise With A Hat


As I’ve already shown, your simple A line style need not look the same day in and day out but, for those of you with little to no time to style your hair, grabbing the curlers isn’t the only option you’ve got. Simply adding a hat can completely change your look, giving you a chic new style that will never go out of fashion.

9. Hayden Panettiere A Line Haircut: Simple Elegance


Here Hayden has completely transformed her look, so much so it’s hard to even tell she had an A line cut to begin with. She’s simply brushed all her hair back and held it in place, leaving only her long bangs to softly fly free. This style scream elegance and turns her from a woman into a proper lady. It really suits her in my opinion!

10. Selena Gomez A Line Haircut: Sleek and Highlighted


I love Selena Gomez’s long hair but personally I think this suits her even better. It makes her look like someone you’d take seriously, not just a Wizard from Waverly Place. Note how it hangs just above her shoulders, sweeping to one side, and still looks full of volume despite being straightened. I think it’s also worth noting her incredibly subtle highlights. All too often people go over the top with colour but here Selena has show that that’s not at all necessary. Simple and sweet.

11. Nina Dobrev A Line Haircut: A Cheat Style


I’m a massive fan of Nina Dobrev and her fabulous long hair yet I’ve fallen in love with this style on her. Okay, so I admit it, it’s not a true A line cut, her long hair has only been curled and styled to look like one, but it still looks amazing. For those of you with long hair not sure if you want to get the chop or not, this is a great first step to see if the style suits you or not. Or it’s just a great way to change your hair for a special occasion!

12. Drew Barrymore A Line Haircut: Tight Curls


Okay, so I’ll admit that I’m not totally sold on this look but I know some people who love it. Here Drew has altered her straight cut style by adding tight curls, each of them well defined. It makes her style seem a good couple of inches charter and adds a lot of volume to her hair. Perhaps if you’re going to a seventies party…

13. Scarlett Johansson A Line Haircut: Flicked Out


For the majority of A line styles hair is flicked under at the bottom, creating a bobbed look. Here Scarlett has broken from that tradition to make a great look all of her own. She’s has the tips of her hair flicked out the other way making for a whole new look, one I’m not even sure how to describe. This is fab as it looks great yet requires minimal styling.

14. Gwyneth Paltrow A Line Haircut: Medium Length and Straight


This is by far one of my favourite looks on good old Gwen. It really suits her slim figure and brings out the structure in her face. This medium length is fab as it allows her to show off her shoulders and back while taking nothing away from her face. As usual, she wears her hair smooth and sleek, a style which she seems to know suits her best.

15. Drew Barrymore A Line Haircut: Big and Beautiful


This is another style of Drew’s that seems to have torn opinions but personally I love it. I wish this was my hair! Her soft curls add tonnes of volume to her hair and even makes it look layered when it’s not. She’s swept her hair off her face, bringing out all her beautiful features and giving herself an elegance I don’t think we’ve seen in her other styles. Fabulous! I love it!

16. Victoria Beckham A Line Haircut: Short and Straight


This it seems is much more like the Victoria Beckham we’re all used to. Short, straight and sharp. This style really suits her as it highlights her angular face instead of risking hiding it away. Plus, the shape manages to give her a slight bit of volume despite her seemingly thin hair. The soft tones really bring out her tanned skin too. All in all, I’m struggling to think of why this doesn’t work.

17. Bethany Joy Lenz A Line Haircut: Rugged Waves


Over the years we’ve seen Bethany Joy Lenz sport many a style but this is one of my favourites on her. I love that it’s not just straight and plain like so many other A Line styles. The slight flicks and waves really liven up the style and add a bit of personality to Bethany’s look. It’s a winner if you ask me.

18. Anne Hathaway A Line Haircut: Long A Line


This look is perfect for Anne Hathaway in my opinion. I love how it rests on her shoulders and how her highlights really blend in. She looks so natural she looks radiant. Her long bangs look great tucked behind her ear and also help make this look incredibly simple.

19.Cheryl Cole A Line Haircut:Volumised


Cheryl Cole is known for a lot of things, one of which is her amazing hair. While it looks fab long, I’m sure you’ll agree this short A line style really suits her. The volume really makes it something special, though whether or not that’s natural for her or is an added extra is hard to say. Either way it looks fab!

20. Kiera Knightley A Line Haircut: Tucked Under


Kiera Knightley is one of those women who looks fab no matter how she does this hair but it seems she favours short looks. This look is perfect for her. The A line style is cut to just below her chin meaning it can easily tuck under, framing her face like few other cuts can, helping to show off all her delicate features. This is a real winner for her if you ask me.

21. Fearne Cotton A Line Haircut: Soft Beach Waves


Fearne is the second star on out list who manages to pull of perfect beach waves. This look seems so effortless, making her look chic, stylist, and elegant. It gives her the appearance of layers even when there are none.

22. Emma Stone A Line Haircut: Long A Line


This is about the longest an A line hairstyle can be, in fact it’s probably verging on just being classed as simply long hair. Emma Stone wears is beautifully, especially with her side swept bangs. Her highlights look great and really match the warmth of her skin tone to give her a lovely, natural look.

23. Rachel McAdams A Line Haircut: Tight Curls


This isn’t my favourite look on Rachel McAdams but it’s a great example of how you can style an A Line haircut none the less. The tight curls give her a nineteen-twenties type look, bringing an elegance to the star. This is a great way to curl your bangs off your face too.

24. Scarlett Johansson A Line Haircut: Windswept Beauty


I’m genuinely still struggling to get over how gorgeous this look is. Here Scarlett has taken her simple A line style, curled it and then thrown it all back off her face in a windswept manor. It really brings her look to life, changing her style completely. Why more women don’t wear there hair like this is beyond me!

35. Scarlett Johanson A Line Haircut: Fiery Red


For those of you wondering what Scarlett’s hair looked like before she had it swept back, this is your answer. An A line style with perfect, soft curls. The curls really add volume to her hair, lovingly showing off her round face, and I’m sure you’ll agree that the red really sets of her look. It brings a warmth to her skin and really shows off the green in her eyes. If you’re looking for a new style for summer, this should definitely be in your top ten!

26. Hayden Panettiere A Line Haircut: Simplet Yet Elagent


Hayden looked fab before where I showed her with her hair pinned back off her face but I think I prefer her usual A line style even more. It’s simple, it’s sleek, and it’s the perfect length to show off her face and her prominent collar bones. The lack of layers means her hair is full of volume without looking rugged. It’s just elegant, sleek, and simple.

27. Kirsten Dunst A Like Haircut: Short


Here Kirsten Dunst shows off her wonderfully short A line haircut. It’s perhaps the most simple A line style you can get, though I warn you it doesn’t come with many styling options. I think she looks fab with one side of hair swept off her face and tucked behind her ear and with the other side hanging loose. You can’t really call it a style but boy it suits her!

28. Hayden Panettiere A Line Haircut: It’s All about Volume


This is officially my favourite look for good old Hayden. She’s taken a simple A line haircut and given it life, volume, and a whole new style. This looks is so simple yet so effective. All she’s done is add a bit of volume, add a few brushed out surly to add the effect of layers, and voila! Her whole look is changed near instantly. She goes from elegant to alive in one simple sweep.

29. Drew Barrymore A Line Haircut: Sultry Waves


By adding some uneven, side swept waves Drew has totally changed her look. She’s gone from shy and chic to sexy and stylish. The uneven waves bring a new life to her hair, making it seem rugged and sultry all at once. This is a look I really think we ought to see more of!

30. Kat Graham A Line Haircut: Long and Blonde


I never thought I’d say it, but Kat Graham looks incredible as a blonde. Sure, it doesn’t look natural on her but when you look that good who on Earth cares? Her long A line style looks incredible on her and suddenly makes her look like a grown up compared to her the Vampire Diaries character, Bonnie. Perhaps a dramatic change of colour is what we all need…

31. Ashley Olsen A Line Haircut: Simply Stylish

Ashley Olsen

Here Ashley Olsen looks to have just rolled out of bed, ran a brush through her hair, and headed out in to the wider world. But do we care? No! Not when the resulting look is this chic at least! This look is simple, rugged, sultry, and chic all at once, a rare feat. The great thing about this style is how low maintenance it is too, especially for those days where you roll out of bed late! Maybe I should invest in this style…

32. Sophia Bush A Line Haircut: Sleek and Sexy


Having watched Sophia Bush play Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill for all nine seasons, I’ve seen her wear her hair many a way. This however is by far my favourite. This medium length style transforms her, making her look like a business women and someone you wouldn’t want to mrs with. It’s also incredibly sexy too. Mixed with her husky, sultry voice, I’d say Sophia is on to a definite winner.

33. Kiera Knightley A Line Haircut: Rugged and Simple


Here Kiera has swapped her chic look for something a little more rugged and in my opinion she looks all the better for it. Her hair is naturally fine however having roughed it up a bit she seems to have a bit more life now. The subtle side sweep of her parting is something else I love; it’s not quite central yet it’s not so far over that it risks hair falling in her face. Again she’s got her hair at that beautiful length where it nicely curls under her chin.

34. Reese Witherspoon A Line Haircut: Sheer Elangance


What a beauty Reese is, especially with her hair swept off her face like this! I love the way her bangs have been sturdied atop her head, revealing her eyes, and the sharp yet somehow gentle curls that loop around her face. This style screams elegance to me – it would be perfect for a wedding, a prom, or something along those lines. Simple beautiful!

35. Miley Cyrus A Line Style: Chic and Elegant


Yes, believe it or not these was a time before Miley chopped off her hair and decided to develop her wild personally. This is by far my favourite look for the young star and shows her with an elegance we don’t often get to see. Her soft curls scream nineteen-twenties at me and paired with her perfect makeup I don’t see how anyone could possibly go wrong with this look. Here’s hoping we get to see Miley looking a little more like this again in future. She sure looks beautiful here.

36. Christina Aguilera A Line Haircut: Soft Waves and Curls


Here Christina sports a rare blend of both curls and waves, something we don’t see often enough if you ask me. This style makes her look chic yet still totally care free. This look is perfect whether you’re simply hitting the town for a night out, going for a shopping trip, or simply lounging around the house. This is what I call an ‘anytime’ style as it suits most any occasion.

37. Scarlett Johansson A Line Haircut: Rugged Wave


Okay, okay, so I’ve mention Scarlett loads already, I know. But the thing is she rocks A Line styles like few other people can. She’s sown off so many over the years, making them all look flawless. Here is another favourite of mine where she sports simple rugged waves. Sure, she’s not perfectly preened but coupled with her lovely makeup she pulls off this style and turns a rugged look into something very stylish. That’s quite an accomplishment if you ask me.

38. Dianna Agron A Line Haircut: Short and Rugged

dianna agron

This look is sheer genius if you ask me. In fact, I wish this was my hair! Dianna has taken a simple A line cut and styled it so it looks completely fresh and new. She’s mixed a variety of brush strokes and used a straightener to both straighten and flick her hair, truly giving it a life of its own. This look is incredibly sexy yet still looks professional and everyday too. It’s incredibly versatile and looks fab on all face shapes.

39. Dianna Agron A Line Haircut: Rugged

dianna agron 2

While we’re on the subject of Dianna Agron’s rugged looks, here’s another of them. I’ll admit I don’t like this look quite as much yet there’s still a certain charm to it. My one tip if you’re trying out this look is to maybe use a smoothing setup afterward to minimise any flyways, that way you’ll still get the rugged look but maybe not quite so…well, rugged.

40. Dianna Agron A Line Haircut: Sleek and Flciked

dianna agron 3

This is perhaps the Dianna we’re all used to seeing. She looks much more like her Glee character here. I love how she’s not tucked under her ends but has instead flicked them out, something which I think really brings her look to like. She still looks smart and chic yet she has a bit of personality about her now too. Her side swept bangs also look fabulous here. They add both mystery and innocence to her look, something I didn’t even think was possible until I saw this picture.

41. Dianna Agron A Line Haircut: Stylish Curls


Okay, I’ll stop with Dianna after this one I promise but I just wanted to clearly show how one person can wear one style yet change it so completely. Here she completely transforms her look once again and the addition of large, soft curls makes her look smart and elegant opposed to innocent and sexy as we’ve seen her look before. Her distinct, side parting looks great and really helps to add volume to her hair and change up her look too. You’ll be amazed by just how much moving your parting can change your look. Seriously, you should try it!

42. Kirsten Dunst A Line Haircut: Short, Soft Waves


Here Kirsten has opted for a shorter look than we saw earlier, and she’s also added in a full fringe which personally I don’t think we see enough of these days. Her hair is styled simply with the addition of just light waves which bring life to her hair and ensures her fine hair doesn’t look limp. This is an incredibly simple look and is a great way to ensure you still look fabulous even if you don’t have much time to style yourself.

43. Jennifer Lawrence A Line Haircut: Rugged Waves


I’m going to be honest, I preferred J. Law’s long hair but this style still looks fab on her. This style looks so simple yet it’s incredibly chic. It makes her look sexy, subtle, and shy all at once, a rare feat. I love how the gentle waves really bring out her highlights and the way her bangs sit upon her face. If you’re thinking of trying an A line style but don’t want to make too big a commitment then this may be the style for you.

44. Maisie Williams A Line Haircut: Short and Volumised


Maisie Williams is a fast rising starlet but this fabulous A Line haircut makes her look much older than what she is. This style is elegant, sharp, stylish, and very professional, a great option if you need to be taken seriously, perhaps at a new job. One of my favourite things about this style is how low maintenance it is too. Simply brush it through, perhaps take a minute to straighten it, and you’re done. Quick and easy.

45. Emma Roberts A Line Haircut: Long Curls


Here Emma Roberts sports a long version of the A line haircut. It would in fact look longer again were it not for the gentle curls she has running through it. Emma has quite fine hair so the curls helps to bring a bit of volume to it and not make it look limp. This is a great trick for those of you who aren’t blessed with naturally thick hair. This look is great if you’ve got highlights to as the curls really help to bring them to light.

46. Kristen Stewart A Line Haircut: Simple and Windswept


We;ve all undoubtedly had those days where we’ve spent hours styling out hair only to step outside and have the wind ruin all our handwork. This is one of the reasons I love A line styles – it needn’t matter if the wind catches you as they still look fab even when windswept as Kristen Stewart demonstrates here. All you need to do is brush it through and you look fab again.

47. Rihanna A Line Haircut: Sleek and One Sided


Having an A line style that’s longer at one side than it is at the other isn’t something everyone can pull of yet Rihanna does it flawlessly. She’s totally rocking this uneven look, making the style her own. Having this style straight really shows off your look and doesn’t hide the varying lengths either. This is a great style if you’re bold enough to try it.

48. Katy Perry A Line Haircut: Straight Bangs


Straight bangs are something we definitely don’t see enough of yet they look amazing. I love Katy Perry’s A line styled when it’s paired with her straight bangs. It really sharpens her look and makes her stand out in a crowd.

49. Kiera Knightly A Line Haircut: Beach Waves


I’m sure you’ll agree that Kiera Knightly looks as though she could have walked straight off a beach here. She’s styled her short A line cut with gentle, uneven waves which really help to bring her look to life. They add texture to her hair instead of having it lying limp against her head and it doesn’t matter if the wind catches her, it will only enhance her look in fact.

50. Paris Hilton A Lin Haircut: Wispy Waves


This is a great style which doesn’t take a great deal of effort to create. Paris has simply added a few wispy waves to her hair here and there to give it a bit of life and texture. Her style is very short but by adding these waves she brings her style to life and stops it from looking dull. This is a great style for all you professionals out there.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list, have a nice day!


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