The Vitamin D Diet – Get Slimmer & Happier!

By on February 6, 2013

Vitamin D – it’s one of those little vitamins that isn’t mentioned that often, isn’t it? Well, if you have recently overlooked this rather valuable nutrient, it’s time to start paying attention – apparently scientists have proven that it not only makes you feel happier, but also helps you to lose weight! In recent studies, it has been shown that those people with increased Vitamin D levels in the body lose weight the fastest and with less effort, and as a whole, are slimmer than those that are Vitamin D deficient which, if the studies are to be believed, is up to 80% of our population.


People are so consumed with the foods that they ARE eating when they are trying to get slimmer, they often forget to focus on the foods that they AREN’T eating, and foods that are rich in Vitamin D are often the ones left out of the shopping list.

Vitamin D is responsible for so much in the human body – it can help to fight against cancer and various heart conditions, diabetes, depression and much more. The link isn’t clear as yet; it is not well known if a lack of Vitamin D causes obesity, or the other way around, but one thing definitely has been proven and that is the fact that more Vitamin D = a slimmer and happier you!


When vitamin D is nicely mixed together with a dollop of calcium and just a pinch of sunlight, the body works properly – the food is broken down as it should be and the right nutrients are grabbed from it. A lack of this means that the body will turn more calories in the body into fat – something you most definitely don’t want if you are trying to lose weight! Not only that but the vitamin also helps to regulate the blood sugar levels, leaving you less inclined to snack on bad foods in the middle of the afternoon.

So we know that Vitamin D is good for our brains and our bodies, but how do we increase the levels of it in your bodies? The easiest way is sunlight but with the all the SPF sun lotions we are slapping on, and the fact that we rarely see daylight sunshine because of our mental schedules at work, it would seem that another way for the vitamin to get into our systems is necessary.

*Mushrooms – dried Shitake mushrooms contain plenty of Vitamin D as this is believed to be because the funghi is adept at grabbing and storing sunshine. There are other vitamins in these mushrooms too, which overall will cause your body to be in better physical condition.


*Mackeral – it might stink a bit, but this fish is great if you need a Vitamin D boost. According to statistics, just a 3 and a half ounce portion of this fish will give you almost ninety percent of your daily dose of Vitamin D. You can’t forget about the healthy Omega-3 stuff either!

*Tuna – sticking with the fish theme, it would appear that fish such as salmon, tuna, herring and even sardines are very good for you if you need a Vitamin D injection. Wild tuna, around three ounces, will contain half of what you need in the form of Vitamin D for the day.


There are plenty of foods that are high in Vitamin D – eggs, cod liver oil capsules, and even fortified foods can bump up your D-volumes. The benefits that these foods are going to give you include:

*The prevention of many serious diseases

*Good bones, hair and teeth

*Healthy cell activity is promoted within the body

*The links between Vitamin D and weight loss are screaming out!

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